Smaller Windows 8.1 Update 2 reportedly on track for August 12

Smaller Windows 8.1 Update 2 reportedly on track for August 12

The second update to Windows 8.1 will reportedly hit August 12. The update will apparently be a fairly minor one, and will not be manditory. This seems to be a change to Microsoft's orignaly plan for a much bigger Update 2, according to ZDNet:

Microsoft's original plan was to make this update a much bigger and more important release. The Windows team originally was aiming to make the new "mini" Start Menu part of this second update, but scrapped that plan a couple of months ago, deciding instead to make the new Start Menu a feature of Windows "Threshold." Threshold, likely to be called Windows 9, is still sounding like a Spring 2015 deliverable.

Additionally, it appears that Microsoft will not issue a third update for Windows 8.1 later this year. The company is reportedly putting the bulk of their work behind the Threshold release for next year. Windows 8.1 will still receive monthly fixes and smaller updates, however.

How do you feel about a smaller second update for Windows 8.1? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: ZDNet


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Smaller Windows 8.1 Update 2 reportedly on track for August 12


I see that they're working on a second update, but my Lumia 920 hasn't updated itself to Windows Phone 8.1, yet. Hmm...must be a bug.

Pretty sure more specific article subject supersedes less specific website subject. 

In which case the fact that the article is about Windows 8.1 is in fact very relevant. 


I'm not sure this true at all. A lot of carriers are saying they haven't received the update for specific phones yet. To put all the blame on the carriers seems a little premature

I bought a laptop on clearance the other day that came with 8.0. Took 2 days trying to catch up on all the updates. Man there have been alot of updates since Windows 8 came out,LOL!

Well, to get fully up-to-date from a fresh install of Windows 8.1 up to Windows 8.1 Update 1, you have to install exact 2 updates: the update that enables the Windows 8.1 link in the store and Windows 8.1 itself (which includes the Windows 8.1 Update 1 update), so I highly doubt you should have worked on it for 2 days. I did it last month in less then 3 (from 8.0 RTM to up-to-date 8.1 Update 1 including all May, June and July updates) hours.

If you had read, the laptop I bought came with 8.0 (first release) not 8.1 and I had to update and upgrade from there. You also toss in uninstalling all the bs, updating the 3D graphics, Visual Studio, Office......, yes 2 days whether you highly doubt it doesn't mean squat. Don't perceive to think you are the all knowing perfect example. Some of us, want our machines perfect for what we do.
To let you in on a little secret, just Windows alone had 190+ updates.

I update computers from 8.0 to 8.1 update 1 daily and the process takes about a day on crappy network speeds depending on how quickly you can start the next update.

Sorry but you are not winning this little exaggeration argument and thowing in Cox is the equivalent of saying "and I only had the best of the cable internet providers." Unless you are on a dialup connection or a CenturyLink split DSL, it does not take that long. The only way ot would taken even a full day is if you count time having lunch, going ahopping, etc.. I updated a four year old netbook from Windows 7 starter to Windows 8.1 in less time.

I just redid my wifes after a HDD fail, wow, it took 8 hours on a 8 Meg connection. Yes, I know, but I live so far out in the woods, it's amazing I get internet at all. And yes, CenturyLink.

If you do this so often why not download the updates and apply them directly? Your way seems like a giant waste of time.

So, installing updates and all the apps you needed took 2 days. Updates alone didn't. Was your original comment bait, incomplete or exaggerated for some type of reaction?

Sure, whatever you want it to be.

Shows you the ignorance of people like you that look for any and every reason just to argue with someone just for the sake of arguing. I personally don't give two shits whether some ignorant fuck on the internet agrees with me or not. I said it took two days, it took two fucking days. If a child wants to continue calling me a liar, that asshole can get bent.

For your information, the c comment was not made for the sake of getting a reaction, it was made as fact. The only content as a reaction was the odor pieces of shit who decided, hey, lets call this guy we don't know a liar.

You wanted a reaction, here you go.

