Satya Nadella said to visit China in September amid antitrust concerns

Satya Nadella

Citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter, Reuters claims that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is scheduled to visit China next month. Microsoft is currently being investigated by one of China's antitrust regulators over concerns centering on the bundling of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player with Windows. The antitrust probe, which was launched this week by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, followed a raid on four Microsoft offices in the country by Chinese authorities.

It is unclear if Nadella will meet with Chinese government officials, but the timing of the visit does indicate that Microsoft wants to put an end to the antitrust probe. The antitrust investigation isn't the only thing that Microsoft has to deal with the in the country, as China banned government procurement of Windows 8 earlier this year over security concerns, and is now working on a homegrown OS that is scheduled to launch later this year. It is safe to assume that Nadella will be clarifying claims of alleged backdoors in Windows during his stay in the country. He will also be looking to strengthen business ties and find a way to generate revenue from the country, a feat Microsoft has failed to do so thus far due to rampant software piracy.

What do you guys think? Will Nadella be able to bring an end to Microsoft's woes in China?

Source: Reuters; Via: Neowin


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Satya Nadella said to visit China in September amid antitrust concerns


yeah, slow, old, ugly... that makes sense /s
oh wait and easy to pirate? yeah that's true too. but it's easy to show you how to make windows 8 be original for free, if that makes it better than XP-
oh and also I guess it's an illusion all the mmorpg chinese players i have seen stream using windows 7, just like occidental people "people must like and do what I do, and they can't be different because I am the center of the world" ok ok, I get it.

Sounds like China is really jealous of MS so they take these childish decisions which only make them look like fools in the end.

They do not want to rely on western software si they are all of a sudden investigating Microsoft ton non sense. Sounds like I coincidence that that raid Microsoft offices close to their own new os release? Just like usual copy copy and copy. Pathetic.

I hate piracy. Haven't downloaded or used anything illegally in over a decade. If you can't afford it, don't use it because it simply doesn't belong to you.

I use it when I want to try it. If I love it I'll buy it if I not it means uninstall
So far I use cracked software to test only

I'm afraid that's a cat and mouse scenario... If software was affordable, less people would inclined to pirate. Same scenario with cinemas etc.

the article is crap anyway... so anyone can talk whatever they want to.
Forums are crap anyway most of the time, most people complaining about things... so better to make an offtopic question you can void and keep scrolling reading comments about "China sucks" and "china is blabla" maybe they will include the "communist" word, even if China is not communist by action, only name.

What good would that do? During the roughly three decades that Bill ran the company he couldn't get a profit out of China either, so how is he supposed to help now?

haha I answered the same thing in my head and then saw your comment. I imagined bill gates throwing money and the Chinese having an orgasmic face like Uncle Scrooge.

A free Windows 9 will sell like hot cakes. And then they can sell apps and services... After all when every other OS is free, Microsoft have to compete...

it does, but not ones the most that people play. LoL, WoW, Starcraft, Call of Duty, etc etc.
look at SteamOS and how only steam fanboys can like it.

I think its pointless. The Chinese has proven more than once that they wont play nice with the rest of the world, but I kinda understand when the rest of the world is basically just using China's cheap workforce to earn money...

Don't kid yourself, China itself is earning plenty of money off of its own cheap workforce, it just isn't being distributed to the workers. The people over there who own those giant factories aren't making this stuff for free.

It's not as if the Rest of the World is exploiting China and China's getting nothing at all in return. China is the one that's inviting foreign companies. The poor Chinese factory workers are forced from their rural homes, live in horrible conditions and are badly exploited, sure, but that's primarily China's fault. I agree the foreign companies who want cheap goods do turn a blind eye to all of it, but then again profit is their only motive.

Anyone remember the episode of Top Gear where China made an exact copy of the BMW X5? So when BMW took them to court guess what the Chinese said..."Nope, doesn't look like a BMW X5, no idea what your talking about...". I can guess that their homegrown OS will be an exact replica of Windows 7. Just lol...

I don't think this trip can solve much. This is a political issue as much as it is a corporate one. China's foreign relationships are changing and this is merely one facet of a diametric shift away from the west. This is years in the making. Russia is on a similar path. As are others...

