Samsung leaving Windows Phone from 2013? [Rumor]

This seems to be completely out of the blue, so take it lightly if you will. SamFirmware, the guys that continuously publish leaked ROMs and whatnot have tweeted that Samsung will be looking at leaving Windows Phone and will cease innovating for the platform from 2013 onwards. It seems odd due to the success of Samsung handsets on Microsoft's OS, but let us take a look at the larger picture here.

Could Samsung be focusing on Android? Not sure, they already have solid devices like the Galaxy S II so it could be that they have decided to take bada seriously, especially since with Android they are experiencing legal issues and have to pay Microsoft royalty.

Google will now play a role in hardware as well as software with Android, while Microsoft holds continuous tea parties with Nokia. But they're still two completely different relationships. Manufacturers were sceptical about the Motorola acquisition whereas Acer and others are still pretty excited about the future of WP.

Should this be true, 2013 is still two years away. If the platform really does capture the market by storm with Mango then perhaps Samsung may change their tune. Android (and Google) need Samsung, but it could be that bada will be competing for market as well as WP.

However we look at it this way, Samsung does seem to have a relatively healthy position by supporting both WP and Android, which makes it seem odd that they would choose to pull out from either one of them.

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Samsung leaving Windows Phone from 2013? [Rumor]


Honestly... this would be a devastating loss to Microsoft. I currently own an HTC HD7 and have owned it since launch day, however I've always known that my next purchase would be a Samsung device because of the excelent screen and build quality. I would be extremely disappointed if they stopped making them right as my contract expired.

Bad news for WP7...Mango did not bring all the features (even basic) that were normally expected.Nothing can justify that iOS or Android customers shall switch to WP7. And even the most loyal MS fans are getting bored with WP7 and its lack of features and the fact that it is locked down OS.I'm not too optimistic

Mango is a lot better than Android. You're insane to suggest otherwise. Even in search which is what you'd think was Google's strong point Mango search features are far better. Social network integration is better on Mango, gaming is MUCH better on WP7, Office integration is better, Zune Pass is better, the web browser is better, the UI animations and feel of the entire OS is better than Android.

masturbation is also better too because sites like pornhub or tube8 have either a mobile site or an html5 video feature.

What about:- sending a video by MMS,- select and send a pdf document- get a "My document" folder - get a file explorer- be able to edit forwarded emails- a decent turn by turn app- Browser with text reflow- be able to download files from the browser- a decent youtube app- Divx|Avi codec, flv, Flac, etc...- USB mass storage- etcHow many other features shall I list?

Most of the features you listed are not considered "basic." It sounds like you'd be happier with a hacked Android phone. Go do that.

Actually I never owned any Android device, nor Iphone. Always WinMo for many years (several HTC) and now WP7. And I'm not trolling, just telling the truth that you refuse to hear.

Sorry, but * be able to edit a forwarded email is basic* be able to send a short video by MMS is more than basic (even the worst dumb phone can do it)* be able to select a pdf and send it is basic...Please be honest....

What part of "most" were you not capable of understanding?If I was talking about everything you said I would have used the word EVERYTHING or even the word ALL. Reading comprehension is clearly not your friend. Furthermore, there are plenty of dumb phones that can't send videos. I know, I've had a handful of them. Please be honest....

mms video sending is coming with the final release of mango. PDF document sending is the fault if Adobe,not MD. even the adobe app in android is lacking this text reflow doesn't matter because it automatically fits to screen.there's plenty of good apps for YouTube that allow even HD streaming plus the ability to watch html5 videos from the full site or new mobile site, so try again troll.

I will not waste my time trying to convince fanboys. I want WP7 to be a success, but as long as all the basic features I listed are absent, it's impossible.

Haha so true, eric. When all someone has is FUD, then calling the other person a fanboy is a sign that he can't admit to being arrogant and ignorant.

Android or iOS don't have "My Document folder" or file explorer, and things like DivX ect are only accessable via app in both Android and iOS. Also, if you're refering to jailbreaking or rooting as a rout for recieving these features, then WP7 also has a file explorer and my document folder if you wish. The rest is bs that you racked your brain to think of as most of it is present in WP7 like sending/viewing PDF documents ect. Get a life trollolol

Look guys, everyone here is a WP fanboy but we have to face reality. Ye Mango is amazing in our standpoint because we love the OS. But the average user out there wants more.I do agree that some of the features that "Kim Thran" mentioned are unecessary, but at the same time, WP isn't going to succeed if every feature we look at is just "unecessary and not basic".On the other hand, how can a year old smartphone with mango still not have custom notification tones? That in itself has turned customers away from ATT stores, even when Mango devices have been demoed. Sending a video by MMS is also pretty hefty as people love videotaping something and sending it to a friend.Everyone needs to stop shooting down every feature WP doesn't have, because WP has to go above and beyond to succeed.-heres to hoping Samsung doesn't jump ship-

and most consumers don't care about the lists you said. And there is a good turn by turn app. So yea cry like a baby

