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Skype updated for Windows Phone 8. Now you can hide unwanted chats

Skype is getting better and better with each update on Windows Phone. While it may be behind in features from time-to-time compared to the Android and iOS versions, it’s still the best we have right now. Let’s check out what’s new in the latest version.

The last two big pieces of Skype news revolved around the ceasing of development for Windows Phone 7.x users and the most recent update. That last update finally brought the ability to send and receive video messages to Windows Phone. Something the iOS version of Skype has had since earlier this year. Here’s what’s new in version 2.11:

  • Tap and hold on unwanted chats to remove them from your recent list.
  • General fixes and improvements

While not the biggest update in terms of new features, the ability to remove conversations from your recent list should be handy for heavy Skype users wanting to tidy up. The app also features your general bug fixes and performance improvements. Notice anything different? Sound off below.

Want to play with this new feature in Skype for Windows Phone 8? Grab the app by going to the Windows Phone Store, by using the QR code below, or swiping to the right in our app.

Source: Skype Blog, Via: Plaffo

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Skype updated for Windows Phone 8. Now you can hide unwanted chats


No it's there. If you loaded the article before I added it you might need to wait for the app to refresh. Jay knows all about it. But I promise.. it's there :P

Cool your jets there, Tex. Nobody needs the link, just like nobody "needs" Skype in the first place - it just makes things more convenient.

That's great, but where is GDR2 for my Lumia 920 on AT&T that I don't actually own but is still a big deal?

Great to see more nice updates for Skype!

This is a skype article, its not like going on about will make them automagically update your phone to gdr2 lol.

... as long as I'm not always on (issue I'm complaining about for months, and with no official solution)... Useless app :(

So you can't use the app because it shows you being online? What errors does it give you that it prevents you from using it? You said it was "useless" so I'm shocked you can't 'use' it because it shows you online.

I think he means that as long as he has to go into the app and have it running in order to see messages and calls, it's useless. Is it still like that? I haven't used the app for a while since my 521 doesn't have a front facing camera. But that's how it used to be, which did indeed make Skype rather usless on windows phones. Maybe it's changed.

I don't think it was ever like that for me. Skype calls come in just like cellular calls, whether I have the app open or not.

Funny, I just checked and I have Skype on my phone, logged in and everything, and I have NEVER received a notification on the phone and a call has never come in. Does one need to relaunch it every time the phone is started? Do I need to have it pinned to the home screen? Anything else? 

You MIGHT need to relaunch it and then close after a reboot, but I'm not 100% sure about that.  Otherwise though, it definitely works in the background for calls/chats and such no problem for me since the update that enabled that a long while back.

Maybe you don't have friends, have you ever thought of that? Skype doesn't send random calls and messages you know, someone has to do it.

What?? Here I've been sitting waiting for Skype Test Call woman to finally call me back... *sob*...

"as long as I'm not always on"
How about you log out of your account? You also complain your phone is always on and available to take a call? You do understand what Skype is about right?

Ok, let me explain it better: I'm NOT able to be always on. I'd love to be able to be always on, but it doesn't work for me. It should keep my account logged on but it doesn't work. If I close the app then I'm not online anymore, so if i want to chat/receive calls I MUST be on the skype screen... I know what Skype should be about...

Contrary to this I am able to always on but every time someone calls me, I get a ring on my phone about 2 days later and if I pick that call up, it freezes at "loading" screen for about a decade. So my friends always bitch about how I am always online but never pick up their calls. :/

Try uninstalling and restarting before reinstall. Then pin the app to lock screen. Mine works as it should and that is how mine is set up.

You can send a lot of stuff through whatsapp. Mind you you can't send a pdf or word document, but still! At least they could let us send pics and music and stuff.

For some reason, Skype breaks my Contact list. If I add Skype, my friends phone numbers go from (###)###-#### to +## # ### ### #### and my phone refuses to dial the number. 

