The Samsung SM-W750V could be an upcoming high-end Windows Phone with a 1080p display


Depending on who you ask, Nokia has been dominating Windows Phone and controls over 90% of the market. Data from sources like AdDuplex paint a picture where Nokia controls 92.1% of the market, while HTC and Samsung bring up the rear with 5.2% and 1.6% respectively. Yes, Samsung barely has 2% of the market, but that’s not going to stop them from supposedly making a Windows Phone with a 1080p display. Details below.

Have you heard of the Samsung SM-W750V? You’ll find it mentioned once in our forums a little over a month ago, other than that it’s a ghost. The thread didn’t pick up much traction, which is a shame because it was the start of what’s probably going to be Samsung’s next Windows Phone. So what is the SM-W750V? It’s reportedly a 5-inch device and will be on the higher-end of handsets. Some new info coming out definitely backs up the assumption that this is high end Windows Phone.

The device recently swung by the Bluetooth SIG, which means we’ll definitely seeing it in North America. Its User Agent Profile is also hanging around on Samsung’s website and shows this device to support a 1920 x 1080 resolution. We can always get behind a 5-inch display with a 1080p screen, like the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Anybody interested in a Windows Phone from Samsung with a 1080p display in the 5-inch range? Sound off below.

Source: Samsung, Bluetooth SIG Via: Sammy Today, PhoneArena

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The Samsung SM-W750V could be an upcoming high-end Windows Phone with a 1080p display



I'm a little skeptical of samsung windows phones now. I won't believe that they're releasing a high end WP until i see the reviews.

You need more than a 1080 WP to gain some wp market share samsung. I still remember my Samsung Focus and how Samsung practically abandon me after taking my money.

Be careful.  I bought a Nokia 810 with the understanding I would get updates, but they're already not going to update it with Nokia Black.

Really? A fiend company like Samsung has that kind of power over you? I'd both shit and piss in my pants at the same time if it was Sony but not Samsung.

Sounds good but needs wireless charging built in and 32gb of memory with micro SD. Then and only then will it be impressive!

While you can do that, those pins are meant for you to change the whole battery cover. The official replacement battery doors are slightly thicker than the stock ones. That's to accomodate the thickness of the charging coil. I stuck a coil into my Note 2's original cover (I couldn't find any Qi enabled covers for the Note 2) and it made a little bulge on the back and my phone wouldn't lay still when placed down. It would rotate.

hahaha, some funny comments from your opinion but sadly same here, already own lumia 1520 and never look back lol 

Yeah, I have the 1520 too(and 1020) love the large screen.If Samsung does swing back into Windows Phone at this point especially at the high end, I'm assuming (just my personal opinion) that it will be with a bit more serious intent than it did in the past.
One Windows is growing and has taken the solid third place over BlackBerry, behind iOS and Android and there is a definite increase in developer interest. Samsung's earlier forays into WP was around the time WP's position in the race was still uncertain, and developer committment(of course influenced by uncertainty) was less.
Two- in the new WP environment, with its more certain future, Samsung's view of Nokia's device success I'm sure takes a more relevant position as a powerful line of devices, across all price points, and various form factors utilizing a platform with now proven relevance. Samsung, with their resources, and a similar model of creating devices across all price points and diverse form factors, may now see an opportunity worth investing its resources in now absent the risk of a platform that may not be around. I'm curious to see how they may differentiate this 5" device, if indeed they now have a renewed sincerity in WP. With their resources, Nokia's absorption into Microsoft, WP 8.1 expected in a few months, headline grabbing Nokia devices like the 1020 and big screen 1520(the highest end and first LSD(Large Screen Device- Don't like the word Phablet :-) Windows Phone)Samsung's timing with a High end LSD with their personal flavor added to it can ride the wave of WP growth and popularity. I love my 1020 and 1520, but I'm watching to see what Samsung brings to the table. I'm a phone/tech geek.

I have yet to have the opportunity to hold a 1520. tell me two things please: dont you look/feel ridiculous when making calls ? Can you fit it in front jeans pockets? those two factors are the only things stopping me from getting one.. and my gf, but thats a story for another day :)

You don't look ridiculous holding it to you head, but it does take some getting used to when you use it.  Also, it fits quite easily into most jean pockets because despites its size, it is relatively thin which makes it easy to slip in and out.

I will tell you this. Once acquainted to the size, nothing else matters. Though I can honestly say, one handed use is a no go. Another flaw is multitasking. If MS could port w8.1 multitasking to this big baby, I could wait forever for any other update.

