Samsung invents new Surface accessory in latest attack ad

Samsung Attack Ad

Advertisements come in all shape and form. Ads that highlight the strengths of your products are generally the one most people like. Though companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Apple are all guilty of taking the ‘attack ad’ approach. Most of the time those types of ads are a little hard to watch and come off as petty. Here’s a new one from Samsung that just induces all sorts of cringe.

Let’s focus on the Surface part for a moment. They’re showing off a Surface Pro using the optional dock accessory. You know the one that nobody uses while mobile and will for 99.99% of all people stay on their home or office desk? Yeah, Samsung calls that a device a battery dock. Which is flat out wrong.

The Surface docking station is the furthest thing from a battery dock you can get. It’s a docking station that actually does add a ton of extra functionality to the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. It’s of course optional and not all required to get the most out of your Surface Pro.

Though it’s definitely nice to have as an option for power users. The docking station supplies the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 with an extra high-speed USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports. You also get an Ethernet port for a reliable wired connection. Feel free to daisy chain multiple monitors using the included DisplayPort. And finally you get a dedicated port for a headset and another for a microphone.

The only battery related thing you can do with the docking station is charge the internal battery in the Surface Pro/Pro 2.

It’s fine for Samsung to compare their Galaxy Tab Pro up against other tablets. You just need to not intentionally spew false information.

Try again Samsung.

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Samsung invents new Surface accessory in latest attack ad



How does Google win exactly? Not being sarcastic or anything. I actually just don't know anything about it. I just thought it was a joke thing

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+1 was preveleant long before Google adopted it. But look how successful they've been in making people think it's theirs...

Very true! Haha, so despite what those in the know may know, the average consumer's just going to swallow it as ooo! Didn't realize it needed that big thing to be lugged around! I'm not trying to play the "average consumer". But to be honest, many consumers go a tech route because of convenience (eg, Windows), general popularity push (eg. Apple), or sale rep pushes and numbers (eg Android), Can swap any example for another depending on context. And if you listen when in a store, listen out for "So this has the retina gee bees?".

I see what samdung did there. They showed the ignorance of consumers by calling it a battery pack. We know its not but the average person will see it as all those things.

Really?? And here I was thinking that those who want the dock, KNOW what it is and isn't for. Silly me.

I already hated shamesung, today i feel like....
What the hell, ms ads are attacking, but atleast they show how surface is better. Shamesung is showing that windows is bad (which only a lame person would believe), kindle can only read books (oh yeah ? IPod nano can only play music, lets trash it too), and ipad (whatever, I didnt listen to it). The point is, they didnt praise galaxy trash anywhere, just bashed others for non existent reasons.

Well there are two main fallacies that attack ads can do, stack the deck in their favor, or strawman the hell out of their rivals. Microsoft is guilty of stacking the deck, but it is fine. That is the point of an advertisement, to make it seem like one product is better by whatever means.

Can yours run and play games on steam? Mine can run it beyond the shadow of a doubt. :)

edit: whoops, did not read your post carefully enough!

Agree....how ironic they reported me at phone arena cuz i wrote in a topic this: Android=Malware. Now i can scream android is malware.


Yes, yes. Let the fanboyism flow through you.

I might love my Surface Pro, but Android is no slouch. You're not going to find malware on the Play Store without specifically looking for it. You have a much greater chance of getting malware on a desktop PC than an Android tablet.

@ KOZeus you state "you have a much greater chance of getting malware on a desktop PC"
Link please for proof of this...


If you think Photoshop on an Android tablet is the same as Photoshop on a PC (usable on surface pro), you have clearly never used Photoshop.

Edit: never mind we are both saying that PC can run Photoshop and android can't. Haha. Early.

Yeah, dont think they can even use a mouse anyways... Kinda like the idea of a tablet that converts to a laptop... Seems like a selling point!!!

The cursor shows up when you have a BT mouse attached. I use a BT mouse and keyboard with my Kindle HDX all the time. Granted, the office suite program I use (the icon is three blocks, I don't remember the name) connects to OneDrive, and my Canon printer is supported by the print extension on the HDX. I rarely need to use my full blown laptop for much.

