Hold the call as Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets updated with general improvements


Skype for Windows Phone is an important app, simply because it's the official client for the hugely popular video call service from Microsoft. Whenever there's an update to Skype we rejoice at the fact an annoying bug or issue we've been experiencing with the service itself may have been addressed. Today, the development team has pushed version to the store, which contains "general fixes and improvements."

Skype App

We're not sure what these fixes address, but should you have experienced problems when using the Windows Phone app prior to this update and are now able to get calling without fault, let us know in the comments. The last major update we saw for Skype was back in December when IM copy and paste was introduced.

Should you not have the app already installed, download Skype from the Windows Phone Store. via: Plaffo

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Hold the call as Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets updated with general improvements


Well, I hope one day they will have the same dedication to update the Windows Phone version as frequent as the iOS one.

After the news of them releasing a Bing related app first for the others and coming soon for windows phone, something tells me Skype updates will always be an afterthought for them as always.

I let Bing it have for that, I use Bing exclusively since 2010 and have 4 windows phones in my house and I have to wait, now they can't get skype to the level of IOS and android something is wrong here.

It's difficult to understand for me why peoples don't have a glue, that is just a business... Where more money - more quick development. When we'll cross the line "more perspective or more profitable" - versions for WP will be at first place. Until now i'm, personally, satisfied with quality of lumia 920 and environment. And any enchancement is just "wow, ok, thanks - good news"... Every day good news - is very super-puper :)

If peoples will think negative: "why i'm not have feature, but my apple friend have - uuuugh " - just buy another platform. If current platform is comfortable - ... Why constant crying? Yes, i haven't applications for my local banks. Not good. But overall pluses is much better than some minuses.

Is it so important to have update today, or after a month, but without a bugs? I'll wait until products of goos quality comes to me. Or as now - write it by myself :) 

Sorry for my english...

The problem is most people on IOS use face time and google hangout is taking over for android, so they need to give the WP and windows users the first preference because most Skype users are PC users.

There is no urgency to release on ios or android first. If as Bing tried to say they just wanted to do additional testing to ensure a great windows Phone experience, they should have waited till all testing was done. What was the urgency to release first to the rival OS first? None. Just bad business practices.

They are competing against Facetime, Google hangout and etc. on other platforms. They don't have luxury to sit on the release until WP version is done.

Good for them. If I can have those native services + better Skype experience in rival plattforms... why should I buy another Windows Phone next time then?

Same reason you bought it the first time?

If you bought a Windows Phone because you wanted to get apps when they are first released then you had buyers remorse a long time ago...

That's not the way to think. For example, while shopping around last Xmas i told my friend i loved the new Nokia 1520 and that i wanted to leave Android due to a variety of reasons. After less than one week she gave me a black Lumia 1520.

After about one month of intensive use i realize WP is not ready for prime time and the frustration is growing by the day. What you do in a snap and consider as a standard given fact on other platforms, on WP has simply been delayed for 4 years. I am not talking about rocket science; even basic things like the capability to edit text in a free way, the presence of decent dictionaries, the capacity to share pics and files in snap, save articles where you want, the lack of certain keyboards (especially for Chinese), the lack of a swipe function for text insertion, and much else, simply make the OS unusable for professional use. It's essentially an expensive toy with a great screen and can take gorgeous pics and videos. But for that i can buy a point and shoot.

Me, and people like me WANT to make the jump to WP. There is a bit more privacy, i am more eager to buy apps on WP than i am on Google (i don't like the whole platform), i find the tile concept more original and elegant (although not practical till they allow devs to turn tiles into real widgets).

Microsoft has two main issues in this.

A) They don't have the time or the will to develop quicker.

B) Someone else could do it for them but they are not eager to release the APIs. This is also why many major Android devs refuse to develop for WP. They say "Not only the OS platform has a marginal share of market but we also have to cope with MS limitations that affect our software". And i see that as most apps on the market are subpar with anything try on other platforms.

Calendars, news readers, Skype, File managers (can't allow you to see what's in the SD) , Microsoft Office (official) that won't allow access to SD or to open MS word password protected files.

Some processes to download an app on desktop takes 3 verification steps with the use of 2 email accounts. By the time i am done i am sleeping or so enraged that i just leave it there and go do else.