The problem is, as many are pointing out with various degrees of politeness, your claim is absolute BS unless you are on a laughably slow connection (not Cox), had no clue as to what you were doing (still close to impossible since you do very little in the process), or are counting all the time you were doing other things. I can, and have, done clean resets; all the updates; reinstalled all applications including Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite, and restored all files in half that time.

I am interested in what Threshold phones they have planned. All the official comments hint at a focus on new flagships appearing at the same time.

I mistook this to be about Windows phone for a second and was wondering what they're doing releasing update 2 before update 1.

Lol, the laptop I just replaced was a 6 yr old laptop I had upgraded to 8.1 and still ran buttery smooth till it finally bit the dust last week due to overheat issue.

Will admit it wasn't even close to being a stock 6 year old laptop though. Over the years the only thing left stock was the motherboard.

I was about to say a 6yr old original laptop is rare... seems like dog years are a millennium compared to laptop years! Lol.

I have a 10 year old Dell with 8.1 on it. Runs great, only issue is the HD I got for it has a bug in it, so I need to replace it at some point. That being said, I don't use this laptop much. It's just a device for downloading shit and not having to worry about destroying my main computer with a virus or malware.

Well my current laptop model is 5 years old. It's has a Core 2 Duo CPU and is running Windows 8.1 just fine. Only upgrade I did was replace the HDD with an SSD. I have no desire to replace this laptop for at least another 3-4 years.

I think the rapid upgrade cycle has moved to mobile, while laptops and desktops have hit a plateau. Instead of just raw power, it's all about efficency lately.

Nah, that may be the case for the people who only browse the web and do other simple stuff. But for people who work on their computers like myself it's important to upgrade both desktop and laptop. My desktop mostly because of video games though. My laptop to ensure it runs smooth. Then my phone is no big issue but I want a great camera on it and I want some other things in it and why not the ability to handle some good games.

Now that WP has miracast I love the fact that I can just watch movies anywhere (I have a miracast dongle). I tested playing some games also and it works great with most games except the fast paced ones like modern warfare. Racing games played quite well but not fully.

If WP had HDMI output and the ability to use controllers on them you'd have portable consoles. The next WP would then be called Windows Phone One, lol.

I have a yard brush that I have had for 20 yrs. Its had 9 heads and 4 shafts. Still going...... Sorry, it is an Only Fools and Horses quote...

Yeah, specs are-
4gb ddr2 ram
NVIDIA GT520 2GB ddr3 graphics
HP vp17 17inch HDCP DVI display
Pentium D 3 Ghz
Creative 2.1 speakers.
Bought it in 2007.

The article is about Windows, not Windows phone.  I mistook the article for WP as well haha.  I was like, "What!?! WP8.1 Update 1 isn't even out yet in DP and they're sending out Update 2?"

I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled the start menu in order to give Threshold a high profile feature to include as a selling point.

Perhaps. Then let's hope those rumors of a free Windows 9 are true (for current vista+ users)

Well I want promised a start menu when I bought 8.1 so I guess I technically can't be disappointed that it's no longer guaranteed coming for free... But, I guess we can still hope...

If my Windows 8.1 updates to Threshold for free I'm fine with it. If not then this news sucks.

Kind of having a feeling that they have to provide those updates for free if they hope to have any kind of success with Windows Modern adaptation.

Yeah. I assume they will provide the update free to Windows 8 users but until it's officially announced.... Fyi, I'm a cynic.

Not confirmed, but that's the rumor. Microsoft wants to hit the ground running with Windows 9, so that may include free upgrades for anyone running Windows 7 and higher.

If Windows 9 is the first version to include the start menu, then yes, and it is confirmed, as Microsoft promised this feature to come in a free update to Windows 8.1, back at Build - they NEVER said it would be part of the next update (Windows 8.1 Update 2) to Windows through, that's something the media made up.

Word flow it's the coolest feature ever on the 1520 8.1 cyan. I'm using it right now to type this comment. Word flow is what should be included in update 2 for Windows 8.1.

+Dell 7537 and Lenovo Thinkpad 8! Would love word flow on my tablet

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

If by WordFlow you mean the new name for swipe equivalent typing, there is already at least one good third party option for Windows tablets. Touchpal works quite well. If you mean the old definition of WordFlow (predictive typing), Windows 8.1 already has it.

