Samsung releases updates for numerous Windows Phone apps


Samsung has released a number of updates for its Samsung Windows Phones. These solutions are listed on the Samsung Zone and can be accessed only by those with a Samsung Windows Phone 8 device. So what's been bumped to a new release? ATIV Beam, Photo Editor, Live Wallpaper and MiniDiary join Additional call settings on the update list.

Here's what we're looking at (with latest version numbers):

A changelog has only been provided for MiniDiary. Samsung has added landscape support on some input pages, as well as moving "new" and "search" buttons to the app bar on the main page.

To check whether or not you can update (or to download the apps for the first time) head on over to the store using the links above or QR codes below. Join in the app updates discussion over on our forum.

QR: ATIV Beam     QR: Photo Editor

QR: Additional Call Settings

QR: Live Wallpaper     QR: Mini Diary


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Samsung releases updates for numerous Windows Phone apps


Yeah but, Nokia already had about 10x the WP market that Samsung has.
I'm not really sure what is behind people's thinking here. What harm will this do to Samsung?
Nokia has been the teachers pet since the beginning. I don't see how this has any bearing on Samsung's relationship with WP.

Yeah, but it's not like the market share increased over night... Nobody knows the ramifications, if any, yet....

But what is the difference?
I've yet to hear a rational reason (or any reason) for Samsung abandoning WP after this news.

They've been talking about launching their OS for quite some time..Tinzen I think it's called. So, they essentially don't want any more competition than they have now. Helping WP grow hinders their plan to be a 3rd os option.

I haven't heard one either.. Its just people's fear of the unknown that's making them think the worst... I have to admit that I am slightly "panicking" myself... But, I'm sure a year from now we would have all adjusted, and will be exited for what's going on with WP... The only problem I'm having is that once WP get's settled into something good it always seems to start back into this transitioning phase.. So, for us fans, not the average consumer, we are always left "wondering" about the future of WP... I hope this ends that once and for all because WP needs a good, and long, run of a plan that works... And, In know way am I saying that we are starting from the beginning because I realize that everything from NoDo, too Nokia hit the doe, have just been baby steps... So, I guess this acquisition is the end of the baby steps.. This was a granddaddy step❕

I just read a CNET article titled "Microsoft can kiss other phone vendors goodbye"... and no where in the article did it offer a reason behind such a claim. Except that Microsoft themselves may one day stop licensing WP out.

They need to update App Folder.
It's too slow and could use some color options.
Either way, my Nokia appreciates your folders.

Haha me too, only if the HTC app didn't just show a blank tile I would be all set on my Nokia Lumia 822.

I hope your Nokia doesn't get an update for App Folders, you shouldn't be using it in the first place!!!!!

anyone care to ponder on what the nokia and microsoft merger will mean for Sprint customers hoping to score a Lumia?

I asked if anyone cared to ponder...you know, hinting that it may not be "relivant" to said post, so comment if you'd like...
sorry for not making a "relivant" post in your opinion

Perhaps Microsoft will now take over negotiations with all the non participating CDMA carriers (which is everyone except Verizon).

I wonder how much more market share that would provide the platform especially with the lower end devices, I mean I would assume that it could only help

Nokia currently has a nonexsistant relationship on the CDMA side of the US carrier community (except for Verizon), and negotiations with Sprint and several regional carriers have been very nasty (Sprint, US Cellular, C Spire and Open Mobile are the most known).  Hopefully, Microsoft can ease the negotiations from this moment and move forward.

Hopefully so, the low end Lumia devices should be able to make a big mark on many of those smaller carriers

That will be the same for all CDMA carriers outside of Verizon.  Nokia's negotiation team is stuck in refusing to use only Qualcomm made radios, and only offering devices after Verizon carries them for six months, meaning Sprint and the CDMA community would get devices after one year of being introduced on AT&T.
I do not blame the non participating carriers on the CDMA side for strongly refuse to be "bullied" by a company which needs to rebuild the bridges they burned years ago with the used of pirated CDMA radios.

now I can only wonder if this will turn in to a Microsoft problem, hopefully a change of guard will ease some of the strife

I bet that Microsoft changes the licensing deal for WP so that other OEMs get it free like with android or for very cheap compared to before. This way they're not left out with this Nokia deal.

Free❔,, I don't know about that,, but at much lower rates❔That's a possibility, and would be a a smart move...............

Thats what I'd like to know. It now works after the GDR2 update but can't be updated after the GDR2 update.

Maybe we should all just keep the comments relevant to the article instead of commenting on anything else but the article.

Hey so I have the Samsung Ativ S, I live in Canada, and have the newest firmware, does anyone know why I cannot download Ativ Beam for my phone,?