Shuffle Party now in the Store for Windows Phone 8 devices

Shuffle Party for Windows Phone

While Paul and you may be unhappy that there isn’t a new Xbox Windows Phone game out this week, we can at least be kind of happy an oldie has returned for Windows Phone 8. Yesterday we mentioned that Shuffle Party was going to make an appearance this week in the Store, picking up support for Windows Phone 8.  

Microsoft continues to whittle down the list of games incompatible with Windows Phone 8 and Shuffle Party isn’t really anything to turn your nose at. Sure, gameplay is simple and there is an ad at the top, but it’s a free game!

When we first reviewed this game we noted that we enjoyed the graphics and Avatar integration. It’s an excellent free game. There really isn’t any reason for it not to be on your phone right now.

You can download Shuffle Party for either Windows Phone 7.X or 8 devices right here, use the QR code below, or by swiping right in our Windows Phone Central app.

Via: Xbox Twitter

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Shuffle Party now in the Store for Windows Phone 8 devices


Looking at the picture in the article of the red L920 just makes me think of how nice the device actually looks. I mean I have a red one, but I forget how nice it is because of the case I have covering it. Wow! This device is really nice looking,, especially with a screen shot of a well done Metro app. I just don't understand how Nokia is going to achieve the color selection with the aluminum device that are to come. I think aluminum is a great material, but one of the advantages of the polycarbonate is that the color is more than skin deep.. I'm afraid that if aluminum devices are painted they may scratch or fade.. Does anybody have an opinion on this??

This is true, I believe it happens to the current iPhones, the aluminum paint is easily scratched off, meaning a case is a must. So it looks great, adds strength and lightness, but paint is an issue.

After having my feather light, first Gen., Samsung Focus for almost two years I'm actually enjoying the extra weight of my 920.. Now it feels like I....have something. Lol! You know what I mean? It just feels like the device is something.. I can't explain it, but I actually think I like the weight,.. It's not to heavy, not to light, and I think its unfair that its labeled to heavy just because the others are getting lighter, and lighter. To tell the truth I have mentally adopted the unibody polycarbonate body as a WP/Lumia trademark, and I hope its not given up on totally for aluminum.. Just yet, or so soon.. Lol!

Actually I do, I thought the substantive weight would make a difference, and it did for a few weeks. Then I realized the dimensions weren't that much bigger than my old phone. I actually like heavier phones since I know I still have it in my pocket and I haven't lost it. The iPhone 5 is too thin, too light, too fragile, so I completely know what you are talking about. :) lol I hope they don't ditch the unibody polycarbonate either.

The good thing is that Nokia is good at listening to their customers, so if we continue to ask for the polycarbonate body's then they should keep making them. I'm sure all of our begging on Twitter for Nokia to make a high end device in red is the reason we have our redL920's now.

Totally agree, as a company they are awesome about listening then doing. I signed up for twitter and added #nokiaus for this very reason. I want polycarbonate with color running all the way through! I am not afraid to tell them either.

Already got 7 out of 10 achievements in my first 10 minutes playing the game. The other three will come as I complete the game. They should have made them a little challenging.

Just installed on my 822 without a hitch and works fine.  The updates since I used to play on my WP7 device are great.

Based on what we've learned about the XBLA process, I bet it was done at launch and took this long for certification!

I wonder if they've patched the money glitch yet? I haven't played it since the last update so I haven't tested it, but I'd surprised if they haven't fixed it by now.