As an IT guy that supports all sorts of phones, I reaffirm my decision to buy my L1520 every time I setup up an iPhone or a, low to midsize, android phone on a clients network. I pull out my L1520 (internet sharing) to help setup someone's VPN on their laptop while in their office to be outside the internal network and I get the ?'s and requests to let them see my phone. I show it of proudly.

I dig the big. 6" is just tight! Makes you wanna scream for more. I'm looking forward for more penetration from Nokia in this size.

Samsung can market a device very well. If they did that with a Windows Phone device, sales would go up tremendously.

+1020 support sucks and dedication is missing. Going to stick to Nokia and later Nokia team/MS
Samsung is completely off my radar...

You are correct in saying that the support sucks. I had a Samsung Captivate and the GPS was broken. I exchanged it for another and it was broke. They first told us that the phone needed a new software update and it would be fine. After waiting months and many software delays, it didn't fix the problem. Then they were trying to say that all of us rooted our phones and that is why it is broken! Screw them! Samsung makes good products when they work, but forget about support if is defective, then you are on your own. I will never buy another Samsung product again!

They had the opportunity when WP was first released, had they continued to support with new phones for WP7 the WP8 they would already have strong market share. Instead they chose to concentrate only on Android and Nokia took over. Besides, although they make quality phones they still feel of cheap material in comparison to Nokia hardware.

WP is the same throughout the ecosystem. Only difference is support. Nokia does an excellent job of it. Sony maybe back in the game, and if rumors are true, they want some control over the os too as Nokia does. If this is the case, I'd wait for Sony. Samsung has 3 os to deal with. I don't see WP in the top of their list.

Nope, my next WP will still be from Nokia or Microsoft. It's a matter of support. I'm really enjoying the support I have today with Lumia, much better than my previous OEM

Notice those phones are T-Mobile exclusives? That's the problem: if they're not a lot of people with a phone on T-Mobile, they won't bother to update. Uncarrier is a sham for some users, at least AT&T and VZ provide updates for their Lumias, even if it's much later than the update was released.

Yeah, and my old Samsung Omnia 7 gets tons of updates every second Friday... Not!

Face it, none supports their WP customers like Nokia.

Those are Windows Phone 7 devices. Yes, it's a complete bitch slap to early adopters, but support for WP7 died young. However, Microsoft promised to not have a repeat of that, and thus far is doing a good job of making updates compatible on all WP8 devices (even if carriers withhold the updates, doesn't change the fact that MS is making them).

And then Nokia has shown true devotion to the platform, unbelievably so. Love all the extra perks and advantages of a Lumia device when compared to other Windows Phones. Best hardware and best software, Lumia is the only way to go when buying WP, really...

I agree. Though this phone may be perfect for some, I want my next WP8.1 flagship device to be made by Nokia/Microsoft. I also hope Sprint gets on board with the program. 

While you can do that, those pins are meant for you to change the whole battery cover. The official replacement battery doors are slightly thicker than the stock ones. That's to accomodate the thickness of the charging coil. I stuck a coil into my Note 2's original cover (I couldn't find any Qi enabled covers for the Note 2) and it made a little bulge on the back and my phone wouldn't lay still when placed down. It would rotate.

The ATIV S gets all the updates in a very timely fashion. Faster than most Nokia devices. First to get GDR2.

It be great device,but Samsung quality control sucks balls. Selling there products over 15yrs and it high return rate

The Korean rerelease of the s4 has the snapdragon 800 so this may be a straight port. I'm no Samsung enthusiast (HATE touchwiz UI) but there's not doubt their devices are some of the first out with killer hardware.

He means a bunch of gimmicky specs and features that trick all the less tech-savy people of the world into buying it.

Samsung is usually on the forefront of putting each and every new spec, standard or technology in their devices, whether it's useful and/or ready or not.

It looks cool, but ends up making the UI a big mess for hundreds of features that will only be used by a small niche. I suppose every company is guilty of this in one way or another, but Samsung is easily one of the worst offenders.

Yeah, but that's software.

Still, you and pizzalovinhulk (what a username XD) are right. Killer hardware? The internals are the same as other flagships out there and the body is nothing more than cheap plastic (there are some good feeling/looking plastics out there but the one used on the galaxies really feels cheap). 

I'm willing to bet it's gonna be called Samsung Ativ Note. Hopefully it's going to use the latest hi-end Galaxy Note3 spec....including its compatibility to Galaxy Gear (a man can only wish).

Can't wait omg! Hope it comes out soon!!! I want it for Tmobile and wanna ditch my 925 I just got yesterday! I've been waiting for a quality Sammy device!!!

What's wrong with your 925? That's a nice phone with a good camera. Six lens Zeiss with OIS. Samsung can't touch that dude.