It's just soo sad.. I mean you must be enjoying the lags and malware and stuff. Too bad windows phone doesn't have that... 

Our users connect a Bluetooth mouse to their Samdung tablet and the right click button doesn't work correctly. This is a problem on all of the new Galaxy tablets.

Yeah. I'd to use a tablet at home but outside.. it kinda feels better to use a laptop, u know.. It's just nice to have options.

One last thing, can the Samesung tab run full Office....no cuz they don't have full Office for android.

Samsung commercials are just plain bad. I found it ironic that I was watching this on my surface 2, as a tablet.

Im sorry, but what does that Mean? Im kind of new to WPCentral, and have been seeing +#### a few times, is it like a Number of how much you agree with them? Is it a Model Number for a Product? or?



If you've been to other websites with comments, there is an option to upvote or downvote a comment. Since this website doesn't has any upvote/downvote comment, the only way to do that, is to reply as a +1, but since this is Windows Phone related forum, everybody took it up a notch and the +1's become the phone model.

For example, I have a Nokia Lumia 925, so if I agree with the comment, I would post "+925". I don't know how HTC products would work though. Would someone post "+8x"?

Ha, exactly. I hardly ever use the keyboard cover. I mainly use it use it as a base for the back stand and set it on my chest when I'm laying on the couch.
Plus, if I was that guy in the commercial, I would have been all like "uh, you can go sit somewhere lady! I was here before you, so no and take your wanabe crapblet out of here!"

Why all derisive when talking about the Surface's keyboard cover and ability to use a mouse if you want to? Just like the dock, it's optional! So funny that Samsung uses Surface's advantages against them. I pray the average viewer sees right through that.

Not gonna lie, I find some of the shots they take at Apple humerous. That being said, they need to keep the facts straight and not bs people as much.

I'm probably late to this, but seeing that "+Icon" cracked me UP!! So hilarious! First time I've seen that! By the way, I'm being completely serious :)

But... but... it's not a tablet. I mean the video clearly states it has a keyboard... and a mouse!

I have one in my basement lab that I haven't touched since I picked up my Surface Pro. Ironically, they also have a dock but it is nowhere near as nice. I used the Series 7 slate religiously for about 8 months. It got to be really tiresome to carry around a Bluetooth keyboard for it. Samsung's slate is what persuaded me to buy a Surface Pro largely because of the keyboard cover. It is also slightly larger but that was to the point of being less manageable as a tablet. You also needed to buy their cover to be able to stand it up on a desk but when you did, it took up too much room on the airplane. Microsoft improved on all of those areas with the Surface Pro.

Problem here is that a lot of uneducated people are going to believe that it is actually a battery dock... When this piece of plastic tat can do anything like my Surface Pro then Samsung can sling mud...

Well, it is a battery dock. It's just that Samsung attempts to mislead uninformed viewers to believe that that's all it is by conveniently ignoring all the other functionalities.

Its a Docking Station. Yes they acted like the other uses are non existant, but Its far, FAR, from abattery dock. It just charges your Surface, I guess it could be more of a "Charging Dock" if you forget everything else lol

Yeah, if you're just calling it a battery dock then it is very misleading. But it can act as a battery dock (which is how I should have phrased it earlier), among other things which are more important.

Does it have an in built battery? I've never heard about that. I only know that it can be used as a charging dock.

Nope, it is more of a NON MOBILE thing, so you leave it at home, so you can change your surface into a Desktop. It adds nor sports. And charges the surface while you have it docked. There IS a BatteryCover, its a thicker Keybaird version, that has a battery in it. It is a battery pack pretty much.

Oh, /THAT'S/ what that was... I was watching the ad, and was really confused when they mentioned the Surface, and had a big honking backside on it... Really threw me off...

