Windows Phone Central app v4.0

Sneak Peek: Official Windows Phone Central app v4

It's been a little while now since we last updated our official app for Windows Phone, but fear not as version 4.0 was submitted to the store earlier this week and is right now undergoing certification. Of course we know that just waiting is never as fun as seeing the changes for yourself so we've put together a quick video to demonstrate the headline features this time around.

So, keep reading past that break to see voice commands, new live tile options and Unification support in all their glory. We expect the app to be published next week and will of course post an article as soon as that happens reminding you to grab the update.

In case you missed all the changes in our video there you can find them listed below:

  • New Iconic live tile option
  • Full support for the Unification system
  • Voice commands and read-back (UK & US only)
  • Launching of app from external websites or apps
  • Social network sharing in the forums
  • Fixed time display bug in forum threads
  • Fixed issue with Windows Phone 7.8 live tiles
  • Improved live tile setup process
  • Several other minor bug fixes or UI corrections


Get involved and help translate

Now, about that current limitation on the voice commands, we know it's a pain but unfortunately I only speak English as a language. If you are in another country and want to be able to command our app in English you just need to set your speech language to English (United Kingdom) or English (United States), an option you'll find under phone settings. In the meantime, if anyone wants to be able to speak to our app using their language and is willing to translate my English commands, please get in touch with me via Twitter.

If you haven't already installed the app, you can find it here in the store for $0.99 (free trial available), as always we welcome your feedback via e-mail, comments or on our forums.

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Reader comments

Sneak Peek: Official Windows Phone Central app v4


One slight issue. When i change the accent colour on my phone the app does not do so. I have to go to setting to do it manually. Is it a technical issue that can't be overcome?

If you're talking about the tile yes, you need to launch the app once for it to pick up the accent. If you're talking about the app accent colour then make sure it's set to "accent"

Thus app knocks the socks off any other news app. Beautiful and worth every penny. Can't wait for the w8 app!

Yeah I must apologise for the problems Windows Phone 7 users had, it took a long time to work out the problem which wasn't made easier by not having a 7.8 device at the time. It is definitely sorted this time though :)

Quick question, is it actually possible for you guys to make it so, if we read an article on the web page, it will mark it as read on the phone app? Knowing we are logged in on the web and app?

Live tiles has not worked for over two months for Lumia 920 also. It's not just a WP7/7.8 issue. Hopefully it's fixed there also.

We were already on 3.11, we should have completely changed to v4 when I split the app to support windows phone 8 but I hadn't finished sorting out the codebase properly. I've done that now (a lot of work on this version you won't ever see, believe me it's worthy of v4), but you can consider v4 a consolidation of all that work and a better way of numbering the wp7 and wp8 versions

Hey Jay, What's the best phone? 
I want this version as soon as possible

what are the features i will miss If i install trial version? and is is trial only for few days?

The trial will never expire, and it provides every feature the website provides for free :) the full version just has a few extra features like the live tile and the voice commands, of course as well as the extra screen real estate from having no adverts

Nicely done. Hey Jay, I do have one issue, I'm a registered member of the site but when I go to the forums in the app on my 920 it keeps telling me my password is incorrect even though it is not? Any suggestions?

You're probably registered with an Outlook/Google/Facebook/Twitter (one of them) account, like me. I had this same issue.
Login here in the website, go to your settings and set a password. You shall login just fine in the app after this.

I can't say I love the design of your app. In the "read" section, the settings and update icons should be in an app bar instead of up there, in addition to some of the icons you use other places really isn't aestetic - like nearly all the icons on 3.43 and 4.29. In 3.43, the Internet Explorer icon is wrong, and the other icons looks really bad - not in line with Windows Phone's aestetics. In 4.29, the wrench tile, the apps tile and especially the podcast tile should be redesigned. Also, in the "read" section, there shouldn't be a gradient between the heading and the picture.
After all that critisism, I also want to say that your app is really amazing functionally! Keep up the good work :) PS: The speech thing is simply awesome.

