Samsung to release a mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 device, the ATIV Core?

Samsung ATIV S

We know that Samsung is working on launching the ATIV SE on Verizon, but what about the rest of the world? SamMobile has reported that the manufacturer is actively developing another Windows Phone – the ATIV Core. It's believed to be a mid-range smartphone and will be a launching product for Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft's next major update for the platform.

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The reason we're weighing something on this report is down to Samsung not missing out on a Windows Phone as of yet. The company has released a steady (albeit slow) flow of smartphones running Microsoft's mobile OS and the ATIV Core would fit in alongside the plethora of Nokia/Microsoft devices, joined by phones from newly announced partners.

The ATIV Core is said to have a 4.5-inch display (720p), 1GB RAM and be powered by a 2100mAh power plant. We're not sure about the report (take it with a grain of salt), but would you be interested in a mid-range Samsung Windows Phone 8.1 device?

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Samsung to release a mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 device, the ATIV Core?


Sammy needs to stop wasting our time and come out with something that will truly rival the Lumia. All of sammy's windows phones lack innovation

I think this would be a great replacement for my 810.  Not sure what kind of innovation you want, since Samsung doesn't appear to be too far behind Nokia in terms of features and specs.  Only major down side is the lack of serious camera hardware.  Then again they do offer excellent features such as user replaceable batteries and expandable storage.  Something most high end Nokias lack. 

Wireless charging...
Deliver something remotely close to their Galaxy line.
Samsung will not provide you firmware updates as frequently as Nokia has and at times they seem to abandon the phone all together. Its obvious that their priority is Android and I'm okay with that because Nokia's priority is Windows Phone. If Samsung wants to win me over they need to do better than this.

Wireless charging wasn't built into the midrange Nokias as well.  And frankly I'm very glad that I didn't buy the charging shell as Nokia has abandoned by 810 shortly after Amber.  So from my view support has been rather crappy from Nokia, and thanks to that, Samsung has come quite strongly under my consideration.  Especially since Nokia has yet to even hint at a new midrange device. 

I noticed that. Former flagships, 920, 928,.. etc. ,now mid-range. Shows the mid-range should at least be good phones.

Will be checking out the Samsungs when they arrive. Glad to see WP growing. Still like my Nokias, but who knows.

I am dying to get a good Lumia phablet on T-Mo,

Before anybody start screaming, remeber I have the right to Dream.... So, call it my little dream if you may.

I can never consider a Samsung device unless they lose that plastic feel. I don't like their design language either. And when it comes to WP, there are better OEMs than Samsung.

I think for now it's a good thing. Having a similar body to the Galaxy could help get some people to switch over from Android to Windows Phone. The familiarity of a popular Android handset plus the unique offerings of the Windows Phone 8 OS is a great combination. Now if only Samsung would only try to push their WP devices...

If they really are serious about WP, instead of having a different product line for WP, they should offer WP variants of their Android flagship devices.

Most of the smartphone users across the world (if you judge on popularity).
Please stop with this silly 'Nokia until I die' attitude.
It's about WP not about a particular hardware vendor. We should be first to admit that WP is not growing as fast as all of us is hoping.


I love Nokia phones but totally agree with you. Don't bad vibe other OEM's. Plenty of people may prefer Samsung for a variety of reasons.

More the better I say :D

It's not that it's Nokia til I die. It's just that no other OEM seems to give a damn, and who wants a half assed effort?

That's because Nokia "was" 100% Windows in the smartphone market. Now their in android too.

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It's not the pure Android version but rather a forked one. Nokia's not trying to promote Google with that OS.

I do. While they don't have anything that amazing, their Windows Phones are great. I don't care about Nokia exclusives (in term of software).
Best screen ever, and many other stuff I'm am fed up talking about, trying to convince people who actually NEVER tried using an Ativ S.

Fuck Samsung, plain and simple. I used to be a Sammy fan, had everything from Omnia's, tv's, laptops, kitchen appliances..even my stib. They stopped caring about the Windows crowd so in return there are no more Sammy products in my home. You all can continue to scream 'we need Samsing as an OEM' all you want but the truth is they simply don't give a fuck. So keep kissing Sammy's rear and keep praising the worst WP devices all you like but we all know that the OG Focus was the only Sammy WP worth a damn.

