Nokia Lumia 820

Deal Alert: SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 820 discounted to $301 clams

Ah, the Nokia Lumia 820 (see our review). A device so overlooked, I forgot I even had one (seriously, I just found one in my living room last week). It’s a shame really, as the device has a solid heft to it, gorgeous 800x480 4.3” display, a great 8MP camera and is just an outstanding device (save for its measly 8GB internal storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card).

So if you’re looking for a deal, the unlocked, non-carrier version can be found for a fairly good price of just $301 from the site (and yes, they ship worldwide). We have no experience from buying a device from them, but they seem on the up and up and $300 for one a top performing Windows Phone 8 device is nothing to ignore.

You can even get your choice of Yellow (swoon!), Red, Black or White. Bands? You want bands? We got bands…

  • GSM Bands - GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 3G Bands - HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
  • 4G LTE Bands - LTE 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600

Of course, savvy shoppers can get the Lumia 820 for slightly less on eBay, but for those who feel buying through a dedicated merchant, the option may be a better choice.

For those on AT&T, you can buy the phone outright for a fairly close $349.99 off-contract price or $0.01 if you want to sign up for 2 years (something we’d advise against if you’re “into technology” as clearly better things are around the corner).

Have an 820? Let users in comments know what you think of it and whether or not this is a good deal. Go!

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Deal Alert: SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 820 discounted to $301 clams


I know a guy who has a 510, 820, 900, 920, and a few others that get used once a week for 10 minutes each while he beta tests his apps before release. Its kinda sad. All those devices, brand new just sitting there. :(

Why is there still not mention of the HTC "tiara" leaked images and we are seeing stories about this? If it isn't a nokia, no one should care I suppose. To me the Tiara (btw waiting for the samsung myself) is very similar to this phone, so this old phone can get a story...and the Huawei teaser can get a story, why nothing on this? I just think WP news should be more than just a barrage of Nokia fanfare. I

@Arachnicide "Why is there still not mention of the HTC "tiara" leaked images and we are seeing stories about this? If it isn't a nokia, no one should care I suppose."

Or you know, that story is just bullshit and that's a faked image? Before you get all uppity about our coverage of phones, accusing us of favoring Nokia, perhaps you should consider that sometimes when we don't report things, it's because the story is crap.

And I have to agree with Daniel on this one.  Tiara is not going to be the final name for it, and the image is a bad photoshop image.

I was considering one for a backup. May as well get a 521 though or even use one of my 710's that are now redundant (he says hiding embarrassed)

Nice phone even with the small battery. If mine didn't have the noise cancellation problem it wouldn't be my back up to my 720.

Just ordered one for 279€ from Nokia Spain (facebook's fan page).
I was saving for EOS but, what the hell? That's just a steal and I bought it directly from Nokia.

I have an 820 and if it wasn't for that sucky 8gb memory(not mentioning the sucky battery..) I would say it's an awesome phone but I'm left limited with only necessary apps, and few games, granted I also have a 32 gb memory card for it but only music and videos can be saved on that and even the damn Nokia Music offline playlist gets saved onto the phone and not the memory card :( which is why I'm back to XboxMusic.
PS: I'm switching to T-mobile and getting the 925 as soon as it comes out.

4.3 inch WVGA OLED screen vs the 4.5 inch HD LCD screen of the 920. No Pureview on the 820. 8 GB of Storage with microSD slot vs the 32 GB with no microSD on the 920. The rest is the same though.

Yes but in terms of the app-experience the 32GB vs 8+SD card make all the difference in the world: because you cant install apps to SD, one cant even have two large games (like Asphalt7 and Modern Combat) at the same time

In addition to that, both Nokia and MS pretend like the 820 is some unwanted step child. 820 has no presence in ads or promotions or anything. I love my 820 but if only I knew, I would have waited for my next pay check and bought the 920.

I agree, and the lack of support from ATT made me sell it and add $100 for 920. The only thing I regret is spending so much money for additional charging back plates, I got black, red and yelow, $75 went for nothing.

