Samsung waiting on Windows Phone 8 to introduce new high-end handsets

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Samsung is set to hold off on releasing new Windows Phones until Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" is released. According to reports, Samsung Taiwan has stated that they'll be launching a new handset running the next version of Windows Phone in the second half of 2012 (October at the earliest). It's a potential loop of a situation with Nokia pushing hard for consumers to adopt Windows Phone.

Samsung, like most OEMs, are waiting for the marketshare to increase and for higher demand to be present for handsets using Microsoft's operating system. Problem being consumers require a certain degree of choice to become interested in the platform. Cue Nokia just six months ago with the launch of the Lumia 800 in the UK.

With the Finnish manufacturer pushing Windows Phone left, right and centre, more demand will provide Samsung with the motivation to produce more devices to compete within the system. The complaint from a number of potential buyers (particularly from Android) is specifications, or lack of. Majority of smartphone users are now accustomed to dual-core with high resolution displays and removable storage.

We're still waiting for more news on the mysterious SGH i667 "Mandel", which is reportedly one of three AT&T LTE Windows Phones. It'll be interesting to see what Samsung can produce with the upcoming update, but for them to actually launch an effective marketing campaign is another story. For now they'll have to stick to being relatively grumpy at Nokia for their aggressive "Blown away by Lumia" marketing.

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Samsung waiting on Windows Phone 8 to introduce new high-end handsets


Why should I need a dual core processor with 1Gb or more RAM where , single core with just 512MB RAM can out run all the Android out there?
Samsung, you are just a lousy loser and don't do the right promotion. Just wanna ride on others to suscess promote th WP and just take advantage!
Shame! Loser! Lousy!

Until Windows Phone 8 there reslly isn't much of a point.  Samsung can't do much more than the Focus S within the requirements of WP7.  Maybe they could do a re-relase at most.
I sorta see Samsung's point.

The Focus S has a 4.3" Super AMOLED+ Display, a 1.4Ghz processor, 8MP Camera, 16GB Storage.
Reads a lot like the Lumia 900.  So no, I don't think Nokia or HTC is blowing that notion away.
Samsung doesn't think they can make a WP 7.5 phone that would be different enough from the Focus S to be worth releasing.    and I agree with them to an extent.

It’s lesser specs than the Titan II and in my opinion Nokia is differentiating itself far more with the effort they are putting into design, build quality, exclusive apps, customer service and promotion and one gets the feeling they are just getting started. Considering all that I would say Nokia and its Lumias are blowing Samsung’s uninspiring, cheap plastic offerings away. I believe Samung is really going to have to pick up its WP game or they may as well not bother.

PS- -, I forgot a few things in the in the list of items in which Nokia and its Lumias are blowing away Samsung: style, colour choice, commitment, confidence, leaked concepts and mojo lol. They all add up and Nokia knows how to play the game better than anyone.

So basically you think Nokia 's are prettier and they have more swagger than Samsung. Mmkay.

No, this post just added a few more things. See my first post, the post I replied to, for the full ist.
It's good that other brands have loyal fans though and I do hope they have enough to make it worthwhile for them to continue so Windows Phone doesn't end up being Nokia-only.

That's your opinion. I have no issues with the build quality on my Focus S, and hey, I can swap batteries, too.

I agree except an LTE phone w/ a camera upgrade would be nice, but yeah - I think most people who haven't jumped in the Nokia Lumia bandwagon are just waiting for the next gen phones, because despite all the cackling going on around here, this new round of phones just really aren't that much of a jump in specs.

Samsung shot themselves in the foot by not piggybacking on the Lumia launch. Also, this issue is a stalemate. People want a LTE Focus, Samsung won't make it until more people buy WP and no one wins (and it's odd anyway because then the customer is locked in with someone else if they buy Nokia or htc).

Although I like my Focus, I do wish it was a bit less plasticky when holding it.  I'm due for an upgrade in the fall and I will consider Samsung again, but I'm leaning towards Nokia as long as they have the specs I want.

One problem I've noticed on my Focus is that I no longer receive automatic updates for my apps or games.  I can check/force the updates by going to each app in the marketplace individually, but that is very time consuming.  I do have a 16GB microsd card in there with a lot of apps/games installed (not sure if that has anything to do with it), but this just started happening and I've had the card for a year.  I might have to do a total wipe/reset.

My Focus has been hit or miss in that regard from the start. I sometimes get automatic updates and then sometimes I don't and have to hear about an app or game update from sites like wpcentral and manually update it.

