Scam alert: Dudley is back with Final Mission


Back in September, we covered a number of Nintendo-owned games illegally sold in the Marketplace by “Windows Phone developer” Jesse Dudley. As a result of what we can only imagine as a nasty letter from Nintendo, Microsoft took these titles offline. Unfortunately, Dudley – or what he’s now calling Dudley Studios – is back with a freshly uploaded title this week – Final Mission.
Final Mission isn’t actually a game developed by Dudley Studios. It’s a Japanese NES game owned, developed and published by Natsume Co., Ltd, reminiscent of Konami’s awesome Contra series. (Old hats in the U.S. may remember this title as S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team.)
Cracking the XAP open, we discovered the usual infringements:


  • Logo – Stolen from Dark Void game art.
  • Emulator [FinalMission.dll] – Unknown fork of the XNA SharpNES project. While its use isn't infringing, its BSD license states "Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice [...]". That didn't happen.
  • ROM [Final Mission (Japan).xnb] – Dump of a Natsume Co., Ltd’s retail cartridge.

Let’s hope that after a few rounds, Microsoft will revoke Marketplace accounts of this type and/or change their reactive stance on policing obvious infringing titles that appear in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Update: Only an hour after writing this post, Dudley uploaded yet another game, this time based on Sivak Games' game Battle Kid: Fortress Of Peril (under the title of Battle Mech Kid.)


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Scam alert: Dudley is back with Final Mission


This is one of those examples that completely baffles the h*** out of me that Microsoft supports SOPA. Likewise, SkyDrive. Once that ugly thing is in place it would be easy for the competition to submit an infringing app or other infringing content to SkyDrive, and then make the phone call to cut off all access.

unless my memories deceive me, im pretty sure Microsoft is against SOPA, they were in favour of the one prior to it though... can't remember the name

It's definitely based on fiinix's version, even the manifest description says "Optimazion and porting by fiinix00 @ XDA, runs at clear 29 FPS". Just annoying that they keep accepting these clearly scummy apps. On a side note, don't google this game's US short title, u will have regrets.

This kid is a dbag.  It is unfortunate that people like this aren't being delt with.  I found another person who only put up applications that you would open and it was just to bash WP7 and promote android products.  Why anyone would waste their time is beyond me.