Well, to me, I'm not a big gamer, so that wouldn't be an issue. But those large sized games would fill up your 820 storage fast. 

i have this phone and it's a very good deal for people looking for a kinda fast phone with 1GB of RAM. The storage sucks a little bit I know, they should have at least a 16GB version too (similar to the 822 model)

It's actually every bit as fast as a 920, with the exact same processor and RAM. If you don't need to install a lot of games it's a great device. I like the richer colors and deeper blacks too... even though it has lower resolution. I have both.

It is even faster than the 920. The processor only have to power a lower resolution. In some cases (games) you get more frame rates. In termes of app load time there is no difference of caus.

My 820 is sweet! Not dissapointed for buying it. Would recommend it for $300 off contract. Good deal. Even have all available wireless charging covers. Wish gray and purple ones were available for the mrs.

Loving my L820, yeah the memory could have been better but if the other storage problem gets solved and if apps could be saved to SD card, this phone would totally rock. As for the battery I can't complain, I usually get a day between charges with normal use.
I can honestly say I've had no problems with this device and would have no problem recommending it. :-)

The Nokia storage check app took care of the problem for me. And, I bought the handy Nokia portable battery to go with my 820. All on all, not a bad phone but a great phone

Well the storage check is only available with the most recent software update but AT&T hasn't given that update to the 820 so I can't take advantage of that :'(

In Norway you can buy the Ativ S from Samsung for 200 USD with a prepaid card, unlocked, from I finally replaced my iPhone. 5. Brilliant. Should have chosen windows phone 8 earlier. :P

Not to be a hater but... I've had two 820s that just turn off randomly and require a soft reset to turn back on, both replaced. Now the replacement has dust in ffc like the 920 and still has the occasional shut down. My class 2 SD card really caused slow down so I bought a class 10 but still experience lag when opening camera from physical button to first shot. Camera is mediocre imho. Cases don't fit well over the charging shell as its slightly bigger than stock. And then the battery, sometimes decent, sometimes horrid, never great. Firmware still at 1249 on at&t:'( I went back to the 920 and the 820 sits as backup.
Pros, love the size and replaceable back covers. The amoled screen produces great colors.

I m using 820 and it has both asphalt heat and modern combat installed,.. Both running smooth and + many other games + apps. It depends on how u manage your phone.

I have to disagree, I've deleted so many apps, and apps I use all the time and now use the web instead which is inconvenient but still only have about 1 g and a half of space which is not enough to add 2 or 3 awesome games....I only have games that don't require much space :'(

Off topic, but att is running commercials advertise all smartphones 50% off, even mentioning BB10... Of course no mention of WP as usual. : [

Exactly. I can't believe they put this joke of a screen in their 2nd best WP device. Gorgeous 800x480 screen? hah.

Bought this for my younger son, he choose this over a 920. I put a red charging shell on for him. He really love this phone, kisses it often, hugs it when he goes to sleep, never treated his Samsung Focus like that. He doesn't ever covet the 920 that his brother and I have. I've used his 820 quite a bit and it's really a nice, solid device, easier to pocket than the 920, and feels like it's less inclined to be dropped. He takes a lot of pics with it, and installs a ton of games. He's not worried about the 8 GB, said he'll just uninstall older games when he runs out of memory, and isn't even interested in an SD card at this point. Based on his experience so far, he'd likely rate this phone a 9.

True, had mines replaced once, it dropped outside on the sidewalk and screen cracked so bad I couldn't even use the touch screen like at all but I learned quick and got a case for the replacement..

I agree with you mamas. I am currently rocking NOVA 3 and six other games like Galactic Reign, Skulls of Shogun, Rayman and AC. Managing the memory is the key with 820

For me the only downside is the internal 8gb memory. I have no problem with 'low' res screen as long as it's amoled. For those that worries about lack of gorilla glass, I've used this phone for 3 month without screen protector, the only thing that pickup scratches is the camera strip, none on the screen.