WP is just not ready for prime time. It's a platform that makes a limited share of users happy because those users don't experience its limits due to geographic conditions (they don't travel so they don't need professional linguistic tools for example, which are on Android/iOS but not on WP); they don't type, edit, send hundred of mails while on the move so they can live with a so so keyboard without proper Chinese insertion (to mention one). Many don't need to share files or use alternative apps but if your customers are on SKYPE and you need to share documents (NDAs, translations, localized files for UIs, glossaries) and they WORK on Skype, working on a WP system is just cutting your balls in your professional life. I didn't appreciate enough what i had on other phones because they were given for granted. Now that someone has paid those 700 Euros to buy me a WP and i experience daily its shortcomings (including the lack of proper human support in Asia and the arrogance of Nokia outlets in Taiwan in particular), with unfixed bugs (oversensitive screen first in line), i understand why many return their devices.

One buys a phone thinking it may suit his lifestyle. Some people buy wrong phones despite those phones offering everything. But some phones are just subpar in anything and i wonder who can they fit in general. If one looks at the sales WP is rising, and that makes me happy as it means more updates and improvements. But if one digs a bit many are also returning their phones due to deep frustration with user experience and i can tell it's not just about "getting used to a new system". It's about a system that lacks too much and that too much is being fixed too slow and in the meantime you have to cope with subpar applications that look like cheap chinese copies of the good stuff.

That's my 2 cents.






You're missing the point. We're talking about services Microsoft owns (Skype). Is it too much to ask for them to at least be on pair with other platforms? As the guy from the other reply, I took Skype for granted before I made the jump and I was wrong but I shouldn't have been. I mean, maybe it makes sense to you, but then again, you don't make much sense, sorry.

Well, how can WP go big when they are not taking care for their own apps. Why would people want to switch to WP where there isn't Google Hangouts, or FaceTime and on top of all Skype is bad. Why would people want to switch, if there is no Chrome, or Safari and IE is bad. MSFT must take care for their OSs, cuz no one else will!

Microsoft board of directors and most of the staff are all using iOS and Android devices. WP is a joke to them. That's how come most apps and services are tested on Android and iOS first before WP. OneDrive rebranding will soon hit those OSes before WP...mark and see.

Bing and OneDrive updates could very well be slower. Why? No, not because you think Microsoft staff reject WP. It's because they are both baked into the OS and hence their update schedule aligns with OS updates.

There's no such excuse for Skype right now, except that 8.1 may increase integration / multitasking capabilities and so they are targeting that for a major revision.

wow..what a joke! 8 billion dollars and they can't produce a better WP client. Wonder what is going to happen to NOKIA devices.... <shudders>

Still not getting incoming calls when app hasn't been run once. Thought 3uk had best system where call comes in over normal voice call.

Ok, I thought I was the only that had this issue.

I have a feeling that WP8.1 will integrate Skype more deeply into to O/S so it will be running on reboot.

I will re-download Skype on my phone once it's on par with what Messenger was.

On a somewhat related note, did anyone notice in the Skype desktop client for Windows now has this giant banner at the top of the convo windows now?  Ridiculous....  they should just stick to text ads like Messenger did.

Skype on WP8 is still awful. My girlfriends iPhone has no trouble making Skype video calls etc., but when I try to use it, I may as well be using two cups and a string. Amazing how they could fumble an app that's supposedly built into WP devices.

I dunno man, it's still missing a lot, but mine makes calls just fine. I think you're getting a little too dramatic there.

No, I have yet to be able to make one Skype call on WP8. I am fine on the PC, but Skype can't understand how to call users on WP for me, and people on PC or other phones can't seem to call me.

That's really odd, I have zero issues with calling. Did you check the forums for potential solutions?

No, no I'm not. Its not my network here either. Viber, VIBER, makes clearer calls than Skype. And we all know how unreliable Viber is on WP8.

Everything that Microsoft makes is funny. No font smoothing in browser, in their apps icons do not have HDPI resolution. I mean... WTF. Half of their games aren't Widescreen enabled and Halo, which is showcase game isn't running in native resolution on higher end hardware. Whole WP team, including Belfiore should get fired. I mean, how can you not get work done properly...

Technically, we are running the "Windows 8" version of Windows Phone. Microsoft didn't auto-include / build-in Skype functionality until Windows 8.1. Maybe with WP8.1 this situation will change.

I just don't get how MS wants wants wants this WP platform to succeed, but still admits defeat by releasing all their stuff on OTHER platforms FIRST!  It amazes me.  Have some balls.  Google believes so little in WP that they have publicly stated no future Google products will be made to work on WP.  Now that is ballsy.

