Sneak peek at aerial dogfighting game Blazin' Aces for Windows Phone

Earlier this morning we announced that Blazin Aces from Red Dot Lab was headed to Windows Phone next week on May 9. It comes out the same day as iOS, and it is actually beating the Android version to market. I’m a big fan of these games, perhaps due to their arcade style feel, and I really like this one so far.

I promised an early look of the game, including game play, controls and how it all works, so here you are (video after the break). Look for our review next week when the game hits the Store. In the meantime, tell me what you think in comments!


Reader comments

Sneak peek at aerial dogfighting game Blazin' Aces for Windows Phone


Nice game, can't wait to play it, and mostly I delete an game within a day but I think I will keep this one.

Didn't like it so much at first, but turns out it looks very nice. Liked the campaign mode. Looking forward to it!

This one looks well designed. Very well designed. Thanks for the preview. (I love this Word Flow)

I always liked the top view airplane arcade games like 1942. The best one I've found on windows phone is aces of the Luftwaffe. This side view format looks a bit difficult to control.

Looks neat but not sure I like side view and the way the screen jumps when you go past the edge. And Daniel, maybe its time to get a tripod or arm-mount for the camera ;)

Hey guys, glad to see you guys are keen on the game. We are super proud to be able to release this on the Windows platform, so hope you guys enjoy it :)