Simple Calendar starts the new month with an update for transparent Live Tiles and more

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is a minimalist calendar client with a focus on content as opposed to cluttering the UI, much like Windows Phone in general. This latest release isn't a massive upgrade to the experience, but does include new features opening up new functionality. We've previously highlighted Simple Calendar for its simply stunning use of the Modern UI, especially regarding the Live Tiles. Speaking of which, head past the break to see what's new.

Version 3.2.1 includes the following:

  • Tiles can have different background colours or be transparent
  • Combine Frodo (available for free until the end of February) & Gob premium tiles into one tile

Simple Calendar

The ability to combine both Frodo and Gob premium tiles together is a neat improvement, not to mention the transparent Live Tile backgrounds to better stand out against the array of apps sharing the same screen. We strongly urge you to check out Simple Calendar, especially if you're searching for a replacement for the Microsoft Calendar app.

​You can download Simple Calendar from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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Reader comments

Simple Calendar starts the new month with an update for transparent Live Tiles and more


have no idea why 'Private Appointments' should appear so much
Second. it should have synced with facebook... or do i miss out the way to do it..????
i see option for hotmail and gmail only

Hide the private appointments in the settings, which should remove them from view. I've not attempted to synchronise with Facebook (can't stand the social network), so can't help there.

But I want to show my actual private appointments, and as long as no third party app is allowed to do that, it's pretty much useless for me.
I really wish MS makes it possible in WP8.1!

Concerning the 'Private Appointments' I think all you need to do is disable the "Show all day appointments" option. As for the Facebook info I have not seend any info either, I think it's not supported yet.

Chronos calender sync's with FB. And there are no 'Private Appointments'. All other calendars I have tried shows my birthdaycalendar as 'Private Appointments' but not Chronos.
And with Chronos I can add appointment's to my outlook. And if you do some ninja tricks it will even sync with iPad and Android calendars.
So until MS makes a better calendar or make it open for dev's I stick to Chronos

Not sure why the Frodo I already purchased now says TRAIL across the face of my live tile. I made no changes but it acts like this is new. Thougths?

Nope, uninstalled the app completely and it still says TRAIL across the Frodo/Translucent setting, which is what I had pre- update. This stinks...

You misunderstood me, sorry. From within the app, tap on the "trial" and select to purchase it. If you have paid for the in app purchase in the past, the app will recognized this and the price will be free

This app is nice and I love it's tile but I can't stand the "Private appointments" bs it gives me in this app. I stopped using it and I now use Cal which is the best in my opinion.

No worries and yeah I've noticed this too, especially when attempting to browse around at appointments in a hurry. I guess we need updates to make the app "appear faster" :-)

On wpcentral, editors post small news and even the breaking news and like Windows phone 8.1 and other apps. It may not be useful to u but to someone.

Why do you keep clicking on the stories? Do you just like announcing to the world what you think is "useless"?

Heh, it's a superb calendar app. We rely on calendars ourselves so it makes sense to highlight the more feature-rich and better looking apps out there :-)

It does look nice. I dont need a calendar as much as I need a way to organize clients info. Without actually adding them to my contact list. Number, email... Website maybe and products I sold to them etc. A way to bulk email them would be awesome too. Maybe there's a desktop app for this I just haven't looked into it. I dont need a bank app as most transactions are cash

I own a business. I remember my schedule I dont need a phone to tell me what I was supposed to do lol. Sheesh. Thats why my business thrives. I utilize technology to improve business. I dont expect it to actually do the work for me. Maybe the calculator ;) I made $100k last year and I work for myself. No boss. Never had one. No workers. No teachers. Every year my profits double. Im 24. No college. I simply learned. Reading is learning as I always say

Lots of respect for that. There are many things that you can pick up if you take the time to read. :-)

Why, thank you :) I hope that others can still get successful the old-fashion way. Takes alot of the stress out if you do it that way. I dont need to pay a tuition to give me a paper that says im smart.

Thanks, Rich!

Just updated, and am using a transparent tile now - Love it!

For some reason, though - My Gob is gone, and does not appear to be available for purchase? 

Anyone else have this happen? I'm only able to use Frodo. On Lumia 920, GDR3+Black.

Happened to me too. I'll try reinstalling it later. I don't use it but I did pay for it and want it there :)

It's missing on my 920\GDR3\Black since the update too, but surely it's redundant now, since Gob was basically a 'negative' or transparent version of Frodo!

Guys im from Portugal but in my calendar it shows all US holidays. how do i "erase" them?

This would be my calendar app if I would show my tasks. Oh well...back to the default. Anybody know a calendar all that syncs with outlook tasks or a good tasks app that syncs?

Still somethings to improve: select the number or appointments to display in Frodo and more importante, the different colors should be per calendar and not per account. I have my company sharepoint with 5 calendars (one per project) and they are display in the same color, while in the MS calendar its a color for each one.

Please, try to also add the capability to update an entry. I have heard about other apps where you can do that

Why MS does not allow edit O365 events inside the device??? Beause of that, basically all calendar apps are USELESS to me. Bunch of idiots at MS not suporting their own products 100%.

What the heck is Frodo? Or Gob?

Neither show up in the app store when I search "Frodo" or "Gob."


edit - oh, features of the program that you'd otherwise pay for...

Is the 'Transparent' option new?  Thought it had always been there, unless I'd selected a black background for Frodo....

And yeah, Gob missing here too.

Nice Calendar

i m using it only for the Tiles

it misses a Month View Medium Tile, in my opinion


I only started using this Calendar the other day and while the Basic tile was nice, I really liked the Gob. So I just went to buy it, and it was free! According to the article I didn't think it was, but it was for me. 

Gob and Frodo were offered free last week (as reported on WPCentral!).  Looks like the transparent option might have replaced Gob.

I noticed several people complaining about the "private appointments" that get into this calendar.

This also happens with Super Calendar, and it isn't just all day appointments.


For some reason, some appointments get tagged as Private when they sync...from what I have seen.

I fix mine by going into the appointment in the WP Calendar and unchecking "private"


I haven't noticed a pattern to whiich appointments do this....like where they are created...




PS, sorry for replying to a reply...no time to fix it....