Samsung releases exclusive free 'Photo Studio' app for Windows Phone

One area where we like to see OEMs hare at work is in the "exclusive" app department. Everyone except Dell has done a real nice job of offering unique programs on their phones, free of charge, to enhance the user experience.

Samsung's niche seems be photos as they have released 'Samsung Photo Sharing', 'Photogram' (see review) and now 'Photo Studio'.  This new one is actually quite nice, allowing you to shoot in different modes, including Lomo, to speed of the process. From the app description:

Photo Studio is an all-in-one solution for taking, editing and sharing pictures though your WP7. Photo Studio allows the user to take pictures with effects such as LomoShot, Beautyshot and PlusMe. All pictures can modified with various photo effects. Users also can also easily upload their pictures to the most popular Social network services including Facebook and Flickr.

  • LomoShot: Users can vignette pictures in the style of softening or shading away the edges of the subject. There are four option modes: Normal, Gray, Warm and Cold
  • BeautyShot: Users can brighten and sharpen the portrait
  • PlusMe: Users can take two pictures separately and mix them together
  • Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, MySpace, Photobucket, Friendster support

The app so far is quite decent, especially for free, but real photo hounds will want to stick with Thumba (see review) for more fine-tuned control.

You can grab the app now in the Marketplace, but you won't see it under "Samsung Zone"--instead, enter the Samsung Zone, pick any app and hit "More from SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Co. Ltd." and now you should see it. Or just click this link.

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Samsung releases exclusive free 'Photo Studio' app for Windows Phone


I'd rather OEMs ditched device exclusive apps and just release to all wp7 user to help enhace the OS notoriety to all regardless of what they own. That way they are showing their app creation prowess to a larger user base and thus lead to more interest in the brand flavour.Sell your product in more stores and you're bound to get more customers. But hey that's just me and my crazy ideas.

Strange, it won't run on my Samsung Omnia 7. It loads to the main menu and I get the connecting to net dots and then it just quits to the apps menu.

"There are four option modes: Normal, Gay, Warm and Cold"Perhaps that's meant to say "Gray", Daniel? :)

Did anyone else notice that the startup splash page before the app loads is EXTREMELY similar to the little clock icon that is used in the Diagnostics app? The only difference is that the background is black instead of gray.