Socl for Windows Phone adds support for low memory devices in latest update

Socl update

Microsoft’s Socl app has just been updated on Windows Phone. Version fixes bugs and adds support for low memory devices. This means Windows Phone 8 devices with 512MB RAM such as the Nokia Lumia 520 and the HTC 8S can now also check out Microsoft’s growing social network.

One major issue we have experienced in the initial version is that some posts we have created did not show up in our timeline. It appears that bug has been fixed in this update.

Overall, we’re still not happy with this app. The video parties section, in particular, is still unusable. Clicking a video forwards you to a page that says:

The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback. Get the latest Flash Player.

Socl is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Have a look and let us know your experience with it in the comments.

Thanks for the tip, Josh H.!

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Reader comments

Socl for Windows Phone adds support for low memory devices in latest update


The fucking name annoys me socl that shit needs to be changed now change it please social or something better wtf why it even spelled like that Microsoft? Any fucking purpose that irks me to the max socl.....

You should actually stfu. Dont like it? Dont use it! No need to terrorize thr whole comment section. I for one like that name.

What's worse is, you'd think it be a no brianer to make Socl available on EVERY Windows Phone 8. Why are they just now making that move?

Not trying to be a hipster or something... But Socl is out there for a loooong time and it's been pretty cool since then... Even the name which seems to be a trouble for you all was so cool and funny. You all who are using Socl now just because it came to WP, one wish: DON'T RUIN IT!!!

Oh my gosh, I love the name. I can't believe no other company thought of that first. That name is just orgasmically good...damn, I just can't get over it

My experience with it wasn't too good. I'll try it now and see if it's any better after the update. Oh and I like the name. You don't have to be a genius to know that socl = social.

I guess So.cl is getting better... but the fact that it exists makes me wonder if Microsoft realizes what they're sleeping on or if they know what they're doing.


They have Skype... and Skype still has more registered, active users than another other IM/VoIP service... but it's declining because it's not keeping up with the times. Instead of letting services like iMessage and Google Hangouts eventually surpass Skype, they should update Skype with more modernized social networking features.

Skype already has status updates... so why not create a "news feed" just for people to view and comment on those status updates... and even revise it so that the same file/pictures/video sharing Skype already has can be posted on that news feed.

Then they could even revise Skype for the one thing it's always been the worst at: networking for meeting new people. Where services like Facebook and Google+ help you meet people, Skype pretty much puts you in a position where you have to meet people elsewhere and ask them if they have a Skype account.

I envision a day when I can open my Skype app, swipe to see all my friends' status updates, swipe again to see active conversations/chat rooms (or start a new conversation/chat room), see friend suggestions below my friends... and see Skype serve as the "new medium" for people who feel like they're tired of Facebook... just like Facebook took over when MySpace went to craps.


Drop So.cl... modernize Skype instead.

Glad to see them putting updates to Socl - I think the mobile app and site are far along enough that they should market it now? :)