SongArc 3.0 released with Xbox Music search, five difficulty levels and more


SongArc, the highly popular Windows Phone music game, just got a new and major update, bringing the version number up to 3.0 with many new features such as worldwide leaderboards, five difficulty levels per song and more.

Here's a quick list of what's new in version 3.0, direct from the SongArc dev team:

  • Five difficulty levels for every song
  • Worldwide leaderboards (our most requested feature)
  • Share your score and leaderboards as pictures
  • Transparent tiles on Windows Phone 8.1
  • Built-in Xbox Music search
  • Performance and bug fixes, including a much faster server

The dev team also announced some interesting stats for SongArc, including word that the app has been downloaded more than 1.1 million times and that its users have created 84,000 Sheets for over 66,000 songs in all types of music genres. Those Sheets have been played over 4.3 million times. SongArc scores have been shared 230,000 times on social networks.

You can download SongArc 3.0 for free right now in the Windows Phone Store



Reader comments

SongArc 3.0 released with Xbox Music search, five difficulty levels and more


Thanks. Tried it again but still didn't like it. Too much going on and not enough sheets to match my music collection. Phone almost burning my hand too which isn't good with a metal bodied Lumia 925.

Makes xbox music more useful,the gameplay is enjoyable and colorful.A great game to kill time

Maybe it's time to give it another go... the new version may work better for you, although we can't make it as cold as if the phone was idle.

Oh right. Thanks I've just read it again, and understood how stupid I am, lol. I'm just not a native english speaker(I'm Ukrainian) and that expression he wrote made me kinda confused. Thanks for the info though;3

Don't make me kick you. There is no way in the world I could possibly know English better than you, but still, thanks Lol.
Just wondering whether you were kidding about you knowing Russian bad or you do know it bad?)

you should add an algorithm for procedurally generated sheets from the music. like in audiosurf it calculates the levels from the music. that would be a great fallback for songs without sheets.

This and it would be best mobile music game I know of! Most of my favorite musicians are waaaay underground or just known within certain social groups. (example the bands Blood On The Dance Floor, I Love You Hate, Chasing The Abyss)


Unfortunately, we don't know of any algorithm that can do this with the level of quality and "being close to the music" that we want SongArc Sheets to be. AudioSurf simply detects beats and fakes its way around a lot of times. Since we are a MUSIC game, this is simply not enough. Music is much more than just a good guess at the rhythm. With SongArc you can express pitch, melodies, swipes, bends, even moods. That's why we invented so much into having a great Sheet Creator so that this task can be crowdsourced and the community can build up their own Sheet database.

Well, yeah u made a point. But how about considering adding an algorithm similar to the audiosurf one for the sheets without music? Think about it, and adding it as an option would be wanted by many users.

Well, the other issue is that on Windows Phone we can't read the files in your music collection. We can start any song you have and pause it - but can't access the file itself for analysis. :(

Oh well, that explains it. How do you access music files now? Or you don't ever need access to it, you just use it and play it from our phones and pick the best sheets out there for the exact version of the song(meaning there are different versions of the song, like 1:59 min and 2:05 songs)? Or how does the last thing I mentioned work?
If that's not a secret, of course? Just curious.

The one problem i had with this game is the lack of feedback from hitting notes. Granted, i haven't played in a while, but i think there should be a small vibration when you hit a note and maybe a subtle shake effect on the gameplay area, much like how rock band had the note board shake when you hit the bass drum. I also felt limited by not having an Xbox music subscription and being limited to what songs I had in my library, but I know licensing music for this would be prohibitively expensive so I can't really knock them for it.

That said, the game was well made and I'm glad they're still updating it and enjoying their success. They definitely earned it.

^This. Vibration and shake effect would be great. And then it would be perfect.
Loved the previous version, gonna try the new one. Hope its even better now :3

Thanks. The vibration would not be good, but maybe we can improve the hit effect visually. As for shaking the screen a bit, we have that for the drum notes - try it!

Is there a way to vibrate the phone for such a small interval that it feels like more of a small "bump?" If so, I don't understand why this couldn't at least be an option in the game. The haptic feedback would certainly improve the feel of the game for me; tapping on glass isn't very satisfying for the same reason people still buy mechanical keyboards (I know I definitely love typing on mine much more than my old rubber dome)

Every phone vibrates somewhat differently. They have different motors with different characteristics, placed at different areas of the phone which themselves can be different weight. All we can control is the duration of the vibration - the same very short vibration that feels somewhat good on one phone may not even start the motor on the other. With songs with a lot of notes you may also have contionuous vibration, which doesn't really add to the feel. Not to mention the battery consumption...

Ah, yes, that makes sense. My old 928 had the wimpiest vibration of any phone I had, while my Icon feels fine. I think it'd be worth looking into for phones that have a good vibration motor, though, and offer the option. It might be worth the effort for people who really enjoy that kind of feedback.

I wasn't aware it used that much battery, but if I'm playing a game I'm probably not too concerned about it ;P I know other people might not feel the same though.

Meh, that's too bad. At least that makes sense. I noticed that in some app or game that offered haptic feedback. The intervals of vibrations wet the same, but the feeling was different every time. Sometimes there was no vibration at all, when there should be. O guess that's because of the issue you told about.

Oh yeah, Wpcentral app offers vibration feedback when article loads, and there probably is the same issue with different kinds of vibrations every time. Or is it just me, or my phone? I've got 1520. Anyone else has this issue? Or is it the same on all Windows Phones or elat least 1520?

I gave it up a couple of months ago due to lack of sheets worth playing. My library's not super-popular stuff, I guess, so not a lot of he stuff I wanted to play had sheets, and making sheets bores me. I'll have to check if that's changed.

Guys, it's an exclusive to WP, right? It's so cool. One of the few apps I can brag off with to my Android and iPhone friends :3
Keep up the good work, devs. You rock, especially for keeping in touch with us, users, on WPCentral.
If only there were more such beautiful apps(and more exclusives) from such a good developers. In that case WP would be even better than android and ios than it is at the moment ;)

I love this game at had it since beta. I get my friends to try it out and they really get into it. I have made several sheets. Please try "Moves Like Jagger" - sheet by Angelo. It seems very hard at first but completely possible to get 100%. Very challenging. Took me a good while to create. Good job Songarc! So lucky to have a Windows Phone just for this game alone as I love DDR, Beatmania, Elite Beat Agents etc.

Thanks for the beta invitation SongArc team, I look forward to future versions of the game! (And snagging new tunes to play to~)

Never has allowing my battery to drain even as my phone charges been so worth it.

Do you listen to music on your phone? If so, what service do you use?
Unfortunately, we can't add commercial music to the game - it costs a huge amount of money to license a single song from the popular ones. We are exploring other options though.

I can't get this to work at all on my Lumia 822. It looks awesome but it crashes when it is trying to analyze my library Does it only read music if it's on the device or should it also read the music on the SD card as well?