Slacker Radio comes to Windows phones

For those fed up with the glacial movement of Pandora on the Windows phone platform, a new alternative has hit the streets: Slacker Radio.

Showing up on various forums, the .cab and service is actually very, very polished. It is the official version, but SlackerRadio themselves have not published it on their site yet.

No compromises here as you get album images, lyrics, band bio, reviews and a wide selection of music to choose from.  Audio quality is also extremely good, trouncing Pandora's 64kb stream. Plus they got that whole "let me power off the screen without disrupting the stream" thing. 

Two negative's we've noticed: landscape support is not there and we've had a few songs cut out towards the end for some reason (not uncommon with Pandora either). 

Of course, there is the free "basic" version which limits you to something like 6-skips per hour while the program steers you towards the "full" version with upgrade notices in parts.  Likewise, you don't get all those lyric bonuses in the free version.

If you want the subscription, it's $4.99 per month (on a month-to-month basis) or $3.99 a month on a 12-month plan (billed monthly). You can also try out the subscription for 7 days for free.  We suppose if streaming is your thing it's not a bad deal: the quality of the product is quite top notch. If you just like streaming your own music (as opposed to the jukebox, random streaming), give nanoGroove a shot.

Grab the file at XDA or scan the MS Tag below to automatically download it.

Edit: Whoops!  And just as fast Slacker Radio has remotely pulled the plug. The app currently doesn't work and we have to wait for the fine folks at Slacker Radio to drop this app "officially".  Sigh. [Here's their official reasoning]



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Slacker Radio comes to Windows phones


It worked flawlessly this morning and now it won't work. I am disappointed.

Installed it on my Touch Pro 2 and keep getting "Oops! Something went wrong. Skip to the next track."

Over and over again...


The word over at PPC Geeks is that the app has been disabled somehow. Doesn't seem to work for anybody.

Yes, apparently Slacker has shut down access for some odd reason. Where's the love?

Back to using Pandora for now...

Is there a way to sign up for a notification for when the WinMo version does come out?

Looks like it's been disabled. Why do WinMo users have to go through back channels to try to use services like this and Pandora when they're supported and freely available to Blackberry and other phones I don't like?

Too bad, Slacker was one of the few BlackBerry applications I missed on my WinMo phone. Hopefully it will be up and running fully soon.

I wonder if they may be waiting for/after MWC (when WM is going to get some pretty big buzz for the first time in years) to get the most publicity for this.

Supposedly there was an official response from Slacker on the app saying it was still full of bugs and wasn't ready to be released yet. Given how well-polished everyone else in the thread seemed to think it was (when it was working) I highly doubt that. My vote remains they're really close to launching this, but are holding off for MWC or shortly after.

This could just be something that they are partnering one with the HD2 release, since the cab was extracted from the T-mobile HD2 ROM. Also, with T-Mobile's Twitter announcement, I am expecting more new things in the HD2 than we've heard already.