Sneak Peek: Bullet Asylum Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone

Yes folks, that time is upon us, the time for some "must have" Xbox LIVE games for our phones. This week's title is Bullet Asylum a so-called "bullet hell" game of which we have had very few (see OMG though for something similar or the indie Decimation X2)

The game will be priced at a very fair $2.99 and we've been putting it through its paces the last few days--so far, we like what we see. The game has exceptional neo-retro graphics, excellent sound and music and plenty of games to choose from.

Bullet Asylum

You have three main game choices available:

  • Arcade - Traditional "waves" of enemies of increasing difficulty with a boss every 5th wave
  • Survival - Maxed out weapons and defenses? Great, here's some maxed out enemies!
  • Architect - Start off with some credits and customize your towers and defenses for a unique twist

Bullet Asylum is a lot of fun and it's quite challenging. You can use just one shooter at a time or choose to use two for more precision. We like the options for controls and the sound effects are pretty top notch, so we're giving this classic-arcade type game a thumbs up. Look for it this Wednesday for $2.99 in the Marketplace.

Don't forget next week's game is Chicken's Can't fly (2/15, $2.99), followed by Splinter Cell: Conviction (2/22, $4.99) and finally Toy Solders: Boot Camp (2/29, $2.99).


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Sneak Peek: Bullet Asylum Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone


I hope this will get dev support.
It's really ridiculous how OGM is still stuck at v1.0, with NO mango support. And I paid 3$ for it -.-" I wonder why all these XBLA go unsupported, what are we supposed to pay them for?! :|