Samsung releases updates for Fun Shot, Color Effects and Artistic Effects

Samsung Updates

Samsung continues to prove it's behind the platform by releasing app updates. The latest batch are for a selection of creative apps on the Samsung Zone. Artistic Effects, Color Effects and Fun Shot have each been bumped to a new version. So what's new? Unfortunately, we're not entirely sure, but we would love to see all three combined into a killer app (hint hint, Samsung).

We've previously looked at the apps when they were released back in August. They're essentially Lens apps that add functionality to your camera when out and about, attempting to take some interesting shots. Here are the store links to get the apps:

That's not a typo either, all three apps are indeed on the same version. Remember that these are exclusive apps found in the Samsung Zone on the Windows Phone Store. If you'd rather use your device, you can also use the QR codes below. via: WindowsPhoneApps.es

QR: Samsung Artistic Effects     QR: Samsung Color Effects

QR: Samsung Fun Shot


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Samsung releases updates for Fun Shot, Color Effects and Artistic Effects


Good for Samsung owners. I personally never will own another Samsung but glad to see what little support they offer windows phone is still coming through for the ativ owners.

What if samsung has some timed thing that updates it's WP apps so that it looks like they support us Ativ owners? :D Never a change log, never anything new, just regular updates..

damn right and loving it. you probably have updated from L920...then to the L925... then to the L1020...or was it the L928 instead?

ATIV S owners are a contented bunch, aren't we! Work, play, surf, photos, we do it all and never think twice why we bought this phone in the first place!

I'm still searching for one. I got a 920 & 925 on T-Mobile. The one that works on Tmo still runs around $400 or more and never goes on sale. For me I need the memory. I got a 64GB memory card already waiting.