Skype for Windows Phone also affected by latest bug

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A few days ago a fairly major bug has been found in the latest Skype update—the client app on your computer can crash upon sending an IM and what’s more, it may even send the IM to the wrong contact (Skype tries to re-send it but it may have logged you in under a secondary account, should you have one). From Skype:

“Skype client crashes during a Skype IM session, which may in some cases result in the last IM entered or sent prior to the crash being delivered to a different IM contact after the Skype client is rebooted or logged in as a new user.”

Personally, we haven’t seen this bug but it has made some headlines as it’s a quite major and can obviously have some dire privacy issues. The Skype team is on it getting ready to roll out a hotfix very soon.

The odd part is Skype is reporting that this bug is also found on Windows Phone (in addition to Windows, Mac and Linux). We haven’t had any reports of users complaining of crashing—our bet is most of you use Skype for the VOIP part and not so much the IM half which may be biasing feedback.

Regardless, if we see an update to the Skype client for Windows Phone in the next few days, you can be certain it is tied to this situation and there probably won’t be any new features.

Source: Skype; Thanks, Tagliaerbe, for the tip


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Skype for Windows Phone also affected by latest bug


That's too bad. I expected a bit more from the Skype Microsoft merge in the sense of trial and error and security issues. Oh well, at least they noticed and are working on it. Seems that there is a miscommunication somewhere between MS and Skype.

It's more than that though--Skype is a really screwed up platform. None of their clients are based on the same code, which is why there are no universal updates. Incorporating into Office 2013 was also probably a (rushed) priority.

My bet is the Skype team has a lot on their plate right now and yes, mistakes will be made. Hopefully things will smooth out as MS tried to level and stabilize the platform over the next year.

I use Skype (desktop, PC) everyday for 12-14 hours and have had no issues with this bug, so I think it's a bit limited.

Skype crashes on my W7 desktop probably once a week. I use Skype 99.9% for IM every day, so it's quite a rare issue.

I forgot that the WP7 app also used to crash when I try to IM someone, as it tries to download ALL of my chat history and usually bombs out. I don't know why it can't just get the last 7 days and only get the rest if specifically requested. I just tested it now... while it is very slow scrolling through the history it does seem to work. It would be good if loading the history didn't count as a 'new message' and flash the orange symbol.

Anyone get the impression Microsoft is not investing much talent in Skype?  I heard the code base was a mess when they took it over, needs a complete rewite.  I would have took the Skype code and given to the Microsotf Office team (which has tons of good talent) and baked Skype into Office 2013 or Windows Live.

It's too early to tell at this stage... They're bringing Skype to Xbox, and making it server-centric instead of peer-peer & super-node centric. I think the best is yet to come...

Skype on my WP7 is the only app that I have had crash on me for months, if not longer.  When the writeups came out about the app being used to keep your WiFi connected I gave it a try....because I really don't use the app much (maybe ~5 occasions, about an hour each time). Anyway, I started the app, sent a call out to the Echo test number and the client crashed.  Phone wouldn't respond to anything, so I had to pull the battery and restart.  It is the 1st and only time I have ever had to pull the battery on my nearly 2 year old Focus.

Skype for windows phone sucks compared to iOS and android. Ik about WP8 Skype VoIP, but this is just stupid. I thought Skype would do good when Microsoft bought them.

I'm thinking that we will have to give them time. Sounds like quite a mess trying to get it off p2p. The whole situation with Skype is probably far from simplistic.