Samsung's Now app gets Mango update, Live Tiles

Samsung's news and weather app, Now, just got bumped to v2.1 and it looks great. First off, it's now Mango compatible meaning fast-resume is there for app switching in addition to more language support, which should make our international users happy. Second it now has a Live Tile featuring the current temperature, conditions and high/low for the day. You can then create two secondary, flippy Live Tiles: News and Top Tweets

Other than that, since it was recompiled with the new Mango SDK 7.1 tools, it feels zippier and more smooth to us on our Focus running 7720. The app was "ok" before but with the Live Tile, new languages and speed, it's actually more useful than HTC's Sense app which was basically a portal to their Marketplace.

You can pick up v2.1 in the Samsung Zone or here's the link if you so desire. Thanks, uf12ahimusmanllah, for the tip!


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Samsung's Now app gets Mango update, Live Tiles


I still don't think the thing deserves two live tile spaces. I like a two spacer here and there to break things up but at least make it worth it.

Enjoying this on my Focus right now! Is there a page that has a list of Mango upgraded apps for WP7? I really enjoy the work put into this one!There are advanced features in the Battery Save control panel applet for this app as well.

this app has a BUG ... or it is WP7 the one with the bug.... and this is it:pin to start the NOW app, leave it at the bottom of you START, then move your start screen up with your finger and you'll notice all the PEOPLE'S hub little photos cached dissapeared and, people's hub starts creating the pics again from zero.... now move down again the START screen then move up again and ... ups, all the little pics dissapeared AGAIN...... mmmmmmmm::tested on my samsung focus with mango 7720::

Couldn't understand the begining, but then I gotcha.I've seen that happen before. I've noticed it past the 10 spots-down-worth-of-apps point. After taking a few off then putting different ones in their place the problem went away. I haven't tried adding more, so maybe it was just some random bug. I have an Arrive.

I've had this on every version of mango from beta to RTM. It's got nothing to do with this app.Omnia 7 here.

Tested this update out and it definitely launches slower. The multitasking works sort of well. If I'm in the app looking at an article and go HOME, then launch another app, then press and hold the back button, and select the NOW app, it takes me right back to the article perfectly. Button if I reclick on the app icon, it relaunches it and I get a long splash screen then the article I was looking at shows up. Hopefully other Mango apps don't do this.Other cool features is the deep linking flippy tiles. A cool trick is the app only allows 3 of the 5 panoramas. But if you setup the 2 others as secondary home icons, you can essentially get to everything. So you set the app to 3 panoramas, setup 2 of them to be deep linking, then change 2 of the 3 to something else. The only drawback is if you do this and click a deeplink, you can only see that data and nothing else. This was fun to try, don't think I will keep a double wide tile and 2 small tiles on my home screen tho.

Correction to one point I made. After I rebooted I was able to get back to the Now app and see everything. So the now app had Weather, News, Stocks setup. I setup my deeplinking to launch currency and twitter. After I launched the twitter dweplink and hit the back button it took me to Now main screen, but I couldn't get to currency from here. Either way pretty cool, its kind of like sub-apps or mini-apps.

So the update is useless for Nodo devices. I just installed it and there is no live tile. I have an option to add my twitter/FB account, but after I enter my credentials, the updates don't show anymore. And as for the speed updates, they are non existent on a Nodo device. Oh, and the single live tile doesn't work on Nodo.

I'm not having any luck getting the weather on the live tile to update manually. The only way I can get it to update is to open the app. Right now I still have a moon and the temperature from last night :(

The Live Tile here is basically useless. It only updates for me after I launch the app, which totally defeats the purpose.

I did a restoration having the app updated to mango, now after having updated again to mango, the app wont update saying is not available for my zone (spain) (actually I'm in Argentina). Any thoughts?