1) A decent Youtube app?? LOL!! You have to jailbreak your iPhone to be able to do what Supertube does.2) Decent turn-by-turn app?? LOL!! Garmin Streetpilot is more than "decent". And Navigon is right around the corner.Look man, sure there are some things that have to be improved upon. Truth is WP7 Mango has already surpassed iOS and Android in other areas. You can cherry-pick the negative. I can also cherry-pick the positive. But the fact that you even mentioned the above two points show that you are a Troll that does not know a thing about WP7.

besides sending a video (which i agree is lame not have) I use none of that stuff. Who cares? besides you of course. turn by turn is agreed lame as well but i have a in car nav so i dont need it.

All I ask for is true multitasking. Even with Mango, no application can run in the background even in a limited sense. All Mango brings in that regard is fast app switching and background agents that are completely worthless for anything realtime, as they only run every 30 minutes minimum.

Actually everything you mention here, i can do with my Nokia N8 (which i own for almost one year now and i got it for free from my provider). So much for bashing Symbian. In fact, from what i've read, you can do these things for many years already on Symbian.It's funny how people prefer an user friendly UI over features.All you guys can rage on me now but no matter how you turn it, Symbian is the most feature rich mobile OS out there. These days people just refuse to use their brain to get things done.

HAHAHAHAAll the features you WP users are craving for, i have since day one. That's what i call ignorance.

umadbro? Wait, I know the answer. It's 'cause you're on a dying OS that performs terribly. The main feature I crave is performance; all other features are secondary. We got that with WP. WP will continue to grow and gain features and do what it does well; Symbian will continue to die. gl with that

I can think of several!1) Smart dialling2) Bluetooth file transfer3) Bluetooth audio when watching videosI love my Windows Phone but I'm not going to blind myself to it's failings. Mango has brought some fantastic features to the platform but without these basics a lot of people will see this as a deal-breaker.

most of these don't even matter to the general public and half the time Bluetooth file transfer didn't even work!

Eric12341, your statement just makes WP look worst.Basically you're saying that WP has to cater to the general public and thats all that MSFT has to worry about.that will not win over marketshare.

well WM didn't win with the public until its final days. they have to cater to everyone and that's what they're doing with WP.

I don't know what they were thinking with Windows Phone, but you are not able to export your contacts to the sim card. Oddly enough, if you import your contacts, they seem to magically disappear off of your sim... more of a move than a copy!This becomes a bit of a problem or hassle when swapping out phones, using temporary phones, borrowing phones, etc. Syncing from the cloud for everything is NOT always the answer :(Why the **** would they remove all contacts from the sim when you import your contacts to the phone? Seriously?!?!

This is not true at all! I've had an Omnia 7 since the UK launch of WP and I'm the total opposite of bored! And since I've installed the Mango beta, I can't put it down!Tha fact that the OS is locked down did bother me at first because I came from WM6, which was highly customizable, but that feeling didn't last very long. I love the direction that MS is going with WP7. It's not perfect but Rome wasn't built in a day.

This is dumb, isn't the focus a solid seller in the US? And the Omnia 7 has sold relativly well also. I think this is BS until Samsung says something itself.

I think this is crazy foolish for an OEM to think they're going to get first-class treatment from Google after they just bought Motorola. Stick w/ WP7 where you're sure to get some attention esp after putting out a phone like the Focus which so many people love.Then again, this'd keep the WP update guys from having to deal w/ sammys hugely customized ROMs...

Firstly I don't think this is true, it doesn't really make much sence, and is too far in advance, they would wanna see how there next handset does and how Windows Phone does after Mango before anythingTo the Guy that can't think of reason why you would pick WP over iOS or Android, you clearly don't know much about WP then

I call BS. They will release at least 3 devices this year as opposed to 2 last year - surely it's a sign of growing commitment?

"They will release at least 3 devices this year as opposed to 2 last year - surely it's a sign of growing commitment?"@futurix...Are you being facetious? Surely you can't think that 3 devices, instead of 2 is a sign of growing committment? Samsung will release how many Android devices? Well, for starters, the Galaxy S II series will release on 3 U.S. carriers, 3 different versions; the Galaxy S II LTE (for Canada), and they've already release the Galaxy S II in Europe! Let's not forget the upcoming Galaxy Note. On top of all of that, Samsung is releasing 3 Bada devices! And all of this revealed/announced this month! Bada is a smartphone OS, and even if you consider it an entry level Smartphone OS, all that matters to the Comscores, Gartners, etc., is that it is a smartphone OS. And that Wave 3 device has some decent specs, not to mention a ffc, expandable memory, and a superamoled screen. All of THIS is committment - to both Android and Bada.Bada is growing and they don't have to pay anyone to use it; they have to pay a licensing fee to Microsoft for WP, and may have to pay (if they aren't already) Microsoft for Android. Why wouldn't they want to drop WP, and or Android, to offset their costs?

