SkyDrive upgraded adding a handful of features

SkyDrive, the Windows Live file hosting/sharing service, is set to receive a fairly major upgrade today, which will introduce a number of requested features. It's now much easier to manage office documents and other files on an account thanks to the ability to set permissions or share individual files within a folder. Not only that, but the team have now made it possible for files to be shared to social networks and for private links to be generated that can be shared with select personnel.

Multiple selections can be made to move, download or delete more than one folder. Folders can be created (and renamed) inline without having to click in multiple locations. Uploading to SkyDrive has also been improved by taking advantage of the HTML5 File API and now users can simply drag files and photos into the web browser window and onto the file listing. A upload overlay will then be display at the bottom right hand corner of the screen allowing the user to continue using the service.

 SkyDrive Upload Window

As well as the above, support has been added for PDF and RAW file types, the photo slide show has been improved, and signing into SkyDrive is now more efficient (up to 50% faster). Check out more information on the SkyDrive blog (link below) with more screenshots. Unfortunately, still no more word on a Windows Phone app or more integration with the OS.

Source: Windows Live Blog


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SkyDrive upgraded adding a handful of features


Finally! This is completely awesome, as SkyDrive is one of my most used services on WP7. Now, on to share and collaborate.

all these features are amazing. and skydrive is even better now!
of course it still needs to improve alot of stuff but its amazing and free! and it will be more amazing and useful once win8 is released.

Definitely a step in the right direction...So glad I ditched dropbox for it.  If MS merges Live Mesh and Skydrive that would be ever so sweet....

great added funcionality, but they really need to integrate Mesh into Skydrive. we should still be able to select folders we want to sync to PC, but being able to view/edit files from one view would be just amazing.
Hope they will get that working really really soon... :)

ahh, this may be why I was having some issues with my onenote document this morning. THe phone kept thinking the file was deleted, even after it successfully syncs it every time I resync it. I ended up rebooting the phone, and now it's fine again. I was almost afraid there was some issue, but this is good news. At least it wasn't some random issue that I had encountered.

join Mesh with skydrive and windows phone- automatically backup your phone and/or folders on your computer to skydrive

Now this is great news! It´s gna make it easier for me to upload all my University´s work online and keep it there for a long long time. Right now, I mostly use Skydrive as a storage facility but next year ima save all my assignments online as well as on my USB storage. Lol it is a nightmare when your 4000 words report file is corrupted and you don´t have a backup copy that is up to date with the lastest things you´ve added. A real pain in the *** lol

For me, now all the need to do is make it more visually appealing...