Personally, I could careless if Samsung makes another device of any kind again. I have had so many issues with this phone, I won't ever buy a phone from them again.

Before, it would notify me of updates if I switch from WiFi-only to 3G data or if I connect it to my Zune software on my computer.  Now, it just doesn't notify me at all unless I manually search for the updates.  I really don't know if this is a problem with the Focus itself, WP7 software, AT&T or my SD card.

I haven't had much of a problem with it apart from that... unless I load up the phone to near max.  If my phone is full, then I run into problems, but that's understandable since normal computers do that too.

I never had problems with any phone until Omnia 7, albeit a wonderful device, aesthetically and a truly amazing screen, thing had to go twice to the factory to repair usb port. No..., when I'm ready to move on from my absurdly sexy Lumia 800, I'm sure it'll be another Nokia or an HTC, the real WP phones, imo.

Im not suprised or concerned one bit, The original Focus was released October/November 2010, the follow up Focus S(my current phone) was released November 2011 and now, the next evolutionary step for the Focus(i.e. Galaxy S III Windows) will be released October/Novermber 2012.  Of course, I bet everyone wants a little LTE love from Sammy but If you want a KILLER device, you gotta wait until later this year. With apollo, they can really make a Galaxy III windows with dual core, hd screen, improved camera optics, the works!! Honestly, the Focus S is just as good as the Lumia 900 in every regard aside from LTE and I actually have great hspa+ speeds so I cant complain one bit. The only real problem Sammy has right now is that the Focus S went EOL...it can easily sit next to the Titan II and Lumia 900 as a very good viable option, assuming they brought the price down considerably. I love my Samsung and its gonna be a super hard choice when my upgrade is due...Love the nokia design but I also love showing off my Focus S...

Releasing new Windows Phones right now is so pointless for all OEMs. The only thing they can add to second gen devices is LTE. It only makes sense to release low-cost devices like Lumia 610

Sadly, that might also be the case for software developers.  Even though the WP7 apps should be compatible with WP8, some developers might just wait until the fall.

I don't think your statement tells the whole story. Take Android for instance, the vast majority of Androids out there are by Samsung, so even if you take away other Android OEMs, the platform will continue to grow. Of course iOS has become big with just Apple behind it. BB, still the 3rd most popular platform out there, has only RIM pushing it.
My point being, WP could still become big with only Nokia, and to a lesser extent HTC, pushing the platform. The necessary ingredients for success: the OS needs to continue to grow in capability, bigger and better marketing push, even better designs and quality handsets, and more widespread partnerships with providers, meaning all providers in the States and worldwide.

Ok don't bring hardware till Apollo, but why not release, or help convince developers that helped build your Android brand to release exclusive top apps to your WP devices? Nothing is holding back carriers from releasing quality apps exclusive to help differentiate.

Does this mean another awful plastic product from the rip off firm Samsuck? Awful company, awful products.

Awesome contribution, you really got them!!!  I'll bet Samsung execs right now are crying in their board rooms. Keep up the great work!!!

I agree WP doesn't need dual core and performs better than Android on single core etc etc. But the issue OEM's have is that they have to make two sets of hardware one for Android and another for WP which is not economical for them. Once WP8 comes out and supports dual/quad core and such they can ramp up manufacturing to make one set of hardware with small modifications for both platforms. This is more ecnomical and I'm sure we will see a lot of phones from OEM's for WP8.

Hi. Wp 8 upgrade will be possible for 7.5mango (omnia w) .i bought it 2 months ago, and dont want buy new phone with wp8 os.

Apple has shown you don't need removable storage, you just need MORE storage or options and since US carriers won't carry multiple versions (other than colors) of a phone based on storage unless its an iPhone they should put out WP8 devices with no less than 32GB of storage and since WP8 will support removable storage we can add another 32GB and everyone is happy.

I'm okay with this.  To be honest, it really pisses me off that HTC released the Titan II less than four months after the Titan.  The turnaround on cell phones lately is stupid.
I hope Samsung releases something like the Note, but with WP on it.  I would buy that in a heartbeat.

I do tend to agree with Samsung, other than 4G and a camera and building a different looking device (every Samsung phone looks similar!!) there, is not much more you can do with WP 7.5 but anyone who says there Android phone is better because it has a dual core processor and 1gb of ram is smoking dope because even my original focus is still running smooth as a baby's a##.

How about some new styles of phones Samsung lets get some head turners in the market ala Nokia L900.