Samsung releases ATIV Beam app so you can send files to Android hardware


Can we get a drum roll? Samsung has released a new app for Windows Phone. ATIV Beam. Sounds cool, right? It certainly is. We're looking at an NFC app to make it easy to transfer files from the ATIV Windows Phone to... wait, Android? You'd immediately assume that this is just a small error on Samsung's part and the app will work with Windows Phones that sport NFC too, right? Wrong, this is an exclusive app for those who wish to transfer files to Android devices.

It's not really an issue as we have Tap+Send which can natively share documents and media to other Windows Phones, and it's useful for those owners who happen to own Android hardware too, but what about adding more content for its Windows Phone customer base that improve the overall experience offered, instead of compatibility solutions for Google's OS?

Enough of our whinging. You can download ATIV Beam from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only). Yes it's restricted to Samsung ATIV hardware, but no Scotty cannot beam you up with this app. Cheers, pbroy, for the heads up too!



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Samsung releases ATIV Beam app so you can send files to Android hardware


If you read it more thoroughly, it won't be likely to work. Besides, we need to figure out proxy for Samsung WP devices

This helps Samsung Android tablet users who are hesitant to grab a Windows phone because of incompatibility. It also helps their Ativ line work more closely with the Galaxy line. A smart move for Samsung.

Is Beam an exclusive to the Samsung line of Android phone. I assumed it was only their Galaxy line that had the Beam sharing capability. If so it would make perfect sense for Samsung to make an app for the ATIV Line, so all their phones can communicate with each other. Good to see Samsung still thinks Windows Phone is relevant.

Yup, you are correct. It's their specific app for their Galaxy series devices to send content among one another.

Tap+Send only works from one WP device to another. This app allows the Ativ S to send stuff to Samsung's Android devices via NFC.

You can't send as many file types to other NFC devices, this would allow you to send more content types to nom WP devices.
But Tap+Send is not just for transferring between WP devices.

Tap+Send can't send large files from WP to Android. It'll send contacts, web pages, and other tiny things like that. Photos only work WP to WP (slowly over bluetooth) whereas S Beam on Android negotiates a Wi-Fi direct connection and transfers them very quickly. 
I really wish there was an ATIV S fully compatible with AT&T. I want want so bad. My 920 is too small so I use my Note 2.

No, Tap and send is in all WP devices with NFC.
Ativ Beam uses NFC and Bluetooth (Same as Android Beam), so it should work with all Androids with 4.0+ and NFC. (transferspeed 25 mbps)
Samsung S-Beam is NFC+WIFI Direct (250mbps, The S4 should transfer 500-600 mbps) which Ativ Beam doesn't support...
But I cant Ativ beam to transfer to my Samsung android device or Nexus Device...

Samsung are idiots, trying to promote crap Android OS furtheir alienating their dissapearing WP base. If at least the app could be used to beam files to any OS, then perhaps the blatant Google bias would not be so obvious.
Everyone knows where Samsung stands now on WP, that is why the Focus was my first and last Samsung WP device, and then its been Nokia ever since, although I was quite tempted by the HTC 8x, which is a really great looking device as well, if only HTC provided Nokia level support I might have gone with them, but Samsung is dead to me.

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Oh, iunno, maybe cuz they had nothing to offer other than a huge AMOLED screen at the time? Lol I don't know if u r sarcastic or not but if u aren't, that would be my response :P

I think it would be more useful if it worked with all of Samsung's properties, including the the ATIV Tablet & PC line, but this is a nice start for those who have a Galaxy tab and were thinking of getting an ATIV.
Now if only they'd release the damn thing in the US.

That's cuz, as the article explains, it's only from WP to WP. U can only transfer music (I've tried), and I heard websites as well

Its a shame too, because HTC had the nicest hardware when WP8 launched (people who own Nokia and Samsung will surely argue this). The screen of the 8x was amazing and the size and weight of the phone beat Nokia by leaps and bounds

The design is definitely sexier than my 8X, but yeah. All we HTC owners have is beats audio, which is amazingly awesome to me especially, but.... Doesn't really stand out. Hope HTC puts back their equalizer or something, and other exclusive apps that are useful

I think they dumb it (I can't find in mine), I believe the WP update will have the Play To feature...

Yes, they are having trouble selling the Ativ S, I bought mine for $300 (with 25% sales Tax might be cheaper in other EU countries), the price 3 months ago was $700+...
I think they only will make Carrier supported WP devices, like the Sprint Ativ S Neo.... 
I read somewhere in Q1 that they sold 69m android devices and only 0.3m WP devices, you cant really blame them for putting there  efforts ($$$$) in Android.

Awesome - now I can transfer files between my Ativ S and my GS4. No complaints here.
And for those of you complaining or questioning why it exists - a LOT of people have Samsung Android devices. So if you happen to have an Ativ S - they can share photos or music or videos with you now. Its a win win for everyone involved.

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Lol I read this and immediately thought hmmm yes now its easy for people to transfer the files to there new galaxy phone cause Samsung is silently killing there ativ phones for wp8 lmao.