Samsung Odyssey heading for US Cellular, leaked in promotion material


US Cellular has promised a Windows Phone 8 device for some time, but according to promotion material we could well be seeing the Samsung Odyssey head to the US network operator. The mid-range Windows Phone is currently available on Verizon and isn't a shabby device at all. In fact, we've been rather impressed by what Samsung has managed to achieve with its second Windows Phone 8 handset.

Rum: 7

We'll give this a 7 on the Rum'o'meter, but take it with a pinch of salt just in case.To recap on what's on the table, the Odyssey (check our review) sports a 4-inch WVGA S-AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core chip, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage (with microSD expansion), as well as LTE and NFC connectivity. While this has yet to be confirmed by US Cellular by means of official announcement, we can't imagine this being too far-fetched.

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Samsung Odyssey heading for US Cellular, leaked in promotion material


Will it be Nokia affordable?
Nokia has awesome hardware and storage for a cheap price. I'm just wondering if Samsung can compete

In the US market that 521 at $150 is only available at T-Mobile.. Not everyone wants to go that road. So, I hope US cellular has some good plans that will attract WP customers..

You can always get the international fully unlocked 520 for slightly more, so 521 only on t-mobile is not really an issue.

I am happy for more phones but when it comes to a shity company giving less for more money I just can't bring myself to support them

If the lack of SAMOLED+ is true, it's got a PenTile WVGA display. It's same the painful crap that shipped on the 2010 Omnia 7 that made its screen look like QVGA.

LOL. No we shouldn't. If I wanted a blah phone with a pos camera I would switch to one of the lousy android devices offered by USCC. Why would anyone in their right mind be happy to have a pos samdung device. Read the reviews on this device. This is another ZTE render - a device USCC offered its Windows customers that was outdated before it was issued. I like USCC, but they are forcing me to go with another provider because all they want to offer are android (& now apple) devices. Look ate the specs on the Nokia EOS and tell me I should be happy to grow the market with that samdung paper weight. Really don't mean to rant, but so tired of USCC and their uninspired offerings.

Samdung, wow that's sooo grown up of you, did you come up with that on your own!!!!

Not everyone wants a Nokia, HTC or Huawai Windows Phone and not everyone can afford or want a flagship device. That makes this device perfect for them.

Counting on it will be the only phone on that network running WP8 I think some people might be interested.

This is for the US Cellular. More phones = more sales and awareness of WP. Look at how Android gains marketshare. Android phones and tablets are everywhere.

Apple will save USCC. At least I think that is what they hope. After all they sold 585,000 to get it

After all that time from when they officially said they would carry WPs, this is all they got? I'm sorry US cellular customers who wanted a high end device.

It's kinda perfect as US cellular isn't a flagship provider. That would be like putting 100 octane in a Honda civic.

You sure about that? Because they carry the Galaxy S4 and Note 2. I mean they aren't like ATT or Verizon, but they have pretty good phones.

Ok but coverage isn't so great so its back to good gas going into a regular car. Would you take a GS4 aka BMW M3 and put on crappy network aka junk fuel?

The analogy is wrong.  I'd like to think of running the GS4 on a crappy network much like running a Ferrari on a 55 mph stretch of road.  
Also keep in mind the Civic Si motor does take premium.  

Any motor can run premium but its kinda pointless in some cars. the M3 like the GS4 is good but not Nokia 928 aka C63 good. Also who goes 55 in a 55? :)

Might be the case where you live Ryan,in true Northern California amongst the redwoods and marijuana US cellular provides the best service no matter how rural of an area you're in and believe me there's alot of that.Im not in their network only due to no flagship WP. They're still ahead of the not now network as well I might add

US Cellular roams on Verizon's network. Further, unlike Sprint who also roams on Verizon, they get at least 3G, maybe 4G (not sure on that) when roaming. Sprint only gets 1x (1.5G) when roaming on Verizon. This means that US Cellular has, at worst, decent coverage and data almost everywhere. (Full disclosure, I'm currently a Sprint user, because I don't want to give up my keyboard-equipped HTC Arrive, I like the unlimited data, and AT&T has poor coverage here, or I'd use Dell's old Venue Pro.)
Further, data speed is not all the related to phone performance. If it were, Apple would never have sold a single iPod Touch, which doesn't even include a phone. Also, Wi-Fi speeds are faster than any of the cellular networks. Taking pictures, playing games, using apps, etc. are all drive far more by the capabilities of the phone than the network.
For me, tthe physical keyboard for work producitivty is the most important feature after running Windows Phone (no plans yet to switch to a Blackberry Q10 or one of the Android keyboard phones), followed by a good camera and long battery life, then lots of RAM or an SD port. I'd switch to any carrier with coverage that provided me with a high-end keyboard-equipped phone.