And damn, how misleading! I love my SP2, and it's elegant it how swiftly it moves from ultrabook to tablet. And I've got full Windows 8.1, ready for action whenever I need to get stuff done. :)

That's why in that situation, you must quickly transform it to tablet mode and tell the requester in a passive-aggressive tone that it isn't a laptop!

I like Samsung but this is just wrong. For commercial purposes people should do the Apple approach and make a commercial that effects your inner feeling that's what sell to consumers not tech awesomeness' but feeling for the products like a sad movie.

Like the Nokia 1020 theatre commercial or the 920 wedding commercial. Those were hilarious and partly true. (seriously)

+++++++ 100 Trillion. Though I wouldn't go as far as calling them that.

More like, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, fucking morons!

This ad is completely weak. It's beyond misleading. What's crazy is they talk about being productive in the same scene where they critsize the use of a mouse and keyboard. Even the kindle reference is somewhat misleading. The only part that is remotely making sense is the comparison to retina iPads, but even the average, uninformed consumer is not going to be affected by it. I think they should all make something mocking this ad.

It reminds me of when the 1020 commercial came out, mocking how those with iPhones and whatever phones are all fighting to get the best spot to take pics at a wedding.
Now that's the right way to make a commercial.

Oh, snap, Cormango! I love that idea...

"It's come to our attention that Samsung has described the docking station for the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 as a battery charger. Let us show you how much more there is to the Surface Pro 2 and the docking station...

You really ought to buy technology from people who know technology. Microsoft."

I like how they had to intentionally use false info to pick on surface while they were easily able to make fun of ipads and kindles. This proves that Surface is way better than the competition.

this is lame, and also i wanna come in the defense of iPad's Retina display, i'm pretty sure nobody sees the diference, and also the Kindle, a kindle is a kindle and you buy it for books, i don't think nobody buys them thinking about how many apps are available on them.

It took me ages to figure out which tab had a higher res display than an iPad, without any external research i simply never would have known from that ad.

The issue I have with this, and many other ads like it. Is that every device has pros and cons over another device, there is no one perfect thing otherwise no one would need to buy anything else.

I actually don't care about the Retina Display, I don't think it makes any actual difference in the use experience and it's only a cosmetic feature. Now, comparing any tablet to the Kindle is a mistake, it's a totally different device with a different use. Kindle and the other book readers use e-ink and they are meant to be as simple and straightforward as possible to fulfill their use. It just doesn't compare. It's very specific and nobody has come with anything that does it better. And yeah, reading books in a full tablet it's not the same.

This is pretty ignorant... but the attack Microsoft led on Chromebooks (a non-threat, btw) was even more ignorant.

Very true. While I feel this commercial is incredibly stupid and misleading, we can't really take the moral highground: so long as Microsoft is still running its Scroogled campaign.

And I am in agreement with you both. The Scroogled campaign isn't really that effective and lacks class. There are far better ways to raise awareness of privacy and the first way is to practice what you preach, 100% of the time every time.

Umm... studies show the Scroogled campaign actually took quite a dent in Google's marketshare, hence why they've been on the offensive lately.  Also, unlike this horrible Samsung ad, at least's Microsoft's ads use truthful information and devices unlike this fake mess.

Care to share? I'm curious about this, seeing as I've heard nothing of the sort.

And Microsoft isn't a saint either. We mustn't forget their targeted political ads on the Xbox, nor the fact that they scan all uploads to OneDrive and analyze what they contain.

I agree it jumps around too much and it's difficult to follow unless you are really paying attention, which, let's face it, people don't do when ads are playing.

Like how they supposedly show the guy fumbling to flip the cover over. Because I'm sure the guy next to him has a much easier time with his Samsung cover.  Which costs just as much as a the Surface ones but has no keyboard.

And they do all this while working on their own Tizen OS that would compete with Android and while making the processing chips for iOS devices...

One mustn't forget how Samsung is just so spread out amongst all the markets out there. Seriously: if it needs an electrical current, there's at least a 90% chance Samsun makes it. That's what their tech empire is built on: being diversified and throwing stuff at the wall just to see what sticks.

