SharkPhone issued takedown notice from Grooveshark


A month ago we covered a new app in the Windows Phone Store called SharkPhone. It’s a third-party client for online music streaming service Grooveshark. As you might remember, Grooveshark once said they had no plans for Windows Phone because Microsoft would not allow such an app in the Store. Fast forward to a month ago and SharkPhone came out.

The app was received well by the community and definitely filled a gap for those wanting Grooveshark on Windows Phone. Sadly, it might not last much longer. Grooveshark has requested that SharkPhone be removed from the Windows Phone Store.

The developer took to the subreddit r/windowsphone to get feedback on how to proceed after receiving a takedown notice from Grooveshark. They claim that SharkPhone violates their Terms of Service and wish to see the app removed from the Windows Phone Store. Which is a little ironic seeing as how much legal troubles Grooveshark has been in since its inception.

SharkPhone is still available in the Windows Phone Store to download, but it might not be for much longer. Clearly Grooveshark is right and can request that the app be removed if it’s using any unofficial APIs. It’s just a little funny to see a company that has been sued by all four major music companies ask to have an app like this removed. Maybe SharkPhone and Grooveshark can reach a mutual understanding and work together. Similar to how Tinder and 6tindr joined forces. We shall see. 

Anyone out there use Grooveshark? Or are you content with Xbox Music, Songza, Digitally Imported, Spotify, etc.?

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SharkPhone issued takedown notice from Grooveshark


What happened, did they get a check from Google or Apple to ensure WP users don't get the apps functionality. Or by happenstance are they gonna make an official app

Allegedly, Microsoft told GrooveShark that their official app would never be allowed on the Store. If true, it could be referring to GS's ongoing legal issues with copyrights and songs. 

Unless flappy bird's dev has branding trademark or copyright recorded somewhere, the knockoff is basically just a "me too" apps. Sure it can cause confusion, but there are no legal means to take them down. Different with the kind of Grooveshark which has legal issue regarding the contents.

Me too. I detest companies that won't develop an App for WP blocking Devs from meeting the Public's desires.

I don't even know what GroveShark is, and Xbox Music suits my needs for now (I give it a 6-7 out of 10).

But I'm downloading this all just because it's about to be removed from the store, lol.

grooveshark its just a free music service, its not legal, but its available, and its not too bad. and it offers alot of songs, some are not good quality but free is free I guess.

Hmm. Well I guess they're just ensuring I won't use their service. My friend has been trying to get me on there but since I listen to music mostly on the go. Not going to dick around with the webpage version only to end up with it being taken over and losing my spot because I opened a link from twitter or Reddit.

I use grooveshark on my desktop and I love it. Love it. Search on just about any song you can imagine, and play it right then and there. Whole albums, even. I've created a good 100 playlists of full Albums and listen to them regularly. I have this app, too, and have used it a little, but the only time is when I have a WiFi conxn, and since I work from home, most times its easier to just use my desktop.

If they remove the app from the store, can you still use it if you have t downloaded?

Yes, but if you hard-reset the phone, there is no way to reinstall it, even if you have the .xap on SDCard.

Do these companies understand how this sort of thing looks? Are they trying to punish Microsoft, the developer or potential customers?

I love love love Grooveshark. Been on it forever now, great service. I totally understand here what they mean. Xbox Music is great, too.

GrooveShark is tired for neglecting WP now, before I could understand. Not now. Its fine, SoundCloud (via AudioCloud) Digitally Imported, Nokia Mix, and XBOX Music make fine choices. For shame.

I love Pandora, but there are times where I want to listen to specific songs that I don't have. Grooveshark does this and Pandora doesn't. Granted you could always use youtube...oh wait you can't because google won't allow it and the 3rd party apps doesn't usually work with any of the VEVO videos.

None of those are available in some countries outside US. Sometimes WP sucks but I'm in love with it's beauty, so... :-/

I thought Google, Apple, and Facebook all removed the official Grooveshark app from their respective app stores? To avoid the same pressure from music labels, I imagine that's why Microsoft insisted they wouldn't allow the official app either.

Nokia can't afford to compete cheapest android devices because they are in standard... Now you can buy Android devices with dual camera with flash, 8 to 16 GB phone storage, quad core, with latest android version in just $30 to $50 dollar. Mostly in local hardware manufacturers.

The plastic what nokia uses to make its polycarbonated shelf might bs the reason. But this makes a Nokia phone fucking tuff. Look at other OEMs Hardware in low budget range Smartphones all have awful quality.

Xbox music must be the right choice to go with. Great UI and fluidity. Good music content and great price if you take the one year deal.

Couldn't care less for groveshark. I hope the lose all the court battles they're in for and disappear in a pile of expenses.
About tinder, what ever happened to the app they were supposed to be building with Rudy?!

Spotify:-) needs to work in horizontal mode and have the ability to download to the SD card. Why have SD card availability but not for apps to store stuff? Android and iOS have that capability why keep WP users in the dark? I use it everyday, its great but fix those two things (oh and the ability to ALPHABETIZE/organize playlists... I get tired of having to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list) and the app would be fantastic!

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So No native app, 3rd party company covers this hole, and GS is screaming why? Sounds very stoopid specially knowing that GS didn't have to dev anything and got an app. Also Microsoft is fighting hard with delivering new apps to the market - and now they have to take some down. Sad "development"

I just stick to Spotify. I tried out SharkPhone but it just wasn't worth the hassle of getting music on my phone. I'd rather just give Spotify 10/month and have access to that music on all of my devices. Back when I had a Windows Phone 7 device, I used the "Zune Pass" or whatever it was called then but didn't like it's lack of support across platforms. Now if I want to listen on my Kindle Fire instead of my phone, I can. Seems like more work to get it onto my phones, tablet, pc, etc the GrooveShark way.