Try to disable international assist in Phone settings. It might solve it so you will be able to dial the numbers. But I am not sure.

Why not store all your contacts in that format to begin with? I have taken to that for a few years and have never seen a cellular carrier that it didn't work with and I do a lot of roaming. The format is called E.164. So for North America store all contacts like this +1XXXYYYZZZZ It is the same for other countries. Czech Republic would be +420XXXYYYZZZ
I think it should work for you.

Not so much, dude. Honestly, I still prefer to WhatsApp due to its fixed notification bug nowadays, but Skype does better by giving a free voice calls and video calls (for Skype users).

Notifications are instant for me same as whatsapp. But I think they are not as reliable with one or two getting lost in a month or so.

When i lock my phone i still get it instantly. Make sure ur connection is on when the screen is locked.

Not if the recent you want to delete is a favorite. You must remove them as a favorite before you can delete the recent chat. What is that Skype? Just because they are my favorite doesnt mean I want their chat in my recent.

I want know when we will be able to chat with Facebook and other services that are currently available through the Messaging app and has disappeared in Windows 8.1. I know this is Windows Phone 8, but I hope the same does not happen once Windows Phone 8.1 is released. Hopefully, these services are integrated back in by launch of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 when the Messenger app fully goes away.

What Outlook app? I have Office installed and the Mail app. Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of a message centric hub if I have to goto different apps to chat with different networks?

Agreed. The Skype app is junk compared to the old Messaging app. Every time I start up my PC or Surface, I have to open Skype once for it to begin receiving message notifications. The Messaging app did that automatically. Then when I receive a Messenger message with the Skype app, the toast notification takes me to a weird empty conversation that just says I need to add this person as a contact. If I back out and go back in by tapping the Skype tile and tapping the conversation, it shows the correct conversation. That's extremely annoying! This app is hardly ready to replace Messenger.

Is this on 8.0 or 8.1? If the latter, MS still has time to fix before official release. If the former, WTF are they thinking?

I still can't receive calls and messages unless I open the app and keep it open without returning to the home screen or switching to another app.
That's really annoying...

Skype doesn't have so many settings... I enable both Skype and Messanger messages, and my profile results "online" when I tap on it (I can only choose between online, or "available", and offline or "invisible).
But I still don't get incoming calls or messages...
@nelsonecm Nope, I on WP8.

Same for me, on Lumia 521, as mentioned above. I didn't even know it, but I had Skype installed and have never received a call or message on it, though it works fine on the PC.

I've the same issue on Lumia 920. I would like to be online and receive messages and calls, even when Skype is working in the background. But I cant.
Am I the only one whose L920 gets damn hot like a frying pan while using Skype? :)
Tried almost everything. Even hard reset.
Thought Amber/GDR2 update would resolve this issue. But no luck!
Apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Viber works seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms. Shame for WP8 :(

Wow months for this "massive" update. Do they have like one person working part time on wp8 Skype or something? Hiding a conversation is just UI code, honestly. How about animated emoticons, group calling, attachments and less fail? And why does it still take so long to open the damn app.

If whatsapp and Skype are open in the background, what'sapp opens instantly. Skype still loads for over 5 seconds.

Seriously, I hate it when they post an 'update' when there's nothing really to it. At least now apps are telling us what is changing and what's being added so I guess there's that.
It takes wayy too long to open the app. I wish they would be able to get it the point where Skype works like a native app instead of a third party app

Is that true? Why would they not wanna implement this? I could do away with Whatsapp and other apps and just use one app

where is file sharing? If whatsapp can allow us to send images, recorded sounds and videos, why cant skype? stop being lazy M$

The 90s called me today and told me to tell you that they want their "M$" back that you stole from them!!

Nice update!
A shame they don't update the Win8 dekstop that fast, cause still not the same quality as the old Messenger.

This is the only app in which i don't get notifications. I have tried everything to get them working with no luck. Meaning, i constantly miss calls, making this app almost useless to me now. Big shame!

