SkyDrive app for Windows Phones gets a small bump to version 2.1

While details are scarce, we're getting a lot of reports that the official SkyDrive app for Windows Phone received an update tonight.

Indeed, the app has a version 2.1 stamp on it now, shortly after going to version 2.0 just two weeks ago. We can't see any new features (no batch uploads, etc.) but presumably there are some under the hood fixes on board.

We're not sure if it's new or not but uploading photos directly via this app does preserve photo integrity, which is good news for those with 8 or 16MP cameras. We tried both our Titan II and Lumia 900 and both photos were completely untouched, meaning we're using this as our default photo upload service (more on that tomorrow).

Anyway, if you find any other changes, hit us up in comments as it's late here and our perusing skills are waning by the moment.

Pick up version 2.1 here in the Marketplace. Thanks, everyone, for the tips

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Reader comments

SkyDrive app for Windows Phones gets a small bump to version 2.1


By the way, is that only with the app or does the built in SkyDrive upload in full resolution too?

Just pressed update, so cant rememer all, but Gleek (the twitter client i still havent tested) i remember. So Soundhound, Gleek, SkyDrive app got updates...

I cant understand why they cant fix the damn lag on Soundhound and the hideos non-metro button :/

Yeah, the photo uploading has been like that since the first version. It was the first thing I tried with it.

Is SkyDrive now the only app that will upload high res photos or do other apps such as photobucket upload the entire photo as well?

I still use Flickr for my primary photo storage. I don't know if the 2.1 version of Skydrive finally resolved the image resizing issue.

You said "more on that tomorrow".. That was the day before yesterday.. I am interested in your way of dealing with automatic uploads.. Is the mentioned article still planned?