Do you really believe that?! The European Union is the single largest trading block. The US is only just behind China.....and Australia provides China with a vast amount of the resources it needs to sustain its economic growth.
Do you REALLY think China is turning its back on that?!

I think China feels like they are in position of enough control that they can pick and choose which relationships they want to maintain and which ones they don't. I believe they're pretty close to being right, too. The rest of the world is now so dependent on them for goods that they have us by the balls economically, which gives them enough leverage to more or less call the shots. Case in point - do you think if the governments of countries like Brazil or The Netherlands, for example, were taking this position with Microsoft that Nadella would rush right over to negotiate with them in person? I highly doubt it. They just don't possess the same amount of influence.

The EU has essentially operated in the same way as China is doing now. They forced MS to add the browser choice dialogue, whilst also levying big fines.
I'm not that fussed about what China is doing. I quite like the big companies having their noses bloodied every once in a while - it forces them to change tack and be more responsible.
Case in point, 15 years ago, would we ever have considered Microsoft a champion of user privacy?!! The EU helped turn Microsoft away from being quite such an unscrupulous company. It certainly isn't socially principled along the lines Nokia were...BUT, MS is far better than what it could have been.

Old stories... And what is China doing about Google today then? The most unscrupulous and way worst company than MS was perceived to be (mind you it was all a BS media and political attack) back then?

Microsoft destroyed Netscape. They also forced multiple non-industry standard protocols on us via Internet Explorer....the legacy of which we are still feeling today.
Microsoft were not a friend to the industry by any means. They've only changed tack since Europe and others slapped fines on them for monopolistic behaviour.

Again regurgitating old stories and avoiding the fact that for over a decade Microsoft follows guidelines to the T while tightly monitored while others like apple and google are doing everything MS was fined for with nobody making a peep! In fact the same idiots blaming Microsoft back then, like perfect digital masochists are delighted by the close surveillance they enjoy for something that EVERYONE was giving them for free anyway. Browsers were for free, email was for free, updates were for free etc. etc. It is not google that made internet for free. Internet was for free. Google simply wrapped it perfectly with an invisible ad net, and all those who benefit from it keep singing their tune! The rest of the masses, are perfectly engulfed in the Sirens' song and singing in tune.

They also forced multiple non-industry standard protocols on us via Internet Explorer....the legacy of which we are still feeling today.

Evey browser has non-standard features it supports. Every developer nowdays uses webkit-only non-standard features. That's also in a way how the web progresses because while many of these non-standard features (yes, many that IE introduced too) do get standardised over time, it takes years for the W3C to do so. The problem arises when developers forget that non-standard features are strictly to be used as optional extras, with standards to be used for all basic functionality common across browsers and platforms. The stagnation of IE6 for years after MS won the browser war against Netscape definitely hurt all of us (due to lack of a worthy competitor till the rise of Firefox), but people forget that IE6 was the best browser back then.

Anyway, regardless of what you think of the Microsoft of the '90s, nothing excuses the fact that Google, Apple and others get away with a lot that MS wasn't allowed to, and is still being extorted for.

Didn't say they're turning their back on trade; without export to us China is in a deep financial hole - but they've signed the BRICS accord for preferential trade and financial backing, investment and economic solidarity.
The consensus amongst foreign analysts and financial institutions is that the BRICS group will begin exerting more and more pressure in order to receive deferential treatment - whether it be with imports, pricing, Visa requirements, trade and quantities embargoes.
Take trade with the EU (where I live): Simple things like the amounts of clothing from China is curtailed - China exports suffer so that "home grown" industry may flourish, increasing growth in the EU sector. China suffers so goes to the Commission heavy handed stating EU imports will be limited. We need them more than anything. Everything is reliant on China - so in July the Commission of the EU relented on the "Bra Quota". Don't get me started on Russia.
MSFT having to give wholesale licenses and preferential support to China for XP - China would like that ;)
We're in bed with each other. But who is dominant, well that's where it gets tricky. As I said. This is political as much as it is corporate. Interestingly, Bloomberg and the FT have been mentioning China and msft for a while. It's a huge market and msft really really want a slice. They're only going to get what they are given and through capitulation. It might look it but that's not a free market. The communist party is the only one that will benefit.

Security concerns over Windows 8 in China. What that really means is that it was getting too difficult to pirate copies of it so they got upset.