See an update for Adobe Reader on Windows Phone? Don’t do it or you’ll be downgraded.


Users are being told to 'update' only to go back to Adobe's ugly past

We’ve reported on some issues with the Windows Phone Store lately, including oddities with updates. And just a few days ago Microsoft said they had started to roll out some fixes to improve things. We’re not sure if that has anything to do with Adobe’s “issue” here but it is coincidental.

Now, users are being prompted for an update to the app—we had ours this morning. The problem is if you scroll down through the notes, you’ll see the version is listed as 9.0. That’s a downgrade from the “new” 10.1 that was rolled out three weeks ago. In fact, a recent update (v10.1.1) was pushed to users though we have no idea what the changelog was for, but presumably it may have been the start of this recent update error.

In short, if you do this third “update” to Adobe, you will lose the fairly outstanding 10.1 and all of its features. In other words, just ignore that ‘1’ on your Marketplace Tile until we hear otherwise from Adobe or Microsoft on the matter. We’re guessing this a publishing error on Adobe’s part and it will require 2-7 days before it gets fixed. Thanks for everyone who tipped us!

Update: The issue may be limited to the US Marketplace


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See an update for Adobe Reader on Windows Phone? Don’t do it or you’ll be downgraded.


Rule number #1 if something is not broken why fix it. So if an app is working fine I don't update. No way to downgrade on wp7 that is so stupid from MS!

If you don't update all... it gets to be a pain when you have like 10 updates or something at once.  You have to update each one individually instead of just hitting the Update All button.

It's not a huge deal, but it's still annoying.

Seems to be an US Store only problem. I'm on and it isn't showing me another update. (german store)

Even here in India, the version says 10.1.1 after update (in the app's about adobe reader page)
The build is 20120919, which seems like a date of 19 Sept 2012, so its new.

I wonder why such things happens only in US Marketplace. Maybe someone else is doing the hosting for them (looking at google)

I *just* got the update notification this morning, and it's for 9.0, so thanks for the heads up! I'll just ignore that. Meanwhile, I still don't see Chase Mobile in the marketplace yet. :(

Microsoft provides one of the worst services for app developers and they charge 99$ a year for it. It's absolutely horrible. 
Takes a week to get an app to publish
A couple of days to even get the app to show up in the marketplace
Only stats you can see are from last week
Reviews are a mess
Some apps publish in a week, others take a month becuase it disappears into some blackhole and the only support you get is from some foreigner who replys using reply templates

You had me panicking for a minute there, had already done the update, but just checked and I'm still on 10.1.1 here in the uk

Too late for me also, I did it before this article. The most I hate is to don't be able to share content to SkyDrive, Messaging or social network... That's f***ed up!

The same with me from the Swedish horizon. Checked my AR and is still on 10.1.1, though the update started off with an error message and indicated that an action had to be performed. But it set AR to pending and restarted the download and the installation to the current version (build 20120919)

I did it last night so its too late for me, I went to adobe's website to see if I can download it from there. No luck doing that they have no apps listed for windows phone but 1 app for windows mobile, is a damn shame of course plenty of apps for IOS, android and BlackBerry.

Checked Canadian market. Listed as version 9. Didn't do the update, staying on 10. Hate seeing a waiting update on the tile tho...

Okay off topic here but what exactly is going on with the Chase banking app?
By the way I did update my adobe D;

I updated couple of days ago and I have 10.1.1.... Haven't noticed any changes from previous update (search function still doesn't work for me)... It seems like nothing has changed (still not too smooth when zooming)... I'm in Spain

I have 10.1.0 but haven't seen the 10.1.1 update yet. I do see the 9.0.0 update now which I'll ignore, so thanks for the heads up. Lumia 900 in Canada.

Little off-topic but I thought I could send pdf attachments but it turns out I can't, nor from the email app nor from Adobe app... I really hope this will be possible with WP7.8, but it should have been possible from the start

I'm in Canada, and I see the "9.0" update notice, what an effing stupid thing to do. Not that I really care, since I hate Adobes PDF files, and would rather stab myself multiple times in the face than be forced to use their software.

I think I should probably do the update.