C'mon Microsoft, step up to the plate with some confidence and put yourself first for a change.

I would be happy if my contacts didn't have to text me "hey can you go on Skype?" so they can call me. I never appear online. L920. :/

I'm still waiting for Skype to be integrated in Windows Phone and please change the damn logo Microsoft, you own it now!

It is annoying that update notes are not provided. I remember update notes on iOS.
Who knows what they fixed on WP8 Skype. Maybe nothing at all.

Microsoft often doesn't seem to be really trying with WP8 that hard

I've been a huge user of Skype before swtiching to WP. Now that Skype sucks so much on WP, I prefer to use Viber.

Pretty soon, I'll switch back to iOS once Apple releases a bigger screen phone. While Nokia has tried with loads of quality apps to make Windows Phone a success, MS keeps dragging with some ridiculous decisions. While there seems to be a giant leap in OS updates, major MS apps are still at a distant from the quality obtainable on other platforms. Just wait till MS finally absorbs Nokia D&S and the Nokia brand name is dropped, we'll see how far Windows Phone will go.

They did appear to fix one of the most annoying bugs, actually.  When you send a message, then hide the keyboard, your message was always hidden below the viewable area, and you had to scroll down to see it.  Now, when you send a message, it seems to work like you would expect.  I am VERY happy about this, because it was extremely annoying.

App load time was increased :) I'm seeing the " Loading..." much more often now, and no new Hold function as far as I can see .. Well played MS.

Skype is a joke. It's not only ugly, but also slow and buggy and with a lack of functions. MS needs to step up cos they are only releasing crap.

Lol M$ is really bad. Even in a WP forum where the most WP fanboys are, people are angry about the many things MS is doing. eg.: Slow updates, basic features missing, no support even from ms and stupid hardware limitations (at least in some lumia devices, maybe its just nokia there)

Slow to launch and load. No animated emoticons. No picture sending. And oh yeah, slow. What happened to the update to get better syncing if messages across devices that was promised in December?? IPhone got that weeks ago.

Before december update, i could Record video and send it to the group chat, but now I can't do it anymore

Still completely and utterly broken, just like the last update. That one crashed every time on start on my 920 and then 1520, and this update still crashes before loading on my 1520. I am traveling internationally and this has left me in the lurch for a month now. I can no longer depend on Skype and am now looking for alternatives. Thanks Microsoft!

They need to ditch the messaging and just integrate it into the WP8 messages. Seems so stupid that they made such a big deal about integrated messaging, which is a pretty good feature, but their own skype app, is separate from it all.


They also need to figure out a way to sort out having your phone and desktop version going at the same time, without the phone going nuts with messages.

I've always depended on Skype comparing with the other messaging and VoIP services. The difficulty I experience is that I can't receive calls while phone is locked, no IM either and no notifications too. I hope this can be fixed for 1020. And an option to choose to switch the screen between us and the party called, and also to minimize the small screen we're on when talking as it blocks the party we're talking to.

It's an app to make phonecalls. Extra: you can chat and videocall. Whats next? No own background? Jesus.... How many apps do you need to share files?

With chat capabilities amirite. I don't know about you but I have clients on Skype and yes file sharing will be helpful. You whatsapp your clients? I sure don't. File sharing is a common feature anyways why its not capable on WP ONLY is beyond me.

IOS and android have this feature on Skype so why don't we we? Its a Microsoft app after all. I really don't understand the ida of MS.. They want you to use their platform without giving you the support you need ... How long do they think we will keep taking it. WP 8.1 is their last hope if they really want to get attraction, not just fanboys.

So WP Users can apparently be Available or Invisible. I guess we can't be Away or Busy. Ridiculous.

It also doesn't remember credentials if you sign out, so basically you have to retype everything in again. What is wrong with the Skype team..seriously.

As most of the other comments have said, Skype on WP is bordering on an embarrassment. 

This is why I use IM+

I can do file transfer, have more status options, and other networks, too. If I do get a call, I fire up the Skype app. But everything else is done in IM+

Wow I am impressed at the news. However to attach pics for my contacts I still need to use Skype for Android. But after all WP has been on the market "only" for 4 years.

In the meantime I am trying to resell a Nokia 1520.

Before WP gets to the level of other OS' I'll be some 85yo.