I was never big on Lumias, the camera great but I barely take pictures, I actually kept my HTC 8X as well instead of just JUMPing with my Tmobile JUMP. I prefer the 8X even to the 925. Idk there's really nothing special to me about a Lumia. The 1520 would be my first Nokia device that I'm interested in, and its because its a 6" WP.

Well I rather use my JUMP upgrades? Good credit, $0 Down on most phones and I'll upgrade every few months? I'm not gonna wait 18 months between phone purchases when Technology nowadays becomes obsolete within 6 months. LOL. 18 Months for an upgrade is the past man!

Agreed, despite my own 925 audio jack is down, I wasn't heart broken, in fact I'm looking forward to the 929 when it come to Australia. Mind you, that audio jack thing maybe is just 1 in a million.

2 days ago i fell pretty hard on the ground while holding the phone in my hand, and i hit the concrete with my open palm, phone  first hand behind it, full weight, the phone does not even have  a scratch( ativ s, i'll admit i have a screen protector, but that's it)

Samsung phones quality isn't good they have a record of phones catching on fire in peoples pockets and the battery shorting out

I know soo many people with cracked s2, s3, s4 Samsung galaxy phones (even broken inside leather cases), they aren't sturdy or durable at all. I will not pay £500 - £600 for a Samsung phone any more, more like £80 to £160 they look sturdy and durable but are made out of very cheap plastic.

Yep... I know a guy with an S4 who sat down like he usually does and the screen digitiser somehow detached inside the glass. The glass isn't broken or cracked at all. I don't know if it still works at all. They're refusing to fix it under warranty as they reckon he dropped it or something similar.

go to the xda forums and see how common is the power button issue on the focus. or the countless threads about "self destructing" galaxies s(insert-number-here). samsung sells specs, never quality.

And yet we are not talking about the ativ s. Beside the Os, that many might not like, there is a very low level of dissatisfaction with the device

Yep, until we ALL saw the person post a thread in the forums of their Lumia melting at the charging port aswell...

My previous phone was a Samsung Focus S and I would never buy another non-Nokia windows phone in today's market, even though 5" 1080p is exactly what I want to replace my Lumia 900. The support for the focus S is simply garbage. My wife still has the same phone on AT&T and is still running Mango because Samsung and ATT haven't released 7.8 yet. Wow.

Consumers will take samsung/htc windows phone seriously only if ongoing support with regards to firmware, OS, App support is at par with Nokia...

Guys, this is just a rebadged GS4 with Windows Phone 8. Just like the current Sammy is a rebadged GS3. I'm really not excited about a year old device...

I'm not excited either for the same reason. Now if this new Ativ S II comes with the Snapdragon 805 like the rumored S5, then I'd be interested!

I will pass lmfao. Anyone who buys this is likely buying a windows phone version of the galaxy s4....and that itself is dumb. Pass.

Samsung can easily sell 6-7 million per quarter if they release 3-4 handsets at different price points in more countries.

Problem is they never promoted their windows phones even a fraction of they do with their android phones. In fact they purposefully sabotaged their own ATIV line up by not releasing in major markets like US, China, India etc..


Are you a Windows Phone? "Yes".
Made by Nokia? "No"
"Sorry, I can't take that ride!"

In all seriousness though...Wow Samsung wow welcome back to the party. If you not going to support the dang thing and update it frequently, then you might as well back out. Can't just make a phone and forget about it. How you think Nokia got its dominance?? Oh yeah and no more plastic shit.

Really? I thought Samshun's pretty much given up Windows Phone, and I'm seriously considering Nokia as my next Windows Phone device........

Sticking with my 1520, thank you very much. I never liked the build quality of Samsung. Even their supposedly high end phones breaks down after a year of intense use. Nokia's quality is far better. Plus support is awesome (applies to unlocked phones bought at Nokia and not at telcom companies). Had my 1520 for two weeks now, and I cant imagine myself browsing on a smaller screen.

I have to admit the 1520 is the sexiest "phablet" on the market.
Built extremely well and surprisingly light.

 my samsung ativ s has been a pleasure to use since day 1. it's a quality high end windows phone that never got promoted by samsung. hopefully it will be different this time around. i would certainly take a good long look at it. with all due respect to nokia users, more companies making windows phones is a good thing and not a reason to bash the non-nokia handsets. just my opinion.

plus one to that.the only thing that bothers me is the build quality.p.s. anyone know where can i find "plus" sign?

Samsung Ativ S is a proof of how Samsung is half-a**ing Windows Phone ecosystem. Only 1% of WP users would miss them if they're off for good. Not a substantial figure I am sure.

