SEQR brings Sweden's most used mobile wallet to Windows Phone

SEQR Windows Phone

It was early April that SEQR, a Swedish-mobile payment provider, popped up as a blip on our Windows Phone radar. We first learned about an upcoming Windows Phone app for SEQR when McDonald's Sweden teased the news within their own app. Well turns out SEQR for Windows Phone snuck into the Windows Phone Store two days ago! Feature list and download after the break.

With SEQR (seqrpay.com) on Windows Phone, you're able to pay in thousands of stores, pay car parking, send money and more! Here's all that you can do with the app:

  • Make in-store and online payments
  • Send and receive money through your mobile number
  • Get offers directly in the app
  • Save digital receipts
  • Register loyalty accounts

SEQR Screenshots

We, of course, aren't currently in Sweden and don't have a need for SEQR. But we're really happy to see the app hit Windows Phone. Any of our friends in Sweden interested in using? Sound off below!

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SEQR brings Sweden's most used mobile wallet to Windows Phone


You know what'd be cool? If maybe sometime you guys did an article explaining the whole "mobile wallet" concept, why we'd want it and what its supposed benefits are. There's a wallet in windows phone (also android and I'm sure IOS have one) that I've yet to see any use for, and no one's ever really explained the purpose. Could be cool but maybe I just don't know...?

I don't think such an article is really needed. I mean, what benefits aren't there? Increased security, higher profits. It's the same concept as carrying around a camera with you everywhere. With a mobile wallet you can have ALL your credit cards in one device, and there's multiple security measures you can take to easily avoid having your information stolen. As credit cards become more widespread and available, we could potentially spend less money on physical cash, but even the availbility and ease of use will result in more people buying more. Profits!

I haven't used it yet, but I'll give it a go later on. I usually shop at Willy's, and it seems they have money back offers there for certain groceries if you use SEQR.




Dammit! It's also a credit card, can't use that. I would end up in debt on beer alone.

Yeah, I was hoping I could just connect my Nordea account and be able to manage it through this app. The official Nordea app is lame.

And also being discontinued this month due to low number of users ... Duh ... Perhaps if their WP app didn't suck so much compared to iOS and Android it would have more users? I know I often just use the website on my Lumia rather than the app.

Same old story.... Company puts out a crappy WP app that lacks features, nobody uses it because it sucks, and then they stop development because it had few users... :/

The news about Nordea closing down their app for Windows Phone struck us with no surprise. But we all hope for the app to be developed further rather than just being closed down.

For this we've started a petition that you are all free to sign if you wish to help us out. Please spread the word and help our cause to bring better banking to Windows Phone.


I had a Nexus S before my Lumia 1020. I really miss Google Wallet! I'm just wishing it would come to Windows Mobile. I miss tapping my phone to a sensor at McDonalds!

NFC payment in Denmark sucks. Most stores use the cheaper non-NFC version, which makes the Wallet app completely useless. Come on Denmark, it'd be so easy to enable mobile payments.

Swede: Seen SEQR around but i will never use that as a paymethod, since visa-card works fine :p


Wish Swedbank was a little faster with thier WP APP!.. early 2015 they say.. but .. WHY so slow!

I've given up on a Swedbank app by now. I remember mailing them in 2013 and they said they had something in the works by the end of the year.

But I must say that the Swedbank mobile site works really well and has much of the look and feel of an app. I've not tried it with the BankID authentication though but for the basic things like moving money between your accounts and stuff I think it's quite adequate. But I can agree that the development of an app has been really slow. I've also contacted them about that about a year ago but then I got the answer that there wasn't going to be any app at all. Maybe they've changed their minds.

At least you are getting one. Nordea have one but will take it down for WP next month and they say no plans for WP anymore. They will also remove the Mobil site so we are pretty much fucked. This is killing WP. Not sure how much longer I can take it.

A lot of stores in my neighborhood have seqr scanners not tried it yet. I use swish for private money transfer, works perfect. My bank app, handelsbanken, does the job perfect. Easy navigated, ocr scan, often preferred before web site for me.

You cannot connect your charge card or bank account. Only options are two types of invoice solutions that you pay every month. I don't like that. Therefore I will not use this app.

Yeah, same here. I mailed them and told them that I was unusable for me until I can get the charges taken directly from my bank account. Hopefully something happens. Credit-only services seems stupid.

Yeah, i noticed that also. Such a shame, i thought this was something i was going to love to use :(