September the Red Carpet Month for Windows Phone 8?

Windows Phone 8 Red Carpet Day

Roll out the red carpet for Windows Phone 8


Rumour is that Microsoft maybe ready to launch Windows Phone 8 as early as September. We certainly know that both Nokia and HTC are prepping to show off their new shiny Windows Phone 8 toys around that time. Could it be that Microsoft are going for a full launch rather than just simply an RTM and device previews at the end of next month? We’d hope so, but it's just a rumour.

The guys over at pocketnow seem to think this might be the case after getting -what they say appears to be- a legit memo from an MS partner with a specific launch date.

As with all these rumours, we’ll need to take this one with a pinch of salt but as they go on to mention the date of the embargo time could be Sept 30th 11:59PM, that leaves Monday 1st Oct as the possible date of launch. It would certainly be nice to see a quick turnaround between RTM and actual device launches. Previously there has been a sizeable gap between announcements and people being able to get devices in their hands. Much momentum with a product launch can be lost due to this.

Apple for instance likes to announce and then capitalise on the excitement with the devices being available in stores right away or the next day. As Microsoft lately seems keen to mimic how Apple generate and maintain excitement, this could be a step to try to achieve similar hype levels. We’ll know far more very soon, but even an October launch would put it ahead of previous suggested launch dates.

We will be hearing from Nokia and HTC as to what they indeed to go head to head with in the Windows Phone 8 race. Could Microsoft be looking to ramp up the excitement for Windows Phone 8 with a faster than expected launch? It could give Windows Phone the must have new gadget factor people require these days.  

Source: Pocketnow


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September the Red Carpet Month for Windows Phone 8?


Really that long? And I thought I looked at all the stories here, oh well glad im seeing it now cause its pretty darn cool

Cool to see people guaging these rumors finally. reading through so much tech "click-bait" articles or troll-flame-war articles on other sites has frustrated me. @bdsams new site rates rumors and credibility of authors and their so called "sources". you guys should check that out. I like that he went to ZDNet and let this one guy have it. Mary Jo Foley is the only one I read there now practically and WPCentral is my go to place WP-related.

Rumor rating on the site was my idea, thank you ;-) Our super graphics & execution done by Rich Edmonds.

And yes, well aware of Tracour.com and support the idea big time. So far we have a 100% accuracy rating there and we hope to keep it up.

Hopefully our ratings will help put things in perspective for people.

I just done see WP8 launching before Windows 8, if anything, they would launch on the 26th of October. 
Then again, NOkia is announcing someting "big" early September during Nokia world?  So who knows. 
I am leaning towards Oct 1 not being the launch.

Like they did before, they can "launch" WP8 devices but purchase availability will likely be weeks, if not months later. Seems to be the way WP launches have gone before.

The article mentions Microsoft possibly going away from this practice to avoid losing momentum. They should definitely copy Apple in that respect.

They should go away from this practice because iPhone 5 will release mid to late september which will be in the spotlight probably sept and early Oct. 

No matter when they release WP8s the iPhone will be in direct competition...unless they release before the iPhone announcement. Starting earlier is always better than later.

Agree with Tahiti bob. They need to keep momentum, apple does it right. Announce and sell right away, if not the same week

True but Apple has it easier because they release ONE phone and they don't have many carriers to go through to fight for "release dates".

Remember, Microsoft doesn't sell or release phones. Apple does.

Well they probably felt the hurt from last year making people wait we all read all the people's comments sayin ther contract problems to soon r to late after launch

Nokia, HTC announce WP8 in September and go on sale late October,just in time for the holiday shopping season makes sense too me:)

It wopuld definately be good news if true. Announcing a handset then not releasing it for 3 months just takes all the wind out of the hype.

October release means a lot of Americans will sign new contracts for the iPhone 5 instead.   Creating all the hype around the Surface announcement only to release it 4-8 months later was a serious waste of time. 

Only from a consumer perspective.
In the enterprise computing world, getting an "official" heads up helps people plan their strategy.
The iPad has plenty of shortingcomings. Its not a great content creation device (no mouse for example). And it requies either NEW or ADDITIONAL MDM management tools. Adding cost.

Windows Surface has the ability to create content (Viso, Word, Excel etc)
And is also manageable from existing Windows tools. System Centre, Altiris, Landesk etc.
So, that length of time seems like forever for a consumer wanting fresh gadgetry. Its a blink of an eye to an IT organization planning its future.

While I would love for windows phone to be out by my birthday (September 26th...) This Libra can wait 1 or 2 weeks :)

I hope so!  I don't want them to give the iPhone launch a month+ before competing with them.  By that time all the droves of fanatics will have gotten their iphone.  Best to come out swinging, and bring the goods.  Compete with the iphone in the following categories:
- UI design and Integration.  The new start screen really will be a big thing here.  As great as the UI is/has been, this is a MAJOR improvement, and will enable people to truly mold their start screens to fit their lifestyle, while still remaining cohesive better than any other OS.
- Number and diversity of handsets / pricing while all still having excellent performance / regulated hardware.
- Unique features in both the OS (integrated office, xbox acheivements, better smart glass integration, bing vision ect) and hardware partners (Nokia Drive, PureView ect)
WP8 is going to be an amazing system.  All the little things WP has still needed to compete will be there, and much much more.  It would also be be good to really hit the competition in the Enterprise/Business angle.  Since WP8 shares the same core as W8, it has significantly better/more robust admin/IT and encryption features than either the iPhone or Blackberry at this point.

Best option possible would be to have WP8 precede the iPhone 5. Nokia reviels PV Lumia on the first day the new store opens...available a week later. I may be dreaming, but we all know this is the best thing for the platform

>Yes bring in wp8 the sooner the better. F**k iPhone 5 or 6.
My spidey sense is suggesting you aren't a fan of Apple products?

If this is indeed the new Microsoft they should release it in September-early October just like last years mango release. Now to find me a job so I can buy me an HTC accord around launch.

It's possible for Apple to do a next day release since they own the manufacturing, stores, supplies and everything. Let's be realistic: there's no way Microsoft can pull that off with third party hardware, distributors and resellers without leaks all over the world.

It will definitely be before Xmas season--at least a couple devices. Full library on all carriers probably won't be out until Jan/Feb 2013.

It would be interesting to see a Nokia high end product sitting between the iPhone 5 and a GSIII. If the iphone 5 looks anything like the parts we've seen, Apple is going to have a mini revolt on their hands, because the internet fans have been very clear that that want some significant evolution. IPhone 4SS or not, we all know the iphone 5 will grab sales, but the question of what will people buy that are sick of the same old iphone?

Thats a good Point. They need to get the sdk out first. So that devs can start compailing new apps.