Screenshot tool now allows use of camera button in updated version [Homebrew]

Wow, just last night we posted about Screen Capturer v2, which allowed one to use take screen caps on their device in Mango--a first without being tethered to a PC. Then Windows Phone Hacker patched it so that you didn't need to have to be interop-unlocked, which cuts down on the requirements.

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Now version 3 just hit and will you be impressed:

  • Full English version
  • Redesigned UI with Metro interface
  • No interop-unlock requirement
  • Use camera button to take screen caps (!)
  • Prevent Capture Task auto run: Capture Task uses BackgroundAgent to run and wait for Camera button event, BackgroundAgent may auto run in some case, enable this option to stop auto capture.
  • The Capture Task duration: How long will the Capture Task run before it stop to accept Camera button event.

We just loaded it up and it works like a charm--so simple and easy to use, plus you can keep the "task" open for a few minutes, allowing you to take numerous screenshots without having to reenter the app. Simply brilliant and a must have for anyone who is dev unlocked.

Grab the app here at XDA.


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Screenshot tool now allows use of camera button in updated version [Homebrew]


I want this app and its a shame Microsoft won't allow developers to utilize the Os. Not sure if this prevent developers from making legit apps for the marketplace. I would like to have it but not going to do this HD7 like my HD2. NICE APP..

I guess another way of looking at it is like this. when you are dead last in sales and dead last in users using your OS having everything "and more" than what the others have is really a must. now it's taken MS one year to really bring this OS almost on an even keel with the others 2 big boys... I guess another year before we see anything else added.

I seriously think if people saw and interacted with the OS there would be more of an interest. I think the commercials need to show the WP7 design approach, interaction and philosophy. It's not for everyone but I think many folks would enjoy the experience.

Right you are but they don't and thats the problem,when they do the adds if they show the OS in action people go OoO...Like I do when I walk into the Apple store at the mall I take it out and play with it.people are always asking er..whats that you have there...

Oh my freaking Gawd!!!! Now I can scream like a little girl! LOL This is just what I wanted, screen capturer and no need to be interop-unlocked!!! :`D

this should be a default feature. Ive been saying this from the beginning. every OS has had it from the beginning. Copyright issues excuse is a rather lame one from MS.

Whats to get excited about? Is this another of those features the tech heads want but has no real value to the target audience, ie the average consumer?

It has a huge value to the WPCentral staff, and also people who want to take screenshots for strategy guides, to help others, just plain show people stuff, etc.

It's nice the guys at XDA have done this, but a screen grab app NEEDS to be available via the Marketplace, and soon. Any app that generate interest in WP are a given when they're used so frequently across social networks.