Skype updated for Windows Phone 8, stability improvements inbound


Skype seems to get mixed responses from a lot of you. Microsoft bought the communication giant back in 2011. Since then Windows Phone users have dreamed of a seamless Skype experience on their devices. That hasn’t exactly happened, but it’s still nice to see the app get updates, like it did today.

Today’s update brings Skype to version With that you’re only getting general fixes and stability improvements. Specifically:

  • Increased chat reliability
  • Increased call notification reliability
  • Improvements in call reliability to phone numbers
  • Fix for occasional missing message preview in the recent conversations list

If you’re on Skype a lot you’ll appreciate these changes. Personally I’m glad they fixed the missing message previews in the recent conversations list. Found that happening more often than not with Skype on my device.

What features/fixes are you wanting in future updates? Sound off.

Grab Skype for Windows Phone 8 right here. Otherwise, use the QR code below or swipe to the right in the Windows Phone Central app.

Source: Skype Blog; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Thanks everyone for the tip!


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Skype updated for Windows Phone 8, stability improvements inbound


This app is so broken, it's ridiculous. It ruined my native messenger app the last time I used it. Had to delete and reset my phone. Horrible.

Skype has been working great since at least the last 2-3 updates. And certainly didn't require resetting your phone to get rid of it. This is probably in my top three used apps.

"...Windows Phone users have dreamed of a seamless Skype experience on their devices. That hasn’t exactly happened" is probably the understatement of the year! :)

It's the biggest let down for me with WP8, I was so pumped for an awesome Skype experience, I use it 24/7

According to all those WP8 users who commented before you, the Skype app seems to be so broken and useless that I think no update for 7.x is a blessing in disguise for 7.x users.

No seriously, trust me... you do NOT want it. It's a disaster all the way around. How the f*** can Microsoft's company not even get it right for their own platforms but are focused on new features for other platforms? What a joke.

Update could be just a crap but I can't understand why they do not update MS account support..

Simple related question.  Wife has a 920, I have a Surface RT, and at home have 2 Xboxes, multiple PC's, etc.  I currently have an Android phone but will be ditching for a WP offering very soon (either 920, 928 or maybe forthcoming unannounced phone).
Is there an elegant solution using Skype as simply as Facetime for video chats?  Believe it or not I bought an iPod touch to Facetime with the kids when I'm traveling (we have two iPads), but ideally when the wife is working and the kids would like to see her I'd love to have a simple way for us to do that too (without making her bring the touch to work).

I have a 920 and Surface Pro for work, wife has 820, and we have a Surface RT at home. Skype Video Chat for us and our kids works flawless across them all...couldn't be happier.

I have a 920.. Skype rarely works long enough for a conversation. I can't hear them or they can't hear me... It needs a fix! I'm tired of "Is it working?"...."For now!" :|

Has been working great over the last two updates. I definitely had issues prior but no more. Still wish it was more seamless as promised.

I still want to know when it will replace Messenger in the Messaging/People Hub... FULL SKYPE INTEGRATION... thats what we were promised. MS needs to address the situation publicly - either it's coming in an OS update or not. They should say something.

Yes indeed. With msn being cancelled and Skype taking it over the chat service in wp must be replaced by Skype chat. I also think the chat in the Skype app is very lame and stupid.

It's annoying that people can still use Messenger to send me IMs and because I made the switch to Skype (no Windows Messenger anymore) I still get double messages from people. I'll get their message in the Messaging Hub as it's still Windows Messenger and I'll also get the message come through on the Skype app. Annoying.

But you can set the message hub to offline. If you don't use it for Facebook chat or messenger you simply set it to offline and you don't get double messages anymore.

I did so and my wife can't phone me via Skype even if I have it open in front of me. I don't have a proper Skype account and merged one through win8. That sucks. I need to be logged on both..

No, it's annoying that you can't leave Skype signed in and turn off the messaging side of it. I also get duplicate messages, but I don't want them coming through some app. I want them coming through the Messaging Hub, as they should.
The fact that you have to sign out of Skype voice and video services to prevent it from constantly running up the tile count because of duplicate Messenger messages is the most ridiculous workaround I have ever seen for a supposedly "well-integrated" product.

I have issue with Skype on both my 920 and my Windows 8 machines - any time I get an IM I get notified twice - once for the built in Messenger App and once for the Skype App.... I like both apps but they seem to compete with each other - do I have to choose one and ditch the other?

Yeah, wondering the same thing - would be nice to get an update for my Lumia 900. You know, the phone that wasn't a beta test? LOL.

I rarely use Skype on my Lumia, but I use it daily to speak to my parents who live far from me, using my Surface RT, and never had a problem, it works really well. A Windows 7, sometimes a Windows 8, on the other end.

I use it constantly on my Lumia 620, 920 and Surface. It is a good experience on the phone for the most part. But there are two issues.

1. On my 620 I also see my messenger contacts, but not on my 920.
2. When switching between devices the messages are not synched, which can get very confusing.

I read on the update screen today that if you sign in with your Microsoft account you also see your messenger contacts.
Maybe you signed in with skype on your 920 and your Microsoft account on your 620?

that is because everybody says that about almost everything when there is an update.  So probably just you and everybody else that thinks so, but in reality, nothing different. 

...and attachments in chat!
*all of these features are available on competing platforms. Seems like it would be a priority to get their own platform up to feature parity.

Skype desperately needs fast app resume, or something like that. Multitasking with Skype is pretty dreadful lol.

PLUS please bring voicemail support, I cant answer fast enough as it takes an age to resume and when I miss the call I cant listen to the voicemail. FAIL

Can someone tell me whether they have included the ability to delete chat logs from this?

Was the biggest issue I had with skype and had to delete it.

Im still waiting to see if I can get the back camera to work! That and I never seem to get notifications that someone is skyping me or leaving me a message, it seems like the ios version I have is more seamlessly integrated then the wp8

can the current Skype do:
1. sign out to not receive calls?
2. check voicemail?
3. fast resume to take an incoming call (I had to wait for a few seconds and sometimes it never resumes)
4. somewhat integrated with the "People" address book to call phone numbers?
I'm using 920.
If not, Skype is not even close to done.  Is Skype really a MS product??

So I have one unread message in recent, but I can't get rid of the ONE! It annoys me. Should be able to DELETE convos too.

Skype is getting better on WP8, but is there an easy way to determine who in my contact list is using Skype ? just like Whatsapp does, it will pull information from my contacts & based on phone numbers it will tell me who is using whats app so that i can use whats app to contact them, Skype should do something like this, it is a pain to ask all the people in contact list & ask them for their skype user name. may be there is a way to do this & i dont know.

Skype sucks Big time! I had to deleted it, because to know if i got a new message i have to open it! Calls never work, and i can not get online with my msn account!

It strikes me as a mystery that it appears to be so incredibly hard to add something as simple, fundamental and desired as the ability to SIGN OFF, or change your status to busy or away. "Switch accounts" removes any synced contacts, and kinda needs you to re-do it all when you sign back in.

Since I got the update on my 810 yesterday it's not working so good anymore f%@k ! It's dropping my video call .