SoMee for Windows Phone updated and free for a limited time

Somee for Windows Phone

SoMee is a photo editing app for your Windows Phone that was recently updated to version 1.3 and it appears the $1.99 paid version is now free for a limited time.

SoMee lets you crop and apply various filters, effects and frames to your pictures. SoMee will also let you share your photos on Facebook, Twitter or simply save them to your Pictures Hub.


The version 1.3 update brings a few minor bug fixes and UI improvements to the table along with the ability to post comments on Facebook, the ability to delete photos and a few more frames and light leak effects. Should you post your edited image to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr you can pull up the image on SoMee's Published Page and view any comments the image receives.

SoMee Samples

As far as the pricing is concerned, the $1.99 ad-free, paid version is showing up now as a free app. It was a little confusing at first but we reached out to the developers to see what was going on.  According to the developers this is a promotional offer that will only be around for a few weeks. The promotion definitely makes SoMee more attractive but even at full price, it's not a shabby photo editor for your Windows Phone.

You can find SoMee Free here (ad supported) and SoMee (currently free as well) here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  If the ad-free version doesn't pop up on a Marketplace search, don't worry.  It may take a bit before the promotional listing appears so just follow the link or scan the QR tag below.

Thanks, Barry, for the tip!

QR: SoMee Free                               QR: SoMee


Reader comments

SoMee for Windows Phone updated and free for a limited time


I thought about grabbing it for free, but I don't think it has any advantage over Fhotoroom, which I use every day.

Try it, it's free. Also I had the free version, and there's different filters, and frames. I use fhotoroom., fantasia painter, clever photo, decim8, photo enhancer (from HTC), photo genius, photo light, SmugMug, thumba cam, thumba photo editor, I try out a lot of others but those are the good ones worth mentioning. If they had one app with all the filters in all the apps I mentioned I would love that. But until then, I use all these photo apps. If there's more I missed please let me know.

There are several nice ones. Each have their own take on filters and effects. I find myself using several different apps to get the look I want. Always better to have more tools than less when it comes to photography. People are generally amazed at the end results, especially all those impossible lighting conditions you can create, while most iPhone people just slap on the tired old instagram look.
Bottom line, nice app and free. You can't go wrong.

I hear you. I currently use Fhotoroon, Fantasia and (decreasingly) Thumba. I also use Phototastic and Tap Collage for framing up collages.

Fhotoroom has the "black point" filter and Fantasia has the "white point" filter. Heehee how can you only have one app? As for Thumba, you should use Thumba Photo Editor and not Thumba Cam.