Sneak Peak: Fuse RSS reader sets the standard for Windows Phone [Video]

There are plenty of RSS readers on Windows Phone, but few look as good or unique as Rudy Huyn's (TVShow) latest.

Fuse is nothing short of breath-taking. The app comes with three themes: ribbon, ipsum and square and the toughest decision you'll have to make is which to use, since they all look so good. The app also supports Google Reader, Instapaper, Read it later, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and has the ability to generate unique QR codes to share an article with others.

We like the ability to search for RSS feeds instead of entering the address manually, the super smooth and eye-popping graphics, tutorial and just over all ease of use. The app will be released in a few days to the Marketplace at which point we'll post our full review. But right now, we're leaning towards calling this one of the nicest, smoothest apps we have seen yet on Windows Phone. A real gem.

Update: Price will be $1.29 on release. Visit the website for the app for more information: http://feelmygeek.com/fuse/


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Sneak Peak: Fuse RSS reader sets the standard for Windows Phone [Video]


Holy sh*t that looks awesome! O.OAnd I though Weave was no.1, looks like I'l be switching to this.

One nice advantage of Weave though is it "thinks" for you, pulling in pre-defined lists/categories/feeds, making it easy to use out the gate. Both are excellent testaments to Windows Phone.

"One nice advantage of Weave though is it "thinks" for you, pulling in pre-defined lists/categories/feeds, making it easy to use out the gate."I work on it for Fuse 1.1 :D

Looks incredible. I dont use news readers anymore but this may change my mind. Daniel, how about a new review category of the best looking WP7 applications? We have this, Weave 3.0, AppFlow just released, and the Mango version of BBC News Mobile comes to mind. If MS refuses to advertise maybe we can use these apps to promote WP7 ourselves! :)PS, time's a wastin'! I watch without sound at work, 30 seconds before you launch the app is too long! :)

Am I the only one who thinks it looks ugly? :/ Apart from the "Ribbon" theme, all the texts look way to small... Agreed the transitions are nice though.

I think this client is incredibly ugly. The font choice is terrible, and there are size issues throughout. WP is definitely growing on me, but, the OS is in dire need of some top-shelf application developers. Other than games, the application catalog is bare.

The Google Reader integration sounds awesome: "If you have a Google Reader account, you can easily import your favorite feeds. You can also import your directories in two ways : - a virtual directory that will automatically synchronize with your google reader account - an unified feeds consolidating all items into an unique feed. Finally, Fuse is the only RSS reader to respect the sort your feeds, change it in google reader, Fuse will be automatically updated."And offline support. Byebye WonderReader~~

An newsreader needs offline support, how I can read my news in the subway ? Fuse is your application, so if you need a feature, I will be here !

What is this blasphemy people! The title, the text, the video and the comments say its yet to be released! Stop complaining over nothing! To a less stupid point, YAY! App looks wonderfully made! I love that im seeing a rise in the number of omfg looking apps in the marketplace, anyone else about ready to kill someone waiting for mango to be released? Then the apps will be OMFGBBQ looking!! :D

I'm the developper and I wait mango because I've already implemented features for mango and better performance using the new SDK :D

Not sure about the 2 other UI's, but the ribbon looks great and it's nice to see these types of apps on WP. However I wonder what the makers of Pulse reader on iOS and Android think about it, since it looks like Fuse "borrowed" a lot from their UI.

The video doesn't show the transition of Square, all move ! And for Ipsum, it's a feeling experience. I am a former user of iphone, and I used and I liked Pulse, Ribbon is obviously inspired by Pulse and I do not hide it, but the behavior and feeling are not necessarily the same. Pulse n'ont pas été les premiers à utiliser les double listbox ;)

I accidentally found a way to download the app... But you need to have or go download TVShow.Simply go into TVShow (Rudy's other app) and click the 'i' button on the startup screen. You'll be taken to the "about" page. There you'll find a link to Fuse that will pull up the Matketplace and allow you to try or buy. I only downloaded the try version... I'm not sure if the buy option works.Happy Fuse-ing

Hopefully these kind of beautiful apps will inspire other WP7 devs to up their game. I'll gladly pay 4.99 for this.

Sorry for that, but you will pay only $1.29 + 2 more themes very soon (one classic (like Weave, Wonder RSS and co, they all look alike: D but with a touch of Zune, like TVShow) and a new theme very original and because I hate applications too expensive, the two new themes will be free for users of Fuse: D

Hello Guys !Thanks for your comments. This is only 3 themes, 2 others are in progress ;-)@Joshyouah : please, don't buy this version of Fuse, this is a old beta version, an error and it's impossible for me to remove it at the moment, so it's not the final version and will be deleted very soon (in fact, the 2.4 version of TVShow is an error, this is why I removed it quickly) so DON'T BUY IT (you can try but it's the beta version) !the real Fuse will be available tuesday or wednesday s;)

Sadly it only shares to Facebook and Twitter. I will stick with ngreader, great google reader and acknowledges Windows Live (isn't that the back bone of the Windows Phone experience?) which since it connects to Facebook is nicely cross posted to Facebook.

Ah? No! Go to 1:11 in the video and you'll see 5 or 6 different share options including a freaking QR code generator for every story! I might not use that to share much but still nice touch! And your wrong how did you possibly come to the conclusion that you can only use Fb and twitter!?

That would be great as I already love that feature on ngreader! Then again being a Samsung Focus user on AT&T I won't hold my breath for getting Mango any time soon.

¡Ay caramba! Wow, wow, this is absolutely the BEST RSS reader so far for Windows Phone! Like many of you, I am a (now officially former) Weave user but this totally will make use it! Rudy, I admire your work, congratulations and thank you for choosing WP7 to create this app :D