Software Review: Yelp!

Yelp! is a free application being offered over a the Marketplace for Windows Phone 7. Yelp! is a search engine that locates business that are close to your current location.

Searches are done from the various category tiles or you can narrow down things by using the search field. In using the search fields, you can also search different locations.

You can pull up detailed information about each business that includes contact information (phone number, web site, address) and reviews generated through Yelp's main website.

Locations can be displayed on a BING map as well as travel directions. The only thing missing is a "home" button to send you back to Yelp's main page. As is, the app is very dependent on the back arrow.

Yelp! (link opens your Zune browser) is a stable application for your Windows Phone that can come in handy when your traveling or simply looking for a new place to eat.

Check Yelp out in action after the break.



Correction: In the video it is noted that the search icon allows you to search within the results. It actually pulls up your search fields where you can conduct a new search based on topic and/or location.


Reader comments

Software Review: Yelp!


The WP7 Yelp app is offers very minimal Yelp mobile functionality at best. Coming from an iPhone, the WP7 Yelp app is not very useful to me. I was disappointed. I really hope they decide to quickly bring it inline with the iPhone version at least.
I encourage all WP7 Yelp users to please contact Yelp and let them know that you enjoy the Yelp app but to please update the app to have the Yelp features that they offer on their other mobile platforms. For example, you cannot "Check-in" in the WP7 version of Yelp, or write reviews, upload pictures,... The more people that request more features will certainly help them gage demand and accelerate development.

I emailed them and received this response:
"Thanks for the message. We'll make sure to forward your note to our Product Team so that they can take your suggestion into consideration when improving our Windows mobile app.
Thanks for helping to make Yelp better for everyone!"


This app does not allow you to login and post reviews. That is a major feature and without it this app is gimped. Also I have had multiple errors pulling up the restaurant listings in San Francisco. Yelp has potential but wpcentrals review is too generous currently. I would give it a 5.5.

I wouldnt give the app 8.5 at all. Based solely on the inability to login to my account, check my favorites, add favorites, etc.