You got it wrong. Sammy cares about PROFIT!!! You just named a ton of Sammy products. They make a lot of profit off them all. With Windows Phones there's such a small market there's not much profit to be made. I think with 8.1 Microsoft has finally closed the gap with the other OS. So people will start looking at W8Phones seriously now. Once the market grows enough for major profits to be made Sammy will seriously invade W8Phones.

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Please Samsung try and make a phone that isn't plastic attempting to look metal you're fooling no one on quality!

Good to let people to know what they're thinking were all wrong that samsung don't support windowsphone.

Not this bullshit with just like at release they released an inferior ATIV Odyssey for the US market where people will buy good phones and a delayed release for the real ATIV S. I hope they don't pull that again

I'm pleased as punch that Samsung is still in it. No one company should have the whole pie. I just wish they'd make a bit more effort.

This is unrelated, but I would like to buy a new Windows Phone on ATT in the next few days. I would like 1080p, but I do not want a 6 inch screen(Max of 5"). Is there any options available that I am not remembering?

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I would be happy with the 930, but that's not coming until June. Also, are we sure it will work on ATT? I have never purchased a phone a network did not officially support.

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The 930 isn't coming to the us. It is coming June internationally.

The 1520 is the best you can get and the size is big but you do get used to it.

Not if they support it like they did the focus, focus S, focus flash, Ativ, etc.. When they bring a truly beautiful WP online, make an effort to bring developers to WP, and a really unique design, I'll consider them again

A mid-range Samsung WP8.1 device would do well in Asia if priced well. If they make this phone dual SIM, now that WP8.1 has that capability, then I say yes, it will definitely do well in Asia, as long as it's priced correctly.

I would've gone with the Samsung ATIV S when WP8 launched, but it was never announced for AT&T, thus I went with the Nokia Lumia 920. I then moved on to Nokia Lumia 1520 and I haven't looked back. I still feel Samsung needs to step it up. Hopefully the non royalty fees will mean all manufacturers get more aggressive about Windows Phone.

720 display......really Samsung? This is why Nokia will continue to dominate WP and the reason Microsoft needs to make a surface phone. If Nokia can make a 1080p icon and 930 releasing it on contract for $199; Samsung with all of its resources can too! The iPhone still sells because its design quality, not necessarily because of the OS....average users know how to do three thing on the iphone: make calls, text, and listen to music. And about the $199 icon, I recently purchased 6 of them at $99/each due to a special vzw is running (I will receive $100 credit on my account within 2 billing cycles). I must say, this is the best Nokia/WP by far. We now have enough low end units in the market, time for some descent devices like the icon/930.

People on here are to blinded to read anything and can't differentiatemid and flag. The point of a mid range phone is just that. A mid range. If you want all the specs get the ATIV SE. Hell even this has better specs than the 630 trash midrange. I'm sorry low range

Exactly, how long has Samsung and other been releasing devices with 720p screens and 1GB of Ram? Heck my Titan had that 2+ years ago. You guys need to acknowledge this.

No I'm good. This will probably be the phone Sprint gets, and they'll wonder why no one buys it. My new slogan is Lumia or no deal. 

Actually battery life is hands down better on wp8 and last longer when playing games. Like I stated before I use a Sony Xperia Z2 great android phone bigger battery then my ativ s neo but the small 2000 may battery in the ativ s will when watching movies playing games and such outlast the xperia z2 battery by a long shot. Same goes for the huge battery in my LG g pro it might last as long as the ativ s neo battery if even. Android drains like 5 6 % in standby per hour by itself. Where on WP 8 I have like 0 drain in standby per hour. That was always a complained from my side. The standby battery drain of Android and battery usage in general on Android OS.

lets be honest ..the major of windowsphone owners now just bought it because of nokia .. i dont think any company can overlead nokia in wp ..lets be honest for second time in terms of efficiency in games and apps android and ios are miles better than wp ..wp got much hotter and battery drains quickly in simple games ..we only buy itss devices because of nokia quality in hardware and we hope it gets better with time but to buy a samsung product or htc i think they have 1% success in this platform .

