Smoked by Windows Phone goes to Hong Kong


Looks like the Smoked by Windows Phone phenom is spreading to the Far East. Starting yesterday and continuing through the weekend, over in Hong Kong the Windows Phone team is taking challenges to their OS--from iPhones to Android phones, all are fair game. From Simon at We Love Windows Phone:

"The “Smoked by Windows Phone” Hong Kong version (「挑戰」, a local Hong Kong slang meaning challenging each other) was organized by Microsoft HK starting from yesterday (Friday in Hong Kong) to Sunday. The event yesterday was held for 2 hours and for the remaining two days it would be held for 4 hours each day. Challengers using iOS, Android or Blackberry devices are all welcomed to join the challenge. There are more than 5 challenge tasks that people can randomly choose from to compete with Windows Phone (details of tasks would be shown after the series of event is finished by our site in order to increase the excitement for contestants)...If the challenger wins, they can get HK$1000 (~US$130) in cash as a reward; while if they lose, they get a specially designed Windows Phone tee!"

So far it's going well as yesterday that had 11 challenges and 0 losses, which ain't too shabby. For more photos and details, head to We Love Windows Phone!


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Smoked by Windows Phone goes to Hong Kong


This proves that Microsoft has done well. "Put people first."

Ben and this guy are totally different people, but look, almost identical results. This shows how user friendly it is.

Wp7 ftw~

I know Windows Phone is great and all, but it's kinda obvious many of them are gonna lose on purpose, if they get the phone they'll be able to sell it for a lot more than $130.

they only get a tshirt, no a wp7 handset.  Doubt they could sell a tshirt for > $1000 HKD

I still don't know how this is effective advertising outside of the people actually involved or those on tech blogs who already know some of the things WP can do

挑戰 isn't really a slang... but 挑機 is though :P (機 meaning devices)
im pretty positive that is one of the busiest place in hk, i think it'll get them lots of attention, especially with how ppl like to crowd around when there is any sort of competition in place