Scam alert: NES titles being sold in the Windows Phone Marketplace [Updated]

There has been a watchful eye on the amount of spam that's been unleashed into the Marketplace and just after the recent announcement by Microsoft to tackle the issue, we have arrived at yet another hurdle - copyright. Nudua was notified about the presence of a NES emulator with ROMs being sold and quickly checked to see if his emulator (vNESLight) had been submitted. Turns out, a copy/port of XNASharpNES, an abandoned project over at the XDA Developer forum, has made its way onto the Marketplace and is available for download. 

Jesse Dudley is the developer that's behind the uploads which include Metroid, Punch Out and Golf. Metroid was the most recently submitted (and approved) title that hit the Marketplace only yesterday while Golf is being sold at a staggering $2.49 per download. [We should note that the apps lack sound completely and have reversed buttons and with no trial, you're taking a risk. This developer won't be able to "fix" anything since it's not his app to fix.]

So even though Microsoft has applied a more controllable limit on the amount of apps that are submitted on a daily basis, their approval team seems to still be having too many late nights at the Redmond bar. Remember back in January when they rejected a NES emulator? Action required is the removal of these titles and any more that infringe copyright. More lessons to be learnt for your approval process Microsoft.

Thanks Nudua for the heads up!

Update:  By way of another tipster, we have just been informed that Microsoft has been alerted to these apps and are in the process of removing them from the Marketplace.  Not sure how long the process takes but it is nice to see Microsoft responding to these issues.


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Scam alert: NES titles being sold in the Windows Phone Marketplace [Updated]


I'm pretty sure all Microsoft does now is have a particular set of parameters in code and then approval is being done through computing. A lot of bullshit apps are getting through.

I have a friend with an Android phone... he has boat loads of ROMs. Yep, all illegal. Way to go Android. ;)(I'll note that was earlier this year. Perhaps they cracked down on it. :P )

Here's the thing: NES ROMs are available at XDA for sideloading on dev unlocked devices and they're free. That's fine and dandy.This is a case of someone stealing someone else's emulator, putting in an copyrighted ROM and then selling it for quite a lot of money. And it doesn't completely work.That's just wrong regardless of platform. And if the Android market doesn't want to respect copyright (or malware), that's their biz and good luck devs.

hah! i knew it , i posted the mario golf game inthe forum 2 weeks ago.this is 100% againts MS codes .... but your right im sure its not actual people checking it.

Well, if the programmer licenced them from NUSA, they would be legal.but, it would cost too much to sell them for $2.50 each.

Maybe he thinks WP7 is android and the code is open source so others work hard and he only copy and paste it cheaply and sell it for good money.... I also have seen apps with two ad controls where it suppose to be only one..... that is cheating

Nice to see my port working...lolI only made the code open source so people could learn from the source. I hope Microsoft gives everyone a refund and doesn't give Jesse any $$$.