Skype team needs to learn a thing or two from the whatsapp team. The latter went from the least reliable msg app to the most reliable and functional for me.

It's still part of Microsoft and they work with other teams. Microsoft is still the parent company. An org chart that says they have their own management does not dilute the fact that people in those management positions can be replaced. Ownership has privileges and Microsoft can take advantage of them.

I have this error where I constantly have two unread messages(chats) even though I don't really have any. Anyone have a solution?

After today's latest update, Skype is crashing in my L920!
Anyone here experiencing same problems after updation?

Skype is crashing on my L920 (ATT GDR1) since the previous update. The latest update does not fix it.

  1. I can install Skype,
  2. login using Microsoft Hotmail account
  3. make 1 or many phone calls
  4. close Skype.
  5. I can’t start Skype anymore. It crash after a few second every time
  6. I can uninstall Skye
  7. Go to step 1 to restart Skype

Annoying …
Microsoft and Skype should be ashamed  

how bout fix chat and group chats first before enabling hiding chats.  The way it works now, you dont need the feature, it hides itself because tons of messages dont come in real time.   

I decided to load Skype on my 920 (AT&T).  The first screen said something to the effect that Skype isn't a phone replacement, and that even if my phone is connected to Wi-Fi that I'll be charged against my cellular data usage.  Actually, since I primarily use my phone at home with Wi-Fi, I have only 300Mb of data usage.  I'm assuming that video phone, even at home, would be a heavy data hog on my account.  So what good does Skype do if video phone is what I want it for?  Is there any app which handles video phone through Wi-Fi?

The one update for Skype I would love is if I read a message on my computer, it should make it disappear from the live tile. Skype isn't the only culprit, having to do the exact same thing on my work computer, my home computer and my phone is the worst part of the windows ecosystem at the moment.

Never ever use apps developed by microsoft because they will drain your battery unless baldmer retired.

How is it possible that Skype on WP is behind the other platforms? That seriously is not good. Microsoft should have dedicated more people to the software for their own platform.

This is not true
I'm not sure where you got this information but it is incorrect. 
Skype is part of Microsoft and is managed by Microsoft just run under a different business unit, which is no different than XBOX, Office or Windows. (all fully owned and managed by MSFT). 
The reason why the Windows Phone build might be a feature or 2 behind (which I'm actually not sure about if this is true) would be that Skype has only been owned by Microsoft for about 2 years and when it was an independant company they focused most of their mobile development on Android and IOS. So there was come catching up to get to feature parity. 
Be assured that no "new" features would be released on competing platforms first. It woud always be WinPhone first or all platforms at once. It would never make sense to push new features to a competing platform ahead of the WInPhone one.
Infact the WinPhone build is ahead in some new features that are not yet released to Android or IOS.

The only change I'm seeing is, I'm getting notifications for newer messages faster than previous version. Earlier it used to delay a bit more, whereas, I'm getting the notification quite quickly. 

Checked from Lumia 720 

Only annoying aspects of skype are, when sitting at my PC using skype, the messages come through to my phone. Something needs to be looked at to resolve that. Also, quiet mode, don't want messages during sleep hours, but don't want to have to put my phone on silent.

They should look to implement client prioritization in a similar fashion as it is done on MS Lync or OCS. If I am logged in from multiple places it sends the new messages/notifications to the last place I had the client active in the foreground.

My Lumia 520 is in GDR3 Preview for Developers now, and I have Skype 2.11.236 and today has reinstalled Skype, notification alert is on, but why I still don't receive automatically incoming messages? I wrote on the Skype community too, no one answer. How do Microsoft make apps better or the Windows Phone OS itself better if they don't reply users complaint? How do I recommend Windows Phone to my friends if the maker itself just silent without response and slow giving update?

how about updating the basic feature of being able to receive notifications while phone in stand-by, ie skype running in the background?  just basic, but seemed to me like the problem is compatibility issues with OS, or security perhaps?