Seesmic v1.4 now out, supports landscape for composing, many new features

Hooray! Seesmic seems to be on the go again, delivering another solid update to their popular Twitter app. While still lagging in some areas, they're filling in some big gaps.

Version 1.4 just hit the Marketplace and here are the changes:

  • Support of Salesforce Chatter: Add your Chatter account as a space and see your chatter feed, comment on updates, post updates, see your groups and view their feed.
  • Support of Facebook Pages and Private Messages: Harness the ability to post to the Facebook pages you're an admin of, from the composer account selector and view your inbox of private messages (in read only).
  • Translation of a tweet to English from the action menu.
  • Support for Landscape mode in the composer (more to come soon).
  • Context menus are now available for quick access to the essential features when long pressing on a tweet, a user or a direct message thread:
  • Ability to see and manage attachments in the composer before you upload them, when sending your update.
  • Ability to choose the size of the pictures you upload for faster upload times.
  • Ability to see the public conversations from a tweet when tapping on "in reply to" inside a tweet.
  • Ability to delete an entire direct message conversation.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

Not bad, Seesmic, not bad at all. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

Source: Seesmic blog


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Seesmic v1.4 now out, supports landscape for composing, many new features


Which Twitter app is overall the fastest and actually runs under the lock screen? So far I'm just using the official Twitter app and I think I like the look of that the most but it's a little laggier than it should be and it doesn't run under the lock screen.I know about Seesmic and Beezz so I was just wondering which one people preferred. Or should I just stick with the official app?

Man, I was overjoyed last night when I updated, went to compose a tweet, slid out my keyboard and boom, there was landscape. I almost danced a little jig.