Samsung releases a batch of updates for its own Windows Phone apps

Samsung App Updates

Samsung has released a number of updates for its collection of apps on Windows Phone. The manufacturer has an array of apps for consumers to enjoy in the Samsung Zone, which can be accessed from the Windows Phone Store main menu. Unfortunately no change logs have been supplied so we're not entirely sure what's new. That said, it's good to see Samsung continuing to support customers.

So which apps are affected? Here's a quick list along with the updated version numbers:

You can download the above from the Samsung Zone on a Samsung Windows Phone. via: WindowsPhoneApps.es


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Reader comments

Samsung releases a batch of updates for its own Windows Phone apps


Yes but it only has 16GB with no sd card :(. I have a Rogers 920 now. I just like that bigger screen and sd card on the G3 oops I mean ATIV S ;)

dominicancash, actually, Samsung does give app updates every 3-4 days but never give with changelig. Nokia does give app update every week and HTC every... 6 moths, every year and even NEVER ;) I had an HTC before and moved to Samsung Windows Phones because of SD Card capability, better manufacturer than Nokia and support every Wi-Fi protections in 2,4GHz and 5GHz(Nokia does not support WPA2-Professional...)

Why do you think Samsung are a better manufacturer than Nokia? You're certainly in the minority with that thought.

The best one! With microSD, 720p AMOLED and 2300mAh removable battery.
They know the difference between a smartphone and a camera.

Awful, if lack of support was actually a thing and not the BS that people keep spewing. Lack of apps is also nonsense because the ATIV S can access the Windows Phone store just like any other Windows Phone device (spoiler alert).

Now that you can use HERE Drive and Maps on any phone, the only app I miss having from Nokia (I now have an ATIV S) is the data counter app.  And that should have been part of WP7 from the offset.

Yeah, pretty much the only WP high end that checks off ALL the features that WP8 currently allows. Microsoft hasn't released any updates to WP8 that would allow a better phone, so Samsung hasn't made a better one yet. There's no reason to keep releasing variant after variant or phones with tiny differences.

"That said, it's good to see Samsung continuing to support customers."
Should read
"That said, it's good to see Samsung finally starting to support customers."

Well it is isn't it, the way you Nokia fanboys treat every piece of news that doesn't involve Nokia in some way is always negative!!!!

Samsung seem far more focused on software these days, but they used to be pretty dreadful with updates. I've had a couple of Sammy Android phones and the poor or lack of updates requiring me to go to the hacking community for custom ROMs to make my phones useable has left me with no desire to get one of their phones again. Even if it does run WP, their hardware and my past disappointments with updates has left me with a bad taste.

Sure, so by your logic our headlines tomorrow will read:

"Nokia launches stupid marketing campaign to promote yet another Windows Phone"

"Samsung playing the long game: Why we love what this company is doing for Microsoft"

Fantastic comment, though - you really added to the discussion.

Funny, isn't it? People complain that Samsung doesn't support WP (which, further evidenced by this article, is untrue), then when there is an article informing us on updates, people still say the same thing! Don't let facts ruin your fun, boys.
You can't win with this crowd.

Exactly, we all use the same OS even though we use different manufacturers devices so I just don't understand the hostility by the Nokia users in this community towards Samsung and HTC users. It just makes them look like pompous assholes, reminds me of the users of the products of a certain fruit company!!!

I know Nokia updates their apps very frequently, and Samsung does it once in a while, but what about HTC? I've had a Trophy during 2012 and I don't think they showed any support.

After mango and maybe an update for the sound settings on my hd7, I saw nothing else from HTC. Had to flash 7.8 onto it. This is what pushed me to Nokia.

It's still bloatware,and for HTC good job.Nokia isn't the only manufacture pushing out firmware and app updates.

I am an early WP7 adopter, first with a LG Optimus 7 and a Samsung Omnia W while my wife had a HTC HD7. Now, my daughter and I sports both a Lumia 920 while my wife have a Samsung ATIV S. It's a very good phone, and it receives regular update from Samsung. Of course, it take lower photos quality but enough for what she want.

Live wallpaper also got updated.

Btw. Why hasn't Samsung added their new apps, like Ativ Beam and Mobicare, to the Samsung Collection in store?

Ativ Beam no longer works on my european ativ s (it says I need to update my phone). They will probably add it to their store once the GDR2 rolls out to more phones.

Anyone know if the Beam actually works now? All the reviews say that it keeps crashing their phones.

Now ATIV beam says my [phone] software needs to update in order to run, But I can't see any new firmware or GDR2....

Before it would let me try to use it before being told of a nonexistent update. Now I get the same message as you. The Beam is unusable at this point.

I guess Samsung's still in the mix... Sad because Samsung, and HTC used to be so much about WP.. Oh well, at least we still see products, and updates coming from them.. That's more than you can say for Fujitsu, LG, and Dell.. Does Dell even make Android phones anymore❔
I really think Sony is making some nice devices, and I wish they would supply a line of WP devices.

Dell pulled out of the cell phone market last year.Had a DVP and loved it,wish they would get back into the market and make more WPs :)

Samsung makes the best WP8 available with all the best features (other than the 1020's camera and that  JUST came out). There's no reason to make a new WP8 device yet. Once GDR3 is RTMd they'll make a WP8 version of the GS4. 

Having a 920 was painful,the over heating and battery life was god awful,lucky to get 10 to 11 hours out of it.My Ativ S can go a day and a half on a full charge.Stuck a 64 gig SDXC card in the day I bought it and couldn't be happier with my decision.

I have a friend who has the 920, strangely enough he has the same issues with it. What I find funny is that the workaround is to disable NFC. WTF, disable functionality to extend battery life!!!!

Yeap,turned NFC off and went thru my apps to see if that was the problem no dice.Im running the same apps on my Ativ S and no problems at all.

Out of curiosity , why is it everytime Nokia or Samsung updates an app you guys write about it , but when HTC updates their apps ... Nothing Happens ? To fair though, you wrote about the Beats update a while back ...

I'm not pointing any fingers or suggesting anything , I'm just curious, that's all.

Happy whenever Samsung updates their WP8 apps. Now if they can just build an app that fixes the "other" storage issue.

Sammy should make a couple of shit ones and a new ativ S to rival my beautiful Nokia and gain a bit of notice fo WP along the way, stick as many cores as they want in it and let it shut down if you blink at it twice or whatever the Galaxy S4 does,

Why, the ATIV S already supports the things that Microsoft supports in WP8. I know what you're saying but we don't need a million variants of the same device!!!!