WordFlow is the official name for the swipe keyboard on WP8.1. I'm well aware Windows 8(.1) has predictive text, hard to miss! ;)

But while third party options are great, still gotta love first party solutions! Especially since the WordFlow text engine works so well.

So we don't know anything about what's new? Probably some background changes. We can hope for WordFlow or a notification centre. I wonder what will happen to the Charms bar with Windows 9 on ARM. Will small tablets lose it?

Doubt it. ARM tablets and smaller screen tablets might lose the desktop, but the Charms Bar is integral to the Windows 8 (Modern) experience.

Well as long as Office and a File Explorer come to Metro the desktop can go away on my Surface RT. That's all it's used for on ARM.

I don't feel anything about the second update because I still haven't gotten a first one, and I still have yet to hear of one. I have a Samsung Ativ S Neo through AT&T and would really like to know when the update is going to happen?

@streetkingz 4christ. They are talking about update 2 for Windows 8.1 not wp8. However, Samsung is working on the firmware for your phone. I have a 1520 on att and it's the only one that's been updated so far but yours will be in the next 3 or 4 weeks from what I've read.

Microsoft deserves to get paid. It needs to cost 200 us for the upgrade to 9. 35 us if you upgrade the first week like I did with Windows 8. I've always thought that 200 was fair for the upgrade.

That Microsoft would cut a plan, then stick to it. Be it the rollback of dev preview on the phones to revised releases of Windows Operating systems. Make up your mind, Microsoft. That includes all platforms.

Apparently the editor is not editing your post, as the exclamation point you used is wrong.  It's supposed to be a question mark.


"Where's the editor on this site who reviews things?"  That's how your sentence--or question--should look like. 


I didn't want to do this, but as we see here, everyone is prone to making mistakes, even bloggers. 

Just think what new features could be added to the start screen if they weren't going back to add in a start menu that originated with Windows 95.

Praying that they update the on screen keyboard with one borrowed from WP. I HATE the current one. I'd seriously rather use the IOS or default Android one than the Windows 8 one.

GDang, can search words in a PDF doc through that start button, Windows 8 can't do that!?
When is preview coming? Windows 7&8 had more than a year to test including the consumer preview. Missing Steve 'the problem guy' S.
From all the confusion I have seen from the learned people on this forum I think there is need for better naming of the OSes. Windows/phone is a bit of a challenge. People any good names.....

I Just updated my tablet and now my touch screen doesn't work! I did everything and nothing works. Someone have this problem too?

Why release the update at all if its only going to probably be fixes no new updates. I say just add it apart of patch Tuesday or something

Not sure what the plans are for Windows 9 in terms of pricing but have heard for those with Windows 8.1 it will be cheap (but only a rumour I guess.

I think a good idea myself now would be for MS to introduce a subscription licensing as they have done for Office, I would happily pay say £10 a month for say up to 3 home PC's to have the latest OS on and then get updates and new OS(s) as they come out. Going to subscription for Office was a good move and allowed a lot of people to have a genuine version running and to be able to share that with familly has saved the home user a fortune. Lets face facts who has £400 for MS Office as a one off payment which will be outdated in a few years and need to purchase again.

I hope they concider this as an option in the future, or possibly the fact as (yuk vomit lol) Apple do, you buy your OS and thats it just pay for it once but you then get updates for life to new OS, this would be better for businesses.

Its only a thought but subscription all round would be better and more affordable to the home user.

Sounds good to me. Windows 8 is tarnished (unfairly). The press will hype the next release up being that they regard releases to be success/failure/success...
Im a desktop user but would still like to see the modern side of things mature a lot more. Eventually they need the tool sets to make powerful software like 3dsmax or photoshop possible if they intend on eventually replacing traditional desktop software. That being said would still want some more fit & finish in the desktop UI. Nicer transitions (to complement modern), ability to properly use a dark theme, and would like to see a complete refresh on the Icon set. We still have icons from the 9x days kicking about, and the vista/7 style doesn't match well imo.
Would also love more explorer functionality, in built functionality to colour code folders would be brilliant!