Skype opens up Outlook.com integration to the world with HD video calls

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The Skype team today announced worldwide availability of Skype for Outlook.com. Previously, the feature was only available in select regions as the team trialled Outlook.com functionality, but now we're pleased to report that Outlook.com users will now be able to easily connect with Skype contacts while checking through emails. To make the announcement that much sweeter, the Skype team has also included HD video calls.

With Skype on Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox and other platforms, why would Outlook.com need connectivity with the messaging and VoIP service? Simply put, Skype for Outlook.com enables those on shared computers or in public locations easy and safe access to contacts, while making it more convenient to collaborate with colleagues when searching through emails on the web.

It's a sweet addition to the service as Skype doesn't need to be installed to make or answer calls through the web interface. All that's required is a plugin, which can be downloaded in moments - there's also Mac support. For PC users, HD calls are possible through Outlook.com, bringing the call quality up to par with native clients (depending on strength of connection and specs of said PC).

Today's announcements also includes a fix for issues with Skype (when running the Outlook.com plugin) continuing to ring on machines after picking up on another device. If you're a fan of Outlook.com and actively use Skype, we recommend you check the plugins out and see how you go.

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Skype opens up Outlook.com integration to the world with HD video calls


So only desktop browsers then. I guess they figured their latest os would just have Skype installed... But you can only use it as the signed in user...

so a day goes by that Tony Bates isn't interally trying to torpedo MSFT and this happens! jk, but you have to admit it almost makes it look that way :)