Smoothness and live tiles can't be excluded from advantages of WP .. People also buy WP because of that.. And apps? Well 90% of important apps are on WP

? While you're not that wrong with the first part of your post (Nokia is way ahead), I don't get why you're telling that WP devices get hotter or that we have battery issues. Mine is fine.
Maybe you should just stop using low range devices?

The problem with Samsung on WP is that most of the important apps on WP store are Nokia exclusives.. So no one will buy an Ativ phone.. And why should one?

Actually Samsung has a lot of of there own Samsung apps on WP 8 more then HTC does. From notes to several camera extensions to folders and such it is all there. Don't see much what Nokia has over Samsung in that regard. Yes Here is available as well on Samsung.

Personally I've owned an ativ s for just over a year and love it. Sure the plastic may be a little chipped but other than that it's still a solid phone. As for the people who say it lacks support, that's a ton of bs. Every is update has been met with a firmware update by Samsung. As of now I can't wait for 8.1 and all new hardware to follow. My next phone I'm hoping to try a Nokia, unfortunately in Canada there's hardly any choice for Nokia or any windows 8 devices for that matter.

same here! another satisfied ativ s user here! I prefer the light plastic in my pocket, not a heavy piece a medal. I'm not carrying a gun here...

I think we'll be seeing a lot more Samsung phones, as well as more from everyone. Dropping to royalty fee may have just made Windows Phone cheaper than Android - and it already require less work from phone makers to get updates done.

A midrange Samsung would be welcome. Would love to see HTC bring it again and welcome LG back.

Disappointing to see Samsung has slipped off the Windows Phone radar after Nokia's foray into WP. They were at the forefront during the dawn of WP7 with great phones like the focus. For WP8, they seem least bothered about releasing new phones.

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Yeah, they were the ones that supported WP the most. They had all these different designs too, Omnia series and Focus series etc. At least they give us some Flagships. Happy for that :-)

The plastic feel wouldn't kill it for me, neither would 720/768. But no camera button, no OIS, and the definite feeling that what you get at launch is it would scare me off.

My ativ s has a 2300mah battery! Come on Samsung, step it up. This core isn't different from the ativ s... Where's the galaxy s5 windows variant!

It would make more sense for Samsung to put windows on a note 2. It's a size we haven't seen, and keeps the price mid range....

My WP7 was a Sammy, it was still the the most beautiful screen I've ever had for a smartphone. But I'm a top range phone guy, they would have to come out with something that would deter me from going for the green 1520! Currently a 920 user.

Regardless of what people feel about Samsung they ALWAYS offer things that Nokia sometimes neglects. Removable battery micro SD card ff camera and 1 GB of ram. That has always been true since wp8

Oh give the shit a rest. You be the same person that probably bitch about the 930 design being changed and not keeping it the same as the 920

On the contrary.  I like that Nokia has a few different designs for their phones, and they don't stick with one design for too long.  Samsung on the other hand is still using the same design they came up with for the Galaxy S1 way back in early 2010.

This is likely just a refresh of the Ativ S with Windows Phone 8.1.  Which is fine by me.  My son has that device, and I genuinely like it more than several of our Lumias. It feels great in the hand, has a superb screen, and at the time we bought it, was the only premium Windows Phone with an SD card slot. (On AT&T at the time the comparable alternatives were the Lumia 920, 925, and 1020.)

If this device is real, I'm sure it will be a nice phone.

You might as well just get the regular ativ s then. It has a bigger screen and bigger battery and probably the same price or even cheaper. There's no need for this phone.

Ativ S is out of production, so you won't be able to get it in a couple of months anymore.


I'm interested in this device.  Nokia doesn't appear to care about their midranges anymore.  My 810 hasn't gotten any younger, and I'm not even seeing rumors of an 830 on the horizon.  On the other hand I've got a nice option of a Samsung.  Expandable storage, removable battery, build quality that should be on par with my 810.  As long as it runs a modern Snapdragon SoC I'm totally down for this.  


I bought my Nokia because it was the only option with expandable storage at the time.  Since then it's been a stream of dissapointment.  Missed updates, broken promises, and exchanges due to various issues. 

What's up with the sudden surge & interest from Samsung on the Windows Phone scene? I haven't heard about this many phones from Samsung since the Windows Mobile days.