Screen Technology Showdown: HD7s vs HD7 vs Focus

If you've read our AT&T HTC HD7s review, we gave the phone fairly high rankings despite the let-down of Super LCD--the one key difference between it and it's brother, the HD7, on T-Mobile.

Since that review, we've managed to get a side by side between those two devices to get a better idea what, if any, the difference in screen quality there are present. In short, while the Super LCD on the AT&T HD7s is a little punchier and bolder, it's only slightly better than the HD7 and is still dwarfed by the Samsung Focus Super AMOLED, which is brighter, punchier and works better in sunlight.

Still, the HD7s looks good "in charcoal" as opposed to the chromed-out version on T-Mobile and they seemed to have fixed the loose volume rocker, which was present (and annoying) on the T-Mobile version.

The biggest disappointment though with the the HD7s/Super LCD is the "screen ghosting" (seen after the break) which we though would be fixed with the newer screen technology (the HD7 suffers from the same distortion). In conclusion, if you like the HD7 you'll like the HD7s as it slightly improves things. But if you were not sold on the HD7 before, then the HD7s willl not convince you to change up. And we really doubt and Focus owners will drop the Super AMOLED for Super LCD. And just think, this fall, Windows Phone users stand a good chance of getting a taste of Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus tech (see PhoneArena), leaving Super LCD even further behind.

Hit the break for some more "versus" photos and see for yourself. *Note: Brightness on every device here was set to 'High'.


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Screen Technology Showdown: HD7s vs HD7 vs Focus


I could have sworn somewhere I read that Super-LCD was supposed to use ~20% less battery power? Does there seem to be any battery and battery longevity difference in the two devices?

Haven't measure it yet, but yes, SLCD is supposed to be more power efficient. (But same with Super AMOLED, Super AMOLED Plus).

Will we not really tell the difference until MS lifts the 16 bit restriction with mango? that could be what's holding the SLCD back since it's capable of 24 bit

I can unlock it and do the 32-bit hack now but I can assure you it wont' change anything--it'll still be poor in sunlight, ghosting with text and not as bright.

I dont get the love for SAMOLED. I cant stand it. It has its pros to be sure but i can never get past the blue tint. I know some swear that its unnoticeable to them and some even claim it dont exist but its all i see when i look at the AMOLED and SAMOLED screens.I used a moment for some time and the wife has had an epic since it was released and i just cant stand it.

To be honest i don't see much difference. For sure it's more visible when you look at the real thing, but still, I'm happy with my HD7 and have no reason to upgrade.