Select Xbox One testers in select counties get OneGuide TV preview

Just ahead of Build, Microsoft has previewed a new update to SmartGlass which pulls in all of the OneGuide functions to your mobile. That means you’ll be able to flip through what’s on TV, change the station, and use your device as a TV remote (including powering your set on and off). These features are only rolling out to select Live members in Canada, the U.S., and Europe for the time being.

At the same time, Microsoft announced that if you buy or rent movies through them, you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off on any of your screens: from your TV on Xbox One, PC with Windows, or streaming from the browser.

Pretty cool stuff overall, eh? Anyone get an invite to try out these features yet? Get downloading over here.

QR: SmartGlass Beta

Source: Microsoft


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Select Xbox One testers in select counties get OneGuide TV preview


If you follow the link and watch the video it says: UK, Spain, France, Germany etc... I guess all the launch countries of Europe. This is great, and I hope it means more Europeans get it when in tier 2 launch.

I wonder what it means for the UK.
We have Virgin, Sky, Freeview and Aerial TV.

To control my TV it needs to work with Sky for example.

Huh? If you buy a video from Xbox video (something a cord cutter would do) you now get more convenience. How does this not help cord cutters???

I'm a cord cutter (actually, I never had a cord to cut, but you get the point), and he Xbox One is awesome for me: live TV with the OneGuide is great. Feels like cable TV.

Hoe do you get live TV with one guide? Do you have antenna or something else? All I get is one guide or live tv. The two are on different inputs. As for Xbox video- I'd rather stream with Netflix, hulu+, amazon instant, HBOgo (eventually) then pay for VOD.

I'm not into console gaming, but was going through the retail boxes of Xbox360 and PS3 today at a mall out of curiosity. I must admit the Xbox package looks way more attractive than the PS counterpart ;)

This is pretty cool, but I've been able to do this for like 3 years with my iPad xfinity app. Look forward to doing the same with my WP8 device or surface with my Xbox 1!

yeah Still no TV in Australia.

We've got Foxtel. FetchTV and Freeview

I hope the Xbox team bring it for us soon (along with full voice control)

Why didn't they include all these functions in their 25$ media remote? It takes much longer to unlock your tablet, open the app, and tap one the menus than just picking up a remote to access your DVR recordings.

My standard remote from my cable provider has more functionality than the media remote and that doesn't have a screen.

You can't access the DVR menu or record anything from the remote, you can't turn off your TV independenly, there are no numbers so the only option you have is to scroll the massive channel list. Those are basic features any universal remote has. Even the 360 media remote was more feature rich.

I don't think this is April Fools. Seems exactly like the direction that Microsoft wants to go with this. Personally, I love the tv integration. After teasing us for years with this on 360 (MCE Extender, UVerse, FiOS IPTV apps) I'm thrilled to actually see this come to fruition. Now I'd like to see Xbox take it one step further and add custom remote buttons and commands based on device so that you can remove as much of the crappy cable box UI and remote control as possible from the equation.

I hope it's true. I've been bugging Microsoft on Twitter about this for awhile now: we should be able to view OneGuide on SmartGlasd and navigate channels by tapping on programs listed on it.

International company like microsoft should play with equal terms with emerging market, I accept a little favour to your motherland but no surface, no xbox, no discounts...c'mon msft

Not happy at all with the Xbox one channel guide menu. It SKIPS CHANNELS. Also my media remote doesn't have numbers to manually enter. The History Channel and ESPN 2 are two channels that I have to use my Comcast remote to watch. I'm sure there's more that's just 2 I watch regularly.

No...until Skype can run in the background while playing games or watching tv, my cable box is staying plugged into my tv!

emmm, I don't know if something was wrong, but last week I tried Skype with a friend. I played battlefield 4 with skype in the background. I even streamed on twitch at the same time. (I only tried it one time, soo maybe it was a bug...)