I had 5 app updates when I woke up this morning. So I clicked update, then opened the wpcentral app and read the title to this post, sped back to the updates and hit cancel. Thanks wpcentral, you saved my life! Lol

I was wondering why the app lost functionality, if u look at the pics in the market place you see the ability to open password protected PDF and copy/paste functionality plus bookmarking. When I opened the app and saw none of this, I was like what the hell. Guess this explains it.

No probs on UK market place. Update to version 10.1.1. Build 20120910. Just as well because I updated before reading this.

Looks like it's been pulled from the marketplace as I didn't have the update notice on my tile so searched for it manually out of curiosity and get no results in the marketplace.

It seems to be happening in Singapore WP Marketplace too. I almost updated but saw that it was version 9 (not 10.1.1). Luckily I had already seen this article. Thanks to the alert guys at WPCentral for the tip!

Too late for me too. BUT it did fix the scrolling stutter I was having. I encountered the stuttering of 10.1 on my desktops too.

Grrr. Hope Adobe/Microsoft fixes this quickly. v10 was fantastic. :/ (same thing happened to me, Canadian market...)

I kept wondering why I haven't been seeing any of these updates... Then I realized I haven't had Adobe installed. Heh

Updated before I read the article. Though luckily in UK and got 10.1.1, must be a USA mistake as mentioned.

Was the one of the firsts to see it and report it. People who say India region does not have it are wrong. Probably update isint listed for you but if you search for adobe reader in the marketplace you will find it there.seems to happen sometimes.

Luckily for me, I came to wpc to get my WP news fix before I saw the 1 on my marketplace tile. Disaster narrowly diverted!

Version 10.1.1 build 20120919 , it´s on since 2 days ago on Portuguese store PT-PT, more fluid when you scroll.
But on the PT-PT store still shows version 9.0.0, but if I enter on the store trough the mobile shows me the 10.1.1 version.

Has anyone actually downloaded the 9 update then checked the version in about.it could just be a spelling mistake .

Too late for me as well. Lumia 800 in Canada and no, it's not a type, I opened up the app and it's the old version.
Now, I usually stay up-to-date with app updates but out of nowhere, today I got 8 updates available in the marketplace including Fhotoroom, 627.AM and others. I haven't updated any of them because I don't know how to check the version I have installed vs. the one that wants to be updated. I fear these are "downgrade" versions as well.

I don't think 10.1 is SO much better than 9.0, its just 'better'. Zooming is still a mess, no reflow, no form-filling, no copy&paste, no direct access to local files, no night-mode... There is 'stadium' for improvement.

Funny as I read this, there is an updating waiting in the marketplace. And I may stand corrected, but if you have more than one app update.
You do not have the option to update only what you want. So you have to wait until this bug in Adobe gets fixed.

Same issue with "My Stock Portfolio" app. It says I have an update but the update is listed as being released in April of 2011.

Updated in Sweden a couple of days ago. Still retains all the features of the new Adobe version, so it does indeed seem to be only a US issue.

I 've just received the update to my HTC Trophy, region UK. No problem, I got the 10.1.1 version.

Too late for me too why allow an update to be put in the marketplace that's a downgrade like that w/o a warning DUMB

Too late. They got me. No biggy I guess since I don't use it that much. Hopefully they will rectify the issues in the next update.

Got the update for 10.1.1 and updated the app. Unfortunately, it did roll back the app to version 9.0. The good thing is, it didn't seem to have the lagging, when viewing documents. However, it took away the new UI and now I'm stuck with the old list of documents.

I also noticed that Adobe is no longer in the market place, which probably means, MS is on top of this and will push out the correct and current app version of Adobe real soon.

I was literally in the middle of downloading as I saw this post. Stopped immediately.
Adobe sucks. There is no better way to put it. 

Just had my only recent update prompt for Acrobat in UK, checked before install and showed as 10.0.1 update so installed and was fine and as advertised - But appreciated the warning, thanks!

Please, someone make a alternative to adobe reader application. Something like windows 8 reader app. I hate Adobe. All their products are slow, ugly and buggier. More than a year waiting for this update and now disappeared. Adobe go to hell!!!


well I haven't seen any updates on this issue and I'm tired of seeing a "1" on my marketplace tile. So I'm going to uninstall, reinstall and see what version I get.