In the SongArc beta? Watch this video to create game winning music sheets


SongArc is currently in beta for Windows Phone. It’s a really cool rhythm game coming to the platform that allows users to play along with their own songs. Are you in the beta and having trouble with creating music sheets to play along to? Here’s a video to help you.

SongArc really needs a strong community to be successful. The game allows users to play their own music in a Guitar Hero like world, but it needs you to create the sheets for each song to play. You can find sheets online through the SongArc network, but if you don’t see a sheet for a particular song you can always create your own. Here’s how to do it.

SongArc is something Windows Phone really needs. We don’t have a good music rhythm game in the Store and this app is unique to our platform. We’re big fans of the graphics, UI, and the actual gameplay. SongArc is coming to Windows Phone 7.x (not 256MB devices) and Windows Phone 8.

In the SongArc beta already? Watch the video above and get start making some awesome sheets! The beta is wrapping up (final approval with AppCampus) and the game should be out in the near future.

Don't forget to check out our hands on with the game from earlier this summer. 


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In the SongArc beta? Watch this video to create game winning music sheets


Beta pretty much wrapped but people still have it. The game is getting final approval for release, so it should be out shortly.

So true. I have the beta but it's way too complicated to create sheets of my own. Waiting for someone to create a sheet for a song you love, but isn't too known to people is even worse.

I agree. I've created a couple of sheets, but it really takes a lot if time, especially if you want to create a really good sheet. Plus the song can get annoying to listen to over and over again while you're creating the sheet.

Creating sheets is not for everybody. Some people enjoy it more than the actual gameplay. They will be celebrated Sheet Creators in the community. Others, such as you prefer playing only, which is also great.

You don't have to create a sheet for every song. Others will create sheets, and once they upload them to the servers, you will be able to use those sheets yourself. The most popular songs will be quickly covered this way - we can already see this from the beta, the 500 testers created more than 150 sheets. If we go live and get thousands of people playing, this won't be a problem for long.

Unfortunately, automatically creating sheets is not possible. The first reason is that Windows Phone does not allow a third party app to access the music files in the Music Library. But even if we had access, analyzing a song well enough to create a Sheet that is as close to the music as we would like is not possible, especially on the limited hardware of Windows Phone. We could always fake this, but that's not the goal here. Take a look at RockSmith, which runs on a high-end desktop CPU, and is only able to analyze the sound coming from a single guitar with the level of accuracy we would need here.

Neat game, great graphics, limited included music (yes, music ain't free, we know). I didn't have the care to create sheets off the limited music I keep on my phone, I have an iPod for music. The game was to fast for this guy and I was never sure if I was catching notes or not. I never cared for music games but I enjoy watching the kids play. That being said, while I didn't care for it, I know others will and its not like there are music games flooding the marketplace. Hope it does well. My only suggestion is to make an Old Grumpy Guy mode...

Thanks for sharing this. No game is for everyone, there are people who hate Angry Birds, too :) As for the Old Grumpy Guy mode, we are thinking about different difficulty levels for later versions.

Where is AudioSurf from the Zune HD games ??? uh?
Poor Nokia Devices division when this Redmond giant grabs them... their execution is just embarrasing.

Whoa, you're just throwing all sorts of wrong things around...

FYI: AudioSurf is an independent game (created by Dylan Fitterer), not owned by Microsoft. They can't force him to make the game for Windows Phone, though he is considering it.

No need to blame things on Microsoft that aren't actually their fault, they have enough to worry about.

Hi Josh,
We have a fix for your situation, but unfortunately it has been delayed to a bugfix release immediately after 1.0. We really want to get the game out the door ASAP. Thank you for your patience!

99.5% of the time I open this game it won't start. Developer already know about my issue so it would definitely be fixed soon.

From 5 albums to 4, still doesn't start. Black screen