So to be honest, it's actually almost impossible at this point for Samsung to sell something without risking cannibalization of its own product lines. And that's what Samsung does best: building anything and everything that requires electricity, and just throwing any idea that pops into their heads at the wall, just to see if it sticks.

In my opinion: Samsung has no real clear motive or vision. This is in contrast to, say, Steve Jobs or Microsoft at present. You could always tell Steve Jobs knew where he was going. For the conception of an idea to the launch of a product: Steve Jobs always knew where he's been, where he's at, and where he's going. Likewise, Microsoft is finally learning from the mistakes of the past, and moving onward towards the future, the future of OneMicrosoft. Where everything is unified, seamlessly works with each other and such. No longer where there be multiple OS's for different devices. One seamless OS will be running on all things: Windows. But I digress...

Point is: Samsung just takes any idea and runs with it. If it works? Awesome. If not? Eh, they've got so much money and so diversified, what do they care? I mean, they made a phone with a projector for Pete's sake... So this really isn't surprising. Samsung doesn't care what its making or what it does, so long as they make money off of it.

And they do a fine job of it. Again, Steve Jobs attempted (and was successful) in trying to make money by pitching a vision to others, and getting them on board.

Samsung simply makes anything and everything, and it's worked out for them. They're making tons of money, and definitely won't be going anywhere anytime soon. So good for Samsung, I suppose.

I like Samsung products. I love my ATIV S, but that attack on the surface, that I also own, it laaaaame!

I get that they are attacking absolutely everyone. But I honestly don't really get what they are advertising here.  The attacks were far too much a distraction.

Yeah, no support for their Ativ's just like I didn't get ant support for my first Gen focus, focus flash, or focus S......that's Why I left for ,"greener pastures" (Nokia). I have a couple of friends with the Ativ, but their wishing they had the "Icon" like I currently have : ) this phone is sick!!!!

Well, Samsung /did/ just poke fun at anyone who uses an iPad, Surface or Kindle, and hailed their products as king... They likely upset quite the collective of people.

That has to be just about theblamest attempt at a slam that I've ever seen. You'll notice they didn't try comparing multitasking against Windows. That would be asking for a straight up ass kicking.

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And really galacrap "pro" ? Had to bite off of the surface "pro" come on even apple was original and named their new i-crap the i-crap "air"....

Def false info. But I actually like Samsung commercials. Their attacks are better than stuff like scroogle. And I love how they called out apple on retina display. Apple just makes up names for the tech it uses so no one notices its specs are actually not all that. (ISight, retina display, its chips A7 etc) all just used to fool people. I don't mind apple products but hate how they promote them. And they're too expensive

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Technically the a7 IS better than everything else mobile at the moment (well, not sure about the 805, haven't seen comparing benchmarks), but your main point still stands.

True. Lol. But yea apple urks me. A surface pro owner BTW. And I love it. Would never get an iPad or a android/Samsung tablet. But I def would get a Samsung one over an iPad if I had to chose.

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So hang on, they are picking on the fact that it has a keyboard and mouse? Isn't that the first accessory that iPad owners go and find is a case with a bluetooth keyboard on it?

And picking on an e-book reader for not doing anything but reading books is plain stupid, if I'm buying a device to just read books, that's all I want it to do and it will last soo much longer without charging it because it's only doing one thing.

Ads that compare irrelevent devices together is just wrong.

Well Samsung lost some respect. The iPad attacks will forever be ok because Apple needs to burn to the ground.

Attacking a BETTER PRODUCT? weak as fuck.

What's wrong with Apple? I own a MacBook air, iPod, iPhone and a Mac pro and there great. I also have a 521 and a alienware laptop that's also great. I guess it depends on what you like.

Yeah the mac pro and iPhone got for free as a gift from my job. And I have a 521 because i was testing windows phone and I'm waiting for 8.1 for a new windows phone.

Why a 521? Dude this new Nokia Icon I've had for a week now is sick.....best phone ever until the surface phone is released : )

Seriously. That tablet may be a serious iPad and Kindle competitor, but nothing has quite compared to the possibilities of the surface Pro design and functionality. And not to mention, they just got information wrong....that is embarrassing.

