Samsung's white LTE Windows Phone for AT&T gets pictured. Will it ever be released?

Samsung SGH-i667 Mandel?

The Samsung SGH-i667 aka the 'Mandel' is one of the last Windows Phone that we have very little information about. It passed BT certification in January and then cleared the FCC in March but since it did not co-launch with the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900, it is presumed that the Samsung LTE phone was canceled.

Now, two images have leaked out of the device, the first one you see above is the back of the phone and it shows a svelte, glossy white smooth rounded back.

The second image is a screen cap of the device connected up to Zune Desktop, showing the device name. The AT&T logo is prominent on the device and featured in that image which is pulled from Microsoft's servers.

The device also appears to be sporting only 8GB of storage (with 5.61 available) which tells us that this was probably not a high-end, flagship phone for AT&T but an offshoot of the Focus Flash, which also goes by the name i667.

Zune Desktop with i667

Other than that we just don't have any more information. The images come by way of the site WPXAP and no other details were given.

Samsung has reportedly taken a break from Windows Phone to work on a high-end Windows Phone 8 device for the fall (rumored to be a Galaxy S3 knock off). Could the 'Mandel' have been skipped or passed over by AT&T or even Sammy? We may never know.

We'll keep an eye out though we know we'd like to add it to our collection. Samsung looks good in glossy white.

Source: WPXAP; Thanks, Talan1314, for the images!


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Samsung's white LTE Windows Phone for AT&T gets pictured. Will it ever be released?


I hope they burn that thing with fire.  Enough with the second-rate WP hardware.  We need some hero shit.

I agree with @heelo, seriously we need hero shit with top tech hardware... Really fed with this low end devices.

Seriously, enough with these new windows phones going to either att or tmobile. If Microsoft really wants to grow WP and break into the market share then they need some high end phones at Verizon and sprint. I love my trophy but It's annoying seeing all these phones being shipped to att or tmobile.

 MS has a special agreement with AT&T is because they are willing to work with MSFT.  Verizon on the other hand has focused purely on Android as their iPhone killer.  Now that the iPhone is a part of the family, they need a third OS competitor to balance out the power.  So they will be coming with Windows Phone soon, most likely in October with Apollo.  I had to switch away from Verizon because their hardware approving process is soooooo darn slow.  The good thing is, AT&T 4G LTE reception is great.  So no more dropped and crappy call qualities.  :)

Ultimately its up to the oems and carriers yes, but Microsoft has huge influence into what the oems and carriers do. Look at Nokia, Microsoft threw money at them just to make phones on their os. I'm pretty sure if Microsoft wanted to enough, they could persuade Verizon (through money or other means) to put 1 or 2 more phones in their lineup, and persuade HTC or Samsung to throw a cdma radio onto their next phone. It could be done of Microsoft wanted to enough.

True. Probably no OS need dual core.. But the high end apps do. The high end cameras do... I dont think we are to blame the manufacturers on this one.

Not just high end apps, but even the XBL snowboard game lags very bad on Lumia and is certainly no high end app.

I'll be surprised to see what Verizon brings to the table , running a LG phone would really like to upgrade to a flagship win8

Here's your answer about Verizon
(Reuters) - Verizon Wireless plans to put its marketing weight behind Microsoft Corp's next mobile phone software to help develop a strong competitor to Apple Inc and Google Inc, according to the chief financial officer of Verizon Communications.
"We're really looking at the Windows Phone 8.0 platform because that's a differentiator. We're working with Microsoft on it," Shammo said in an interview following Verizon's earnings conference call.