The design has been that way since v2 (and in some cases v1) and at that time was hailed as being an evolution of the Metro language, then subsequently copied by several other apps. Interesting to hear complaints against it now...

Why not create an app yourself, have it showcased on WPCentral so we can all critique on your design expertise.

Tried to download the app before reading the article, only to find out its not there yet! Then I realized that I haven't rated the app yet. Gave it 5 stars. Good job. :)

I hope the next version supports lock screen notification info not just the icon with a number next to it. Otherwise love the app i use this along with Weave.

Only the icon, if you mean can it support changing your lockscreen wallpaper than I have plans for the next part of v4... It was most important to get this update out first for the WP7 users so I didn't include lockscreen wallpapers this time around :)

Hi Jay i wasn't nitpicking i meant on the lock screen i would like to have a few lines of like a new article that has arrived just like when we have our emails show a few lines of what the email is about. But no rush your doing a fantastic job with this APP and your doing your best to make it better. Looking forward to this update. :)

I found on the current version, I could not view or listen to a podcast that you did on it. Would love a update that would allow that.
I found myself away from a PC or tablet and had an issue trying to at least listen to your podcast live.

I love this app so much, and having Unification support is AWESOME...deep linking right into the article, cool!

Finally bought the app and made an account here. Can't wait for the update to come out!

This is such a trivial issue, but I have always hated the splash image to the app. The flag icon in white on a black background with some white text below it, (like Nokia apps,) wouldn't look as jarring. Or, no splash image at all on WP8 devices, as it seems to only be there for a split second anyway.

Regardless, great app, great site, finally got myself involved!

Did you fix the live tile this time? You blamed 7.8 but with the latest build your app is the only one that does not update.

Lets do it.  Looks pretty good and I like the enhancements.  The Voice feature is interesting.

Jay, I didn't watch the demo (yet), but read the bullet points of the new/updated features.  Just want to know if we will be able to 'Like' comments on forum posts?  Right now, only the 'Thank' option is available. I really want to be able to 'Like' comments from the app...

Is that actually a clock in the upper right of the screen I see?! My only complaint about this app has been the loss of sense of time I get when using this wonderful app. I've been late back from lunch because of it, so I suggested the clock be displayed when in the app so users don't have to back out and in to keep their schedules. Looks like that's been added?

See Microsoft?! Tell me does work. Why not implement on your own apps??? Yes Xbox Music, I'm looking at you.

So does that mean WP 7.8 can't have a functional flipping double wide tile? And also Jay, why did you ignore me in Beta testing?

Not aware that I did ignore you? Drop me another message as I wasn't aware of any comms from you :( we cant do the flip tile in the same way as the windows phone 8 version because of memory limits on wp7, but there is still a flip tile :)

No :) already did that once and we offer the free version for those who want it, that's what the trial version is for

Good work, Mr. Jay Bennett. *Attempting to hit the 'Buy me a beer' button...sadly, there is none here* If I'm ever in the UK, I'll buy you a keg ;)

So, wpcentral does not care to release a w8 app yet? And they complain about others poor-ports or non-existence? it's hypocritical. Remember to brag again about being the biggest wp community on your next mac-recorded interview (or podcast as the "good steeve" wants you to call it)

You are absolutely clueless abt the work needed to be put behind to make an app. Jay is like a one man army handling his work...and if you can't appreciate it then i speak for everybody here when i tell you to Fuck Off...!

We got in touch with them but their SDK is a little unnecessarily complicated. They should just create a tile that launches our app directly with the new uri

Does this new app improvement have the option "no backg./pic" for the live tile? You see, some apps can follow the high contrast mode, making the tile the same color. The reason I'm asking the way I do is because when the apps seem to be "transparent" they usually have a no backg/pic option.
Hope it made sense with my English.

I just bought this app and honestly think that this is money well spent. Awesome experience. Awesome content. Look fwd to RT version for my surface too!