Do you really think that developing an OS is cheaper that licensing one? Bada is only growing because Samsung sells it at a loss, and if they need a strong profitable option - Bada is not the one!As for amount of devices, yes - 3 widely available phones is much better than 1 in US and 1 elsewhere.

To add to that, to really compete with WP, Samsung would have to try to create a comparable ecosystem.Besides, the minimum requirements prevent Samsung from pooping out subpar spec'd hardware (which, from the quick searches I did, seems like every Android and Bada device their putting out except the SGS2, Note, and Wave 3). I wouldn't really call that commitment, especially when they don't seem to really update their low-end Android devices.

We already know of more than 1 new Samsung phone for Windows so that kind of undermines the credibility of this rumor. Sounds more like Samsung is fishing for a deal. Reminds me of the big talk from Motorola prior to the Google deal. Samsungs dreams of Bada being a competitor are very silly. I hope they don't have to learn this the hard way like HP and Nokia.

Samsung would be dumb to leave Windows Phone for Android, with all of the imminent litigation on the horizon. Android may not even be allowed to be imported on any devices by then. I fear they are going all out with that Bada instead. Of course, with no real ecosystem, it won't be successful in the US and developed Europe. They are apparently willing to give up their success here for a gamble on the developing world.

Samsung sucks!!! but being below the industry standard makes this understandable, they're going to regret this once they realize the upcoming success of WP.

To be honest, this doesn't surprise me. In the UK both Virgin and T-Mobile have suddenly dropped their WP7 Samsung devices, which was a big indicator to me that something was going on.I have an Omnia 7, which is a solid device and I love it to bits. However, there were no end of problems with the pre-NoDo and NoDo updates. The whole thing was a fiasco, which I suspect was down to Samsung because it affected their devices across different networks.The end date of 2013 seems plausible because it's just over 2 years after the launch of WP7 (Oct 2010) and most smartphone contracts these days are 2 years long.

I don't think this is a big deal because by that time Windows Phone 8 will be available and Samsung would have signed on to do that. So technically speaking, Samsung will not be supporting Windows Phone 7 when they will be indeed supporting the next generation of software.

Microsoft really needs to not refer to it as "Windows Phone 7" anymore, and just call it Windows Phone. We don't call the iPhone iOS 4.3.2 do we? or Android Gingerbread ect. The # needs to go, it just causes confusion.

I am really cheering for WP7, but let's be reasonable here. Saying that the two Samsung WPs have sold well is not akin to saying that Android phones, like the Galaxy II, have sold well. Even the most popular Windows Phones have minuscule numbers when compared to the major Android phones. Additionally, if Samsung is really going for the developing markets with Bada, then their biggest competitor will be WP, since that seems to be Microsoft's major focus, as well (via Tango).

I'm suprised this surprises anyone. Will there be a Windows Phone OS after Tango? We don't know what Apollo is - is it just Windows 8 for ARM with some phone extensions? Someone might have misread Samsung "if" they said they wouldn't be making a "Windows Phone" device after 2012, just to mean they would be making a Windows 8 ARM device. Who knows....

That's because why pay ms twice(android and wp7) when they can focus on android and make more money since they only have to pay ms once and not for android and just for putting wp7 on phones. Maybe if microsoft put more into their OS rather than just being happy making money off of android royalties than it would take off.

maybe if google would stop ripping off IP from others they wouldn't have to go this route. there's 2sides to every story and I'm sorry that I can't fuel ur MS hate.

I was just saying why samsung would stop with ms. Where is anything about hate? Sorry I was giving facts guess you don't like hearing the facts. Boo hoo.

how do u know if this is the case or not? do u work with Sammy? are u their PR rep? NO!!! do u have a source? NO!!! so therefore these aren't facts and is just more FUD!!

This is why I love Microsoft's business model.If Samsung does exit WP7, it's not like we won't have a dozen other choices, from HTC to Nokia to Acer to ZTE to Dell to smaller manufacturers.And if Samsung does stick around, then great -- we'll just see additional choice in the mix.Competition between OEMs leads to better, faster cheaper devices for WP7 users. We all win.The same model rocks the Windows PC world too -- many major PC makers have come and gone, but PCs keep getting better. Bringing this to phones is very smart on MS's part.

It's funny how Samsung knows that Microsoft gets $15 for every Android device but still continues to make them.

A Samsung spokeswoman already said at the IFA that Samsung doesn't have much faith in Windows Phone 7. Samsung also thinks that Microsoft is prefering one handset maker (Nokia) over all the others. That's why Samsung is thinking about abandoning the platform.