I just got one of these for my mum and I think it's great. The size is perfect, the build quality is very good and it looks really nice. The screen is good and apart from my 920 being a tad sharper I think I like it better than my 920's. I really wish Nokia went OLED on the 920 like they did on the 925/928 as I think it suits this OS so much better. I also prefer that it isn't a unibody as you can change the case whenever you want to a different color or if yours gets damaged. My 920's gloss finish has peeled off and Nokia are sending me a whole new device device which is going to be annoying to set up. also has the 8x for $337. More storage, higher res display and gorilla glass 2. I know it's not Nokia so it probably shouldn't be menitoned on this site, but it is a nice phone.

Enough with the silly, poorly thought out, immature bias digs. When HTC or Samsung make news, the site covers it. What the hell is WPCentral supposed to do to make you guys happy? Invent news and pretend like either one of these companies actually update or support Windows Phone? Nokia is always in the news because they actually give a shit and release new hardware and software. Grow up.

Define "actually giving a shit." Samsung and HTC have had Windows Phone devices ever since 7 launched. Nokia didn't come on until much later. So it's equally biased to assume that neither HTC nor Samsung "give a shit" seeing as their output for Windows Phone hardware has been good.

I never commented on the lack of coverage.  I have just noticed that when somebody mentions something positive about a different manufacture, instead of acknowledging that another manufacturer may have done something good, there is simply an flood of complaints about how the other manufacturer does not support WP.
Seems like you have a bit of a chip on your shoulder. Speaking of growing up, perhaps you could learn to write a reasonable, well thought out post without resorting to words like "shit." Oops.

Well, thank God we don't have all this mess of operator locked and operator exclusive phones in India. We always get unlocked phones and we have the liberty of choosing whichever operator we want.

I saw that one too. I've never heard of this site, but I would be tempted to get my wife the 920 for use on t-mobile instead of waiting for the 925 which will likely be more expensive. I'm just a bit worried about them because I've never heard of them.

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Lumia 820 is great, but three days ago I accidentally fell asleep lying on my phone and the screen cracked in the left corner, exactly where the "back" button is. Now the button does not work and the phone is actually useless, though everything other functions perfectly. I am very sad because of this, seeing my pure white beauty so tortured, but life goes on and tomorrow I am getting 920 (white, of course). I will use 820 as a backup phone for my second carrier, which I don´t use so often and as a car navigation. Though I´m looking forward to 920, the scar in my soul remains... yes, I really love my 820.
Btw. I always buy phones for full price, unlocked. I recommend you to do the same.

I like the screen much better than the 920, but that's just taste. Weight and size seem perfect to me, and it's nice to swap colored shells now and then. Camera sucks, though. Battery isn't worse than my old 800. All in all a very decent phone.

I almost had this over Ativ S. But since the store was running out of stock for 820, they got me an Ativ S instead with the same price back then. Now, I'm a happy new wp8 user, regardless which hardware model. :)

I'm using the 820 as my daily phone.  The phone is actually pretty good except for the internal storage.  If you want to play games with pretty graphics then don't bother getting an 820.  The internal storage isn't big enough.  If you only play puzzle games and games with simple graphics then the 820 will be OK, just don't expect to have 15 games loaded on your phone unless you're willing to sacrifice some other apps that might be more necessary in your day to day life.  And last, don't buy it from AT&T as they won't even give us the latest update to fix the internal storage bug.  Man, I am so over AT&T I am really close to jumping to T-Mobile.

Does anyone know if this will work in Europe (UK) for HSPA+?  Might get one for the wife.

I also own and 820 and I'm quite satisfied with it. But I do hope that there will be an update to use SD card for apps in the upcoming months. Does anyone know anything about that? Is that on the table?

I happened to buy a camera from the mentioned website. The guys are very operative and the support team works very well. Thought this might help someone.

Disappointed in mine. The wireless charging has stopped working only after three months. Expansys won't repair it citing user damage.