Sky News gets updated with wide Live Tiles and lockscreen support

Sky News

The official Sky News app has been updated to take advantage of features available in Windows Phone 8, including Live Tiles and lockscreen support. The new functionality enables fans of the media service to not only have more convenient access on their Start Screen, but to also have their lockscreen image and content altered by the app.

As well as new Live Tile sizes (you can now pin a wide Sky News tile), the development team has also added support for Live Tiles to display latest stories pulled down by the app itself. It's a neat little update to bring Sky News up-to-date with other news solutions available on the Windows Phone Store. Check out the app if you're a frequent reader.

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Sky News gets updated with wide Live Tiles and lockscreen support


I honestly don't care about the BBC any more and rarely use their services. I do still tune in to Radio 2 though which is excellent, but everything else they do doesn't interest me. Therefore, the amount of money I spend on the license fee each year is probably wasted money.


Am yow really from the Black Country? Arm from the Black Country ay I. Ar bay a Brummie or a Dingle. :D

Try Paperboy. Done by Lawrence Gripper, I like it, and you can select whichever topics you want to view.

And still no Tech news! Unlike other platforms, Sky is very much behind on Windows Phone compared to other broadcasters, almost as bad as BBC's HTML5 design.

Is good to see some development and the app is getting better but no tech news and no transparent tile... It worked well though and I'm sure will be improved in time.

There was a newspaper article about a company called Apple Winery or Apple Farm, can't remember the exact name, that had to change their name as they were getting more calls about broken iPhones than about their products. Maybe its a UK thing lol.

My live tile doesn't update, it's just a wide logo... Should it update?! Also this version removes the option for white text on dark background. I think the stories are now actually displayed from simplified HTML pages rather than pulled into the app itself.

"Updated To Take Advantage Of Features Available In Windows Phone 8"
Jesus Christ, When Was The Last Time They Updated It? (In Southern Leonardo Di Caprio voice).

I'll never use their services simply because what they did to SkyDrive.

Is this UK only for streaming videos?

Here in the US and trying to finish watching Monarchy, series 3 & 4. Netflix only has first two seasons. Channel 4 has the remainder online but you have to be in UK to stream...

Bloody well

Not better than Bing News, now called News of course. Every news app should be measured against that app. Is it better? Does it provide a better news service? The new Sky app doesn't & isn't, for me anyway.