Sid Meier's Pirates sailing to Xbox Live on Windows Phone this week

Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad

Last week’s Xbox Live release, Civilization Revolution, is part of a series crafted by design genius Sid Meier. This week, 2K Games follows up with another of Meier’s creations: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Pirates! is a strategy game/sim that debuted on the Commodore 64 computer in 1987. It was then remade for consoles and PCs in 2004. Unlike Civilization Revolution, Pirates! never came to iPhone, though the iPad version (pictured) is highly regarded by critics. Microsoft couldn’t provide screens for the Windows Phone version in time for this article; let’s hope the graphical fidelity hasn’t taken too much of a hit this time.

As for Pirates!’ gameplay, it primarily involves sailing around the Caribbean, attacking other ships and stealing their treasure. In addition to ship-to-ship battles, players can bombard towns with cannon fire and even take part in sword fights. Managing good and bad relationships with other nations is key; otherwise you’ll find nothing but hostile ports when you come to land. At port you can hire new crew mates, buy and sell goods, and talk to the locals for news.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! comes to Windows Phone on Wednesday, April 11. We don’t have an official price yet, but $2.99 is likely.


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Sid Meier's Pirates sailing to Xbox Live on Windows Phone this week


I agree, hopefully they do a better job on the grahics than they did with Civilization. Especially with screens that contain text.

I have to say it's one of the most addictive games ever. The main sailing, naval combat and trading part has something slow and relaxing about it, along with a somewhat hidden need for strategic planning and resource management in the long term., Then there's the wide mix of other elements – the fencing game, the turn based land battles and, of course, the bit where you have to impress the daughters of governors with your ballroom dancing skills – that all somehow add up to an immersive sandbox game.
Played the original and the gold versions on Amiga and Mac back when I was young, and the remake got a lot of hours as well, so unless they screwed up the interface or added a lot of bugs to the WP version I think it's going to get its share of my time as well. :)

Hopefully things will change. I think it should be the other way, if you have a game on the 360 it should be a must to buy the phone version.
you should be able to continue your progress or have a different type of experience/mode from that game. The games that are just a port are not that interesting unless you never played them before.

Yeah I think most developers and gamers alike see that as the eventual goal but phones just aren't quite there yet tech wise. I agree though that's the ideal situation. Its not a phone bit the playstation vita comes pretty darn close to that goal for a portable device with games like mlb the show.

The only thing I miss about the original version is that you could still win if you had no men left. I would often attack havana (while Treasure Fleet AND Silver Train were in town) with only around 20 crew... versus a few hundred! I would charge the town and enter a swordfight... All my men would die instantly, but if I managed not to get hit then I would win and gold would pour into my ship. I'd more than likely wreck my ship right after as I didn't have any crew, but it was all part of the fun :D