Well either they got it wrong or just deliberately made up cons to show the galaxy tab as better a product. Of course they couldn't use the multitasking argument against the surface... They would burn for eternity for that :p. Someone should do a parody, replace the galaxy tab with the surface and show the guy detaching the keyboard, mouse and dock from the surface.. Put it in his bag/ruck sack but before and walk away with a smug face. Or redo that scene - a meeting with colleagues, he detaches his usb stick before packing up his surface and gives it to his colleagues, who then look at him puzzled "as if to say what the heck am i going to do with this?!".

I found it most amusing from that fact that they essentially said, "OMG, that Surface is so flexible and has lots of functionality." OK, Samsung... let me ask a question... Since you can do so much. Can your device be useful without an Internet connection?

Couldn't the same be said for the gs4/5's charging cable, or complain about its IR blaster messing with her stuff? Doesn't it also have a screen cover like the surface when bought, or am I mixing that up with the Note series? :p

Microsoft should respond with an ad titled, "It Can't Do That". Show all the lag and shortcomings of android tablets... Surface CANT do that.

That would be great...someone please deliver this Samsung ad to Joe B. along with your idea of the ,"It can't do that" rebuttal commercial idea.

Comparing Surface Pro with any Galaxy Series devices (Pro or not) is silly at the first place, as silly as comparing a laptop with a tablet.

Samsung doesn't take the high road with its ads, but these ads succeed in provoking attention and response from consumers.

Well they just pointed out two obvious flaws, the galaxy tab sucks at productivity and peripheral connectivity lol. But most consumers are unfortunately sloow to see these as flaws unless you point it out. Having dealt with silly tenants asking for a manual for a fridge / freezer.... The other most memorable silliest one was "do you press the test button on the smoke alarm to check if its working"?... "face palm"... Have been asked so many other silly questions, but wont list them as it is infuriating when you know how much these numb skulls earn on basic (prior to bonuses, benefits etc). Unfortunately you cant teach common sense...

That was a seriously dumb ad; the worst I've seen,I hope they don't televise that.......STUUUPID

Oh I am sure that with the exception of the lie about the battery dock that they are simply pointing out how flexable the Surface is, in that you can use it without any peripherals or with whatever peripheral you desire....

That is what they are pointing out, no?   They surely would not be lying in bad faith??   That crack about the battery dock is a simple mistake I am sure.

This ad and people's response has just now crystalized in me the desire to get a Surface.  I've been thinking about it, and wondering if I wanted the Pro version or not, but just now decided on the Surface 2.   Now I just need to land that freaking job first....

I chose the Surface2, owned the iPad2 and the first mini. I used them on couch for surfing info and a casual game. They are ok. Surface2 on the other hånd is fantastic! Pretty much replaced my 2500$ Thinkpad. Use it for EVERYTHING. Get miracast, type over. So stylish and oh so functional. SO much more than the Apple tablets. Go for it

I hate this commercial. It is not just because it is dishonest-- criticizing an ereader because it's not a tablet is like complaining a bicycle isn't a motorcycle-- but because the message is if you don't by a Samsung you're a hapless loser. Yeah, that iPad "Retina thingy" just looks terrible.

At least when Microsoft does comparison ads, they use truthful information, devices and facts.   This is just embaressing.   But hey... free promo for Surface y'all! :D  Thanks Samsung!!! :D  (lol @ all the dislikes)

Well i got an ipad and a kindle. The problem with the add is that Surface, Kindle and ipad are all better in their category than Samsung Galaxy Tab pro. Kindle Paperwhite is the best electronic reader available and i love mine . Ipad air/retina mini is the best tablet and Surface 2/pro is the best tablet/laptop hybrid. You can do real multitasking on Surface Pro and Surface 2 can do so much more than Samsung tablet! More pixels? You can't notice any difference just in smoothness. And you can use Surface without mouse/keyboard and its great its got native mouse support unlike Samsung.