I still prefer the keyboard as well. I just recently switched to the Arrive when my 3rd Touch Pro2 died. I love the keyboard on the arrive but am very dissapointed in MS for ruining the keyboard navigation. On my touch Pro2 I rarely had to touch the screen for any thing. The Arrive about all you can do with the keyboard is type in a field after you touched the screen wher to type. Overall I am dissapointed in Windows Phone 7 compared to Windows Mobile 6.5. I like the speed improvement and better IE and Email in WP7 but miss the features of WM6.5
My wifes Motorola PhotonQ on Android is similar in the respect to the arrive on keyboard navigation, but at least has a larger screen. I sure hope the two Win8 phones headed for Sprint are an upgrade to my Arrive or after 17 years of Windows CE, Palmsize PC, Pocket PC, PocketPc Phone, windows mobile and now Windows Phone I will reluctantly switch to Android.

Sorry to be the bad news guy, but I don't think they will make a windows phone with a keyboard anytime soon. The android phones that have physical keyboards are kind of crap. If you want a physical keyboard, get a blackberry. Either a q10 or the blackberry 10 slider.

Yeah, probably true, unless the new BlackBerry Q10 does well, in which case it could spur the industry. But I think BlackBerry is probably at best in a sustaining, mode. Growth there seems unlikely. Also, I don't even think that's a valid keyboard design for other OS's like Windows Phone, because the keyboard kills a large portion of the screen. One of the big plusses for a keyboard slider is that you still have the full screen and a keyboard at the same time. I'd rather sacrifice 1mm of thickness with a portrait slider than 1/3 - 1/2 the screen with an always-there keyboard.

Truly, the Palm Pre (but the first model wasn't built as well as the later ones) and Dell Venue Pro were perfect designs, at least to my preferences.

There appears to be compelling market data that people don't want real QWERTY keyboards, but there has never really been a high-end phone, avaliable through a major carrier, with the form factor, so I don't think the market data is as compelling as some of the analysts believe. And even if it were, there are clearly many of us, even if just a niche market, who would pay top dollar for a high-end phone with a good physical keyboard.

Loved my Arrive,hated sprints attitude towards the OS and updates

Lumias are the future and the present,so glad I left the not now network after 10+ yrs.

That is exactly what I thought when I saw it.  I could get something like that on ATT if free with a new contract, but otherwise I'm going Nokia this time.  Samsung messed up on support with my Grandpa Focus, which I still use.

Why don't they just make a WP Version of the GS4.. 5" screen 1080p... I bet they're testing it as we speak. I mean it's not like they are going to do what I asked for above⬆⬆

I'll take that 2014 Camaro Z28.. Its got 330 tires in the front! The widest on any production car ever!!...... WP.. Threw that in for all the "off topic" haters out there.. Lol!!

I say 1280 by 768 only because a 1080p screen is good but it eats battery life more and over heats phones and since 720p is already HD and if our eyes can't tell the difference the 720 is wer its at I think

I think the phone looks awesome...sort of an Ativ s mini. I know tons of people who would get that phone...first WP8 of its kind.

It looks like ANOTHER carrier beating Sprint to WP8 party. I've heard about arriving "Fashionable Late", but this is riduculous Sprint my Arrive is on it's last toe.

The best part is if you calm sprints over the phone sales rep they'll argue with you saying they do sell a windows phone,then tell you its a Motorola blah blah.winmo phone. I couldn't make that up

Yeah, especially when there is no official date mentioned by USCC.  Also, there is no signed deal between Microsoft and USCC for WP8 devices (and more likely are waiting for what Sprint does, since the type of network is similar and does not accept new devices which DOES NOT have Qualcomm based CDMA coding for security reasons).

I'd just like to point out that Samsung doesn't care if anyone buys this phone I get it they make ok hardware but it's like they have park place and boardwalk and people are happy to land on it I say let the Android folks land on it over and over as we slide right by into they make us a unique phone mind you they are making enough money to hire a team to make unique windows phones not galaxy look a likes

I played with this phone at an actual store. It just felt cheap....which I know it is that is more or less expected. But even HTC and nokias efforts on the same level feel less cheap.

I wonder if this phone is coming to other regional carriers, I have a lot of family on C Spire who want an windows phone, but can't get it.

The CDMA community decided to wait and demand Microsoft to use Qualcomm based CDMA coding over what they use now for the four devices on Verizon (China Mobile based). In other words, they are right in line with Sprint on this issue in regards to WP8 devices, and this include regionals and all the CDMA based prepaid services not running as MVNOs of Verizon, whether there are carriers with their own infrastructure or not (which most MVNOs on the CDMA side operate on Sprint's network).

Samsung really sucks with designs.. I'm really happy that Windows Phone market is growing, but I always thought that all windows phones would promote color, and sleek designs. Compared to the other Windows phones, from flagship to low end, this one is surely not at all attractive. Reminds me of these low end Androids -____- I hated those

Sure it might be good for a spell. But, how is Samsung for support? Not as full on as Nokia I assume. My HTC Surround support is almost non-existent.