Skulls of the Shogun now available for Windows Phone

Skulls of the Shogun

It's a little early but Skulls of the Shogun is now live in the Windows Phone Store.

Due to be released tomorrow, January 30th, the newest Xbox title not only breaks the drought of Xbox game releases but also spans the full gaming spectrum with versions for Windows 8/RT and Xbox Live Arcade as well as for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x.

With the release comes special pricing as well. The Windows Phone version is discounted to $4.99, the Windows 8 version will run your $9.99 and the Xbox Live Arcade version launches at 1200 Microsoft Point (about $15).

While we are seeing the Windows Phone version of Skulls of the Shogun appearing in the Windows Phone Store, it's yet to make it to the Windows 8 or Xbox Store. Hopefully it's just a case of the other stores being a little behind our Windows Phone Store front.

There is a trial version available for Skulls of the Shogun and you can pick up your Windows Phone version here in the Store.

Thanks, Kei, for the tip!

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Skulls of the Shogun now available for Windows Phone


Downloading it now, been excited for this for a while. Planning on getting the WP8 version and the XBLA version as well.

Ummm... your inter-webs spelling of 'douchebag' doesn't really help your cause though.  
Also seems like a rather unnecessary question to be honest....  
Win 8 Store> SEARCH> 'Shogun'... thats certainly gotta be more efficient and quicker than posting the question in comments and waiting for replies, no?

What exactly is the connection between the three versions? Are they three separate games with the same name? Can you pause on one and play on the other?

I haven't seen any log stating they sync together. I believe they are stand alone version available on multiple platforms...i would love to be proven wrong though.

THey have cloud saving so if you save a game you can pick up and continue on another and cross platform multiplayer so you can play people on xbox and w8 using async mp which is pretty cool *also you can take ur turn on wp8 and then do your turn on xbox* its the first true 3 screen game we have

I'm not a big gamer, nor do I play a lot of games on my phone but I have been watching the progress of this game. I love the aesthetics, the story line and music. I just downloaded this (1/29/13) and played the game through my blue tooth speaker. it is a cool game, looks so good on my Nokia Lumia 820! Highly recommend.

So small. With all the fuzz I thought this game to be 200mb+. Now I'm thinking that the hype around the game can only make us disappointed. Will try it when I get to WiFi.

True for all your comments, but look at what im really meaning here, its telling how much content there is in the game. I was thinking that SoS would be a graphical master peace. A game can be fun being 10mb but I with the buzz around the game, I thought it to be a graphical heavy super game. I am longing for one. The style of graphics seems cool and all and the game might be fun (not my first impression), just was hoping for more.

Actually a game's size doesn't make a difference at all. Levels can be auto-generated from a script, the sprites can be re-used throughout different levels etc.

Frustrating that you have to have WiFi to download larger apps and games... Let me use the LTE for what it would work best with... large files! 

I think the graphics could be a lot better than what they are imo. And everything is so blown up on the menu it feels like it isn't at 720p resolution...

I was also hoping it would be optimized for WP8, but i think the awesomeness of the game makes up for the lower resolution.

Great game. Now all we need it this to continue going forward. Come on MS, we have new hardware, so lets push it.

Been playing for the last half hour on the phone, it's already super fun and charming. Can't wait to get the Surface version.

Now this day must be the Holiday Because MS decided to release the Game !!!! Wow ??? And how much month should we wait till the next game ????

It is probably the best game available for WP. And we need to buy the hell out of it so Microsoft doesn't forget about us, this is our chance to show them. $5 is pricy, but so is a value meal at mcdonalds and this probably won't give you diahhrea, its a win-win.

While playing the intro movie my phone locked. Anyone else have that happen? To play multiplayer on the console, do you have to have Xbox Live gold? Multiplayer on two phones, do I have to be connected to the internet or just WiFi?

Darn it, my my Microsoft gift card account from bing rewards was 3 cents short after tax (but not buying it was never an option). Oh well, now I have some credit to buy Mehdoh with!

The graphics are horrible on the phone.  Tons of jagged edges, and altogether blurry; my guess is that part of it is upscaled.
It's a shame, because it looks a ton better on the Surface RT (which nearly has the same resolution).  It's too bad that the Windows Phone 8 version doesn't take advantage of the better quality assets they're using on the tablet.

This is why we can't have nice things... If we don't buy WP games with large production values like SoS (not to mention exclusive) we might never see its like again. The game play is top notch and the artwork is great. Not sure I agree with your numerous complaints about the graphics.

It's not native 720p, has black bars on my 8x and I'm pretty disappointed that they didn't make a version that showcases the quality of newer screens. There are tons of Android games that have different texture packs, resolutions and graphical effects based on what chipset you're using so they could have easily done the same. That being said, I think the graphical style, polish and performance are great and IMO it's easily the best game available for WP.

Bought without a trial. But there's already 5 star reviews. Good old hype machine, how is it 5 stars when the games been out for not even a day yet?

Just downloaded trial version no issues will buy full version reminds of total war shogun for my PC great game.

Played for about 3 minutes on my Lumia 920 and you could have cooked a hotdog on my phone. If I played any longer it would be a pile of melted plastic.

For 4,99€(6,99€) this game should have HD textures... Really disappointing. I bought it anyway to support the platform...

Played for about 20 min and bought it straight away. Awesome game play, controls and art style. The humour is the icing on the cake

So there is no HD graphics? I was worried that is was my Lumia, because I felt it was better the first time I played it. Then my phone froze and I had to soft reset and then I saw the low resolution.. So it's not HD?

Its definitely not HD, very disappointing. And it isn't optimized well at all because my phone cooks while it played the trial. No buy for me until those two get fixed.

Those complaining about the lack of hd graphics need a bit of perspective. This is a fully fledged console strategy game that in terms of playability hasn't been dumbed down AT ALL. It is a fantastic game, easily the best game on Windows Phone and up there with the best on any mobile system, if not better.

Als, the Windows Phone version was in development for quite a long time and went into certification back in August, before WP8 became available. It couldn't have been optimized for WP8 without causing all three versions to suffer another delay.

Like the game, but two issues, one it drains battery real fast, two, I only played the trial but with large number of troops it is difficult to find and position people, I also had an issue where the second round no words were spoken, the dialogue is witty...i feel it would be much better on w8 or rt

Neither has Civilization Revolution, but that doesn't stop me from saying that port looks like garbage too.  One can enjoy a game and still wish that they had put out a version that takes advantage of the hardware.
Besides, people are using the fact that the WP7 version was already near the end of its cycle by the time the WP8 SDK came out... but the fact that the developer has a WinRT version means that they were already most of the way to getting a native WP8 version.

Phone battery died!!! WHILE PLUGGED INTO CHARGER!! for a game thats far from graphically intence (great artwork but its not hardware taxing) thats insane!!!

Played the first level this morning, geniunely awesome. First game in a long time that I can't wait to pick up and play again.

Asking again (asked via games forum) can you save your progress in campaign and pick it up from Surface/W8 or 360?  I read it does but I don't see how.  Are all saves on Windows Phone synced via the cloud?  Haven't bought it for W8 and/or 360 until I know for sure I can do it.  Thanks!
edit:  opps now I see (loading online) so that answers my question.