Its gonna be hard to beat Nokia's quality on the Lumia line. Samsung does have a lot of junk out there. Anyhow, can't go back to 5" from the beautiful 6" 1520.

We, the early owners of WP 7 bought Omnia 7 which was nice phone but after that nearly all of them moved to Nokia due to the pathetic support.

But I would still say Samsung has perfect opportunity to capture the WP market after exit of Nokia. Consumers like Nokia brand but MS will not be too much popular unless there products would be truly amazing.

I don't see why people are excited for another mediocre Samsung windows phone. They will release a phone with S4 like stats once they've already released the S5 for android.

Because, contrary to what you might think, not everyone wants a Nokia WP. I certainly don't want the stigma of being associated with Lumia hipsters!!

You have got to be kidding me, so your going to avoid a potentially better product because of what people may say about you?
You might as well not exist because no matter what you choose in life there will ALWAYS be someone who will have something hateful to say about you because of it.
Hell I bet there are stone collectors who bash each other because they think their stones are the better of the bunch.
Bottom line who in the hell cares, get what you like and always check for quality hardware & support for longevity.
Be real.

Maybe you should look back through the comments by the guys trash talking Samsung and praising Nokia, then you'll understand why I said what I did.
Thanks for the insult though and yeah, I will buy what I like because I'm an individual who chooses not to buy what everyone else thinks I should buy, if you do then that's your choice. I choose to buy the phone in this article because I want to not because of others and not because of a brand name but because it has the features I want in a phone.

If you don't like it then that's not my problem!!?!

Here drive the best ever in all smartphones app navigation hope here drive will come to windows8.1 Nokia tablets

Personally wouldnt buy a WP by Samsung, but will stick to Nokias. But, if Samsung brings out a few good  Windows phones it would be good overall for the OS. The more the merrier. I hope HTC & Huawei also release a few high end ones.

But Samsung deliberatly seems to be keeping WP out of markets like India where WP is quite popular. Probably they dont want to cannibalise their own Android sales.

I loved my Focus back in the day. I would strongly consider another Samsung WP, assuming it was well-built, had a decent camera, and there was a promise of support. My L920 is nice and all, but not enough to inspire eternal obedience to the Nokia/Lumia brands.

Back in the wp7 days, the focus was an amazing device however I now see that buying into Samsung is essentially paying to more or less be forgotten by them....see ativ line.

Wrong. It would highlight weakness of WP everytime a sales rep compares it with their Android counterpart.

Exactly what I was thinking, he owns an ATIV S yet he's doing as much trolling as the Lumia hipsters!!

Explained in posts replied to neo below. Everyone else is trolling here anyway. I have better reasons for sharing the bitter truth.

"The" bitter truth or "Your" bitter truth, it seems to me you're stating your feelings as fact!!

I won't put my hopes just yet and as people from WP Central folks would always tell, take this with a grain of salt.

Shame that I really love my first generation Samsung Focus and until now, I'm stucked with 7.5. Yeah, yeah but I made a switch to Lumia 1020 already and I couldn't be more happier.

Honestly, I'm really considering on upgrading to Samsung ATIV S (I'm weighing my options between ATIV and Lumia 1020) because of it's expandable memory and decent camera, but when I send a tweet to both Samsung and Nokia (they're both tagged on my single tweet), in a very surprising reply, Samsung instead sell their Galaxy Note to me and just to end the conversation, I said I'm a solid WP user (and fanboy for that matter, LOL). That certainly left a bad impression to me and did I mention that their CS reps are terrible!  I am now very much a proud Lumia 1020 owner and it'll take some over-the-top feature of this alleged Samsung device to win my heart again.  And please Samsung, please give us a new design and not some recycled look of S4.

Well the ATIV S had more of a Galaxy Note 2 look than an S3 look that many people think so I think this phone may look more like the Note 3 or Mega.

I have no problem with recycled designs, why, because it saves money!!

I imagine this could just be a repurposed galaxy s 4 - they did that to the gs3, as an earlier phone (the ativ something).

Don't get me wrong - that would be fantastic, the gs4 is an excellent device!

However, the Nokia apps bring their own value, and i cant help but think that is the differentiator.

So long as it doesn't bring along the S4's battery issues then it'll be perfect. That phone was exceptional other than the battery.

Nope, the S4 specifically released with poor batteries that swelled and would cease to function within six months of purchase. Samsung recognises that there was, and is, a problem and are providing free battery replacement for anyone suffering. Don't even need to send your phone off, just go to a store and they will swap them.

It's an annoying issue but their responsiveness in fixing the issue and their ability to immediately admit "ok, we screwed up" are traits which more companies should consider applying.

