Simple Calendar updated, new Live Tiles added to the mix

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is a clean looking alternative to the native Windows Phone calendar. The Windows Phone 8 app uses your existing calendars, making setup easy and has an extremely user friendly interface. The calendar app ranks amongst the best we’ve seen and an update is now available, taking Simple Calendar to version 3.5.

The version 3.5 update for Simple Calendar mainly deals with the app’s Live Tile feature by adding two new styles and an option to show the last updated time for all wide tile styles.

Simple Calendar New Tiles

The new wide tile styles are part of Simple Calendar’s premium tiles that are available through in-app purchase. The new tile set includes two styles, Wayne and Lloyd. Wayne has your day/date displayed to the left of the Live Tile with your upcoming appointments lined up to the right of the Live Tile. Lloyd is similar in style but has the day/date highlighted. The new wide tile style pack will run you $2.49.

In addition to the new premium tile set, the update adds the option to display the last update time on your Simple Calendar Live Tile. It’s a nice feature to have should you be concerned that the information on the tile is somewhat dated.

Simple Calendar is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. After seven days, ad-support kicks in and you can remove the ads, as well as buy premium Live Tile sets, through in-app purchases.

You can find Simple Calendar here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Simple Calendar updated, new Live Tiles added to the mix


Long overdue. It's had exactly the same layout and functionality since Wp7. I can't believe you can still only view a single appointment at a time. 

Yeah, the built-in calendar supports To-Do lists and loads faster.

If only other calendar apps were like this I'd use the hell out of them.

I dunno. It seems to me sometimes as if there is way more info on that than needed. The normal calendar app tile gives you the required info. And if you want more you can open it up. Useful if you have more than one appointments

Yeah, I like their live tile, but I like and need the built in calendar functionality better. If simple cal can pull in my other cals that I have created in my MSaccount, and Facebook, it would be the best. But it only pulls in my main live cal and exchange office365.

I agree. The background looks ugly. No wonder the guy from Phonearena loves it so much...

I have tried Super Calender and its really awesome. But 4$ is rather expensive

Is the Basic style beside Wayne and Lloyd still available? The basic style is actually similar to the lock screen style and it shows the day and the time of beginning and ending of the appointment on the live title. Thanks for feedback. 

Chronos Calendar is the best one with beautiful UI and constant update.Try it once u guys will understand ,i can vouch for it no look back :).

I agree.  Chronos has the best Live Tiles - because they flip. Now that you can customize the calendar page itself, it really is the best one out there. 

I'm still looking for a really good calendar app.  The default one shows you the month but you can't read the items on the individual days unless you tap them.  Simple Calendar shows you one item for each day, but you can't edit anything.  Chronos just shows you that you have an item on each day, but not what until you tap it.  My old Android phone had a calendar app that looked like the calendar on my wall.  You can see the grid for the whole month, and up to 3 or 4 items for each day.  One glance to see all the general information.

Maybe I'll make this app myself.

Simple calendar looks nice but when I tried it the live tile would not update.  So if today was the 1st it would show the 31st on the date until I tapped the live tile and brought up the calendar.  That kind of defeated the purpose of the calendar.  Still on the hunt for  good calendar app. Chronos was good when I tried it when it was free, haven't looked at the new versions though.

Email me, I'll help you get the tile working (Email link is in help and about sections of Simple Calendar)

I agree that Chronos Calendar is by far the best calendar app in the store. Since the last update there are literally dozens of live tile styles and you can customise the calendar itself either by using one of the many pre-installed designs or by customising it yourself. It's also an up front cost (with a free trial) with no in-app purchases needed.