That's where you're wrong, the ATIV S isn't a "repurposed gs3" as you say but more a note 2 mini. Look them both up online and you'll see there are major differences between the gs3 and the ATIV S.

Selling more smartphones than anyone else

Dominating Android, TV's and many more markets

Maintaining the lowest fault return rate of all smartphone manufactures for past 3 years running

Some how I think your are wrong

Samsung make rather poor quality devices that sell like hot cakes, i own a Samsung tv and had Samsung phones

Samsung ATIV S is best phone ever. Can't wait to see new WP from Samsung. Nokia has better apps, but I don't like bulky phones and bloatwared os. :)

Software? Or apps? Please, let's not confuse ourselves.

I think they have a quite handful of apps collection out there but if you are not a fan, you can just leave / don't install the app at all.  Well, it's just a matter of choice I guess.

I had Samsung Focus before, if I don't like their exclusive apps then I don't install them at all.  It's that simple.

He was trying to come up with a reason to put Nokia down, he didn't know what to write on 2 occasions and i don't have any faith in the reliability of his comments

You may save a lot by going for an Asha phone, judging by your requirement. Just a suggestion. Samsung sucks, period. I own an Ativ S, and previously an Omnia 7.

Right so he should go from a smartphone to a feature phone just because he doesn't need the software Nokia provide. Not only that you recommend the Asha, a phone from Nokia that probably isn't sold where he lives.

I would consider a Samsung WP if it bested my Lumia 1020. It is hard to imagine that, though a lot can happen in the 1.5 years until my contract renewal.

Now when many apps coming to wp so samsung want to acquire that.. Hell with the samsung love nokia..

No more big phones please, I miss being able to hold a phone with one hand. I have the 920 and I'm willing to upgrade to a smaller phone. A Lumia 920 in the form of a Lumia 900 would be perfect. Trends I want to see in newer phones? Slim bezels - big screens without increasing physical size.

After all my nokia's and now my super 1020 i think not :)

But i am spoiled

As after sales i got a camera grip for pre order and the lovely DC-18 charger for writing a review.

Whats in it with SamSung

Great - as long as they fix everything that's wrong with the ATIV-S; camera api, paltry set of apps compared to Nokia, no accesories, plastic chrome that peels, stupid camera position etc etc. Have an ATIV-S now, won't be buying another Samsung phone unless it is better in all respects than what Nokia offers.

There are billion Samsung fans ,,windows phone will become popular if Samsung adapt this OS seriously.

Can't you see how Samsucks uses WP to show to their billion fans how limited it is compared to their Galaxy line-up? They should not produce any WP anymore.

You mean have Nokia as the only OEM producing Windows Phones and charging whatever they like for them?

No thanks, competition is good and helps keep costs down.

Great news!!!
I'm rocking ATIV S. Fantastic device for both work and personal usage.
Looking forward to the new Samsung WP!

Exactly, they seem to have adopted the same superiority complex that the iSheep and Fandroids have.
It's simple, if you don't like Samsung then don't comment on the article.

Samsung makes Lumia hipsters angry. No idea why. They have no intention of buying a Samsung, or using a Samsung, yet they're here toting their anger towards a brand they don't use.

When Nokia can provide me with a phone that has a screen greater than 4.5" with a removable battery AND a micro SD card slot then I'll consider getting a Lumia, until then I'll stick with my ATIV S!!

OK Samsung guy. When that day comes, you should get it and feel what I have been feeling towards Ativ S.

Actually I won't feel what you have been feeling because I'm not you, if I was then the world would be a very very boring place!!

Why is that even remotely relevant?

Nokia has no phones that meet my requirements and they never will.

Relevant because you're a Samsung guy.

Even when Nokia produce a phone that meet your requirements, you would still not buy it. Right?

It's not relevant as no Samsung Galaxy device runs Windows Phone. That would depend on other things like screen and internal storage as well. I do my research before buying something, not after.

They renamed Galaxy 3 to Ativ S, put a slightly different case and voila.

You should be doing research before buying something, otherwise you would not go here.

I can tell you would not be having problems getting resource on your research with a lot of information provided by Nokia owners, including the negative ones. You can balance them out before making a purchasing decision.

I am now doing what the Nokia owners are doing, so people who are researching would get a balanced view on Samsung WP.

How is this racist? So if he said "any vehicles are welcome except Americans." would he still be racist?
It appears to me that he just doesn't like their design and idea on what makes for a good phone.

Given that the ATIV S was the only High-End phone with SD card slot - it was a no brainer. It's a good phone, even if it can't compete with the software support from Nokia. Still, for me SD card is more important than software